red plum dessert

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Cave Cibum: July 2009

High ceilings, large windows letting in plenty of light, long red curtains, cool swirly globe lamps, and one of the coolest wall murals I've seen in a long time all set the stage for a fantastic meal at Tavolo in Dorchester. The restaurant, which mostly has a name as a pizza place, hosted a dinner for ten bloggers last night, and they really took the chance to showcase some of their dishes that stray away from pizza and pasta. I took a seat facing the wall, and usually I wouldn't spend so much time avoiding my dining companions, but the wall murals by local artist Kiki Ikura were just tremendous - it looked like chalk on a blackboard, but was smudgeless, and was whimsical and lighthearted without being silly or childish. She painted two walls like this, using a cherry picker to get all the

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Rustic Almond-PlumGalette

As the sun turns my shoulders one happy shade darker, I know Summers signature long, lazy afternoons are here to stay. Tis the season for sipping icy cold lemonade from porch swings, napping under the shade of big, friendly oak trees and eating as many watermelons as allowed by law. Im a card-carrying watermelon-salter. A habit, which, Im guessing, leaves me in the minority when it comes to acceptable summertime rituals. Any closet watermelon-salters out there? Anyone? Even if I tread alone, I still love Summer. I love the ease of it. I walk slower, eat slower, cook slower. Heck, Im cooking sooo slowwww these days that if you caught a glimpse of my-so-called cooking, it might look remarkably similar to, Errstacking. Or spreading. Or tossing. But, I dont mind one

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Plum Frangipane Tart in a Spelt Crust

I've lived in Britain now for two years. Two years! I can hardly explain how quickly it's gone by, how different my life is, or how much I love it here. I'm still an American, though, and my foray into British food has been slow-coming. First was a world of curries, which I've only just begun to understand (and love passionately). Puddings were even slower to get on my good side. Maybe it's because the word "pudding", to an American, means something different than it does here, where the word is used as a generic term for what I would call dessert. I'll never forget ordering a "chocolate pudding" in the first few days after I moved to England... which came to me as a piece of soggy chocolate cake. This is the traditional, accurate usage of pudding, a steamed or boiled cake, and I still hav

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Remember when we thought we'd get all our nutrition from pills and bars?

If you'd told science fiction writers in the 1930s that food in the early 2000s would be all about heirloom vegetables, micronutrients and artisanal pickles, they'd have laughed you right out of the decade. Back in the mid-20th Century, everybody believed the future of food was fully artificial. Pills, bars, goop, pastes, wafers and syrups were a staple of science fiction and futurism, and scientists did their best to make these things a reality. And then, they fell from popularity probably starting with Soylent Green and other cautionary tales. Here's the long, strange history of artificial food items in science fiction. And why food pills probably wouldn't be that good for you in any case. Food pills are so retro-futuristic that they even make an appearance in William Gibson's short-

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Treats from the tree - JSOnline

Icy cold watermelon sounds good. Or - if you dare - just a chin-dripping peach for dessert. There's no denying, however, that a small amount of ice cream would make that peach even better. Midsummer fruit is so perfect in taste and texture that it can very nearly stand alone. With a little effort and a few ingredients, the season's sweet bounty steps forward as an elegant ending to a meal. Food writer Cheryl Sternman Rule notes that France is one country where you might be served just fruit for dessert, but "in American culture, we are more likely to dress it up at least minimally." She and photographer Paulette Phlipot have come out with "Ripe: A Fresh, Colorful Approach to Fruits and Vegetables" (Running Press, 2011, $25). It's an eye-catching book with 75 elegant but simple recipes alon

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Burlington Free Press Living Section

Food/Drink Friday Richmond Farmers Market, 3:30-7 p.m. Fridays, Volunteers Green. Fresh produce, home-prepared foods and beverages, honey, syrup, soap, candles, baked sweets, bread, pottery, handmade clothing, hula hoops and more. Live music at 5 p.m. 12:22 PM, Aug. 23, 2012

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This amazing orchard of stone fruits featured a new variety of plums called Red Beauty plums. What could we add to the plums to make the gelato special, but not interfere with or overwhelm the flavor of the plums.


Beet Ice Cream with Mascarpone, Orange Zest andPoppyseeds

Photo:, Issue #140 I have long daydreamed about the delectable concoctions I would create if I had an ice cream maker, but had never actually used one until last weekend. A friend of mine happened to have one (The beauty of wedding registries!), so we made a date to try out one of the recipes from a book wed both been salivating over, Jenis Splendid Ice Creams at Home by Jeni Britton Bauer. With flavors like Roasted Strawberry and Buttermilk, Rum with Toasted Coconut, and Plum Pudding, we could have chosen any recipe at random and been dazzled. We ended up settling on Beet Ice Cream with Mascarpone, Orange Zest, and Poppy Seeds: I couldnt think of anyone else who would let beets near their ice cream, much less choose them over chocolate, and she wanted to prove he

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Posh Spice

Neal Santos SMOKED OUT: Revealed in a poof of decorative mist, Tashan's succulent shikaari quail earns major points for both presentation and taste. [ review ] Though the term "swagger" has been around since Shakespearean times it appears in A Midsummer Night's Dream it's only in the past decade the noun has ingrained itself into pop-culture consciousness. Credit Jay-Z, who got his swagger back on The Blueprint in 2001, and T.I., who dropped the M.I.A.-sampling "Swagga Like Us" (with Hova) in '08. Anti-swag groups they exist are calling for a moratorium on the word, claiming it's jumped the shark into the domain of SportsCenter analysis and antiperspirant brands. I wonder if the haters know about Tashan, the culinary anchor of the spiffy LEED-certified 777 South Broad build

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Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Jellied Cream, Raspberry Gele, Yogurt Sherbet, and a Giveaway!

Did I tell you how much I LOVE Summer (often enough?)? I went to a different farmers' market than the one we usually go to two weeks ago, and to my surprise, I found some lovely yellow plums and it was bursting with sweet juices on my first bite. I fell in love on the spot and bought a bag full of them, not sure what to do with them but I bought loads of them! Plums usually don't have that much flavor, it's basically sweet juice, so not sure if it would be any good to turn them into something. I was planning to make a simple tart with it, maybe accompanied by a good vanilla bean ice cream, but I found myself eating it everyday out of hand, it was too good to be turned into something. I've also been taking advantage of the corn season and make corn fritters from fresh corn. My little tomato

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