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Enjoy Zen Asian Grill and sushi on the fly or at your leisure

Zen Asian Grill establishes Burtonsville as a destination for quality sushi and well made Asian fare. Anchoring a flight of stores in a vast new shopping plaza along Old Columbia Pike, Zen Asian Grill is a hub for carryout and they are well set up to receive and dispense orders for drive-by customers on the fly. While it is easy to get in and get out, once you get a feel for the dining space and hospitality, you may consider planning a more extended visit for cocktails and a meal. Open for one year, Zen Asian Grill and Sushi has the feel of an upscale urban eatery. The chic interior incorporates elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, which is designed to provide a relaxing Zen atmosphere. There is a compact, full-service bar at the entrance, as well as a shimmering sushi bar

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New Mousse Recipes -

Provided by: Puff Pastry Pepperidge Farm Pastry Shells are baked until golden, filled with a luscious mixture of cream cheese, mango, brown sugar, lime zest and whipped topping, and served with a sprinkle of toasted coconut to make a tropical desert treat.

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The News-Press - Field notes - Guava tree, me made for each other - The News-Press -

Luckily, cans, jars and tins of processed guava are easy to find on Hispanic section shelves (guava paste on ginger thins buttered with cream cheese is my go-to, no-time dessert) but still, there's nothing like the taste of a fresh guava eaten out of hand.

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Gluten-free finds at the Fancy Food Show | Sure Foods Living

Yesterday I attended the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. My mission: to find new gluten-free products and let you know about them! While most of the food companies at the show arent really up to speed on the whole gluten-free thing, I did find some wonderful new products to share with you. This is not everything and will be doing some follow-up articles with some more products, but here are the ones I found most exciting that are or will be available in major markets. Pamelas Cheesecakes, Chocolate Cake and Coffee Cake Pamelas Products won me over with her new New York Cheesecake with a gluten-free ginger cookie crust. They will be available in 3 inch or 6 inch rounds, and either refrigerated or frozen. Other cheesecake flavors are: White Chocolate Raspberry, Zesty Lemon, Hazeln

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Gnocchi diSusine

My monthly oquis del 29 post is either very late or extremely early. Meant to bring luck when eaten at the end of the month, I was unlucky the first time I tried to make these gnocchi di susine or plum gnocchis. A Triestian recipe similar to pierogis, they reflect the regions blend of Mediterranean, Austrian, Hungarian, and Slavic cuisine. I thought it would be a great way to use the late summer plums that are filling the markets and fulfill my August gnocchi post two birds, lots of stone fruit. I was thrilled when I found tiny Italian prune-plums that were perfectly ripe and just the right size. Following the recipe closely, I blanched them as directed a mistake. They were supposed to split open just enough to remove the pits, be stuffed with sugar cubes, and folded into the

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5 Tomato-Based Recipes to Try This Week

As we approach August, ripe tomatoes of every variety plum, heirloom, cherry, and beefsteak, to name a few overflow supermarkets and farmers market stalls. It's hard to avoid grabbing handfuls left and right, and it's equally as difficult to use up the tomatoes before they become overly soft and squishy. These five recipes make it easy to integrate tomatoes into dinner every night this week. Back to Story

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Blackberry Lemon Verbena Cheesecake, and all that Americana

If I could rewind, I would not have inquiringly flipped the latch on my springform pan causing the liquid contents to ooze slowly, unstoppably out. Slow as molasses, equally as messy, and just as painful to watch. If you are one of those people who chirps about reframing things, you might call this a teachable moment. I am not that together most of the time. In fact, sometimes I land on the side of catastrophizing, so I'm deeming this incident The Great Cream Cheese Flood of 2012. I stood just staring at the puddle of cheesecake on my floor for quite a while. Yes, on a Tuesday, at roughly 9 pm, a good deal of wasted dairy threatened to take me down. After I cleaned bits of eggy cream cheese from my cabinet doors, floor, and the crevice between my stove and sink and collected myself, I got

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What's For Lunch Honey? | Experience Your Senses: Vanilla Poached Plums and Blueberry Granola Goat Cheese Cream Verrines

Usually when we have invited friends or family for a dinner, I look forward to the entire planning process of the evening meal. Maybe its the hotel background that triggers these buttons, but browsing through cookbooks or my recipe notebook and musing over the choices and selections, really makes me happy and content. If we have invited good friends or family, I am pretty much aware of the restrictions and choices and the planning is easy. However if we have invited guests who we are not completely well acquainted with, many questions arise. Things like food allergies or personal likes and dislikes are considered and I am often told by these guests that they were surprised by the thoughtful questions I asked prior to the planning of the meal. Isnt that normal and the duty of the host

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The Jewish Week

Whenever I wander through the market near my home in Jerusalem, I'm drawn - both by smell and by sight - to the mounds of ripe peaches and nectarines snuggled up alongside the plums, grapes, cherries and melons at every fruit stand. Nothing quite compares to the juicy perfection of a perfectly ripe peach or nectarine. And while I love to enjoy them fresh - pausing only to wipe off the juice that has inevitably escaped on my face - using them in desserts is also exciting. But before just tossing some peach chunks into this crumb cake, I treat them to a little something extra - a stint in the oven. Roasting the peaches before use gives them a chance to get nice and tender and develop an extra layer of roasted flavor. The cinnamon-spiced cake and the sweet crumbly streusel are a perfect pair

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Recipes Archive - Cybele Pascal

In honor of Chinese New Year 2012, I thought Id finally post this glorious recipe for Gluten-Free Gingery Pork Pot Stickers from Laura B. Russells new cookbook, The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen: Recipes for Noodles, Dumplings, Sauces, and More, from Ten Speed Press(my publisher too!) Ive had this book for several months, but in my own crazy frenzy to finish up my new cookbook, I havent had a chance to crack open anyone elses, much less, try their recipes. Until now. And let me tell you how excited I am to get started cooking my way through this book. First of all, I dont often have serious cravings, but when I do, they are for Asian food. But so much of Asian cuisine is off limits to me, between my wheat allergy, my shellfish allergy, my fish allergy, and my tree nut allergy

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