filipino mango dessert

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Eat Well, Spend Less: Grilled Salads (Fruit Salad with Lime)

Yesterday was Fathers Day, and Danny gave up breakfast in bed to join his dad and the rest of the family for a good cause: the Procure 5k walk to raise funds for prostate cancer research. Even Clara came along, and we strolled the course, not concerning ourselves with the time, but just happy to be together, and with a cancer survivor in our group. When the race wrapped up, we headed back to the grandparents to jump in the pool and fire up the barbecue. I wanted to contribute a dessert that was refreshing after our (rather sweaty) walk and quick to toss together. I decided on a colorful salad of grilled pineapple, mango, and peaches, with a handful of raspberries thrown in, and a squeeze of lime juice on the top. It was a fine, fine choice. Grilling Fruit If you want to bring out the na

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IT'S ALL FARE: Fro-Yo...Again

I always marvel when one store fails and another of like kind quickly sprouts up in its stead. While I was walking home from dinner in yesterday's sweltering summer heat, I noticed that my neighborhood Red Mango, located at 688 6th Avenue, has closed it's doors. Apparently this location handed out its last cup of frozen yogurt on August 9th. Not to worry- I didn't spend too long wondering where I might be able to locate an alternative dessert. Although Red Mango's sign still stands, a store by the name of "22 happy cups" has begun to lay its groundwork in Red Mango's grave. Unfamiliar with this company and unable to find credible information on the internet, I stopped to speak with the store's owners. In an attempt to distinguish itself from other frozen yogurt chains, 22 happy cups will o

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Lexie's Kitchen | Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Egg-Free

Photo Courtesy of The Experiment. Last week I baked and read my way through one of the hottest allergen-free cookbooks on the marketLearning to Bake Allergen-Free: A Crash Course for Busy Parents on Baking without Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Soy or Nuts. Author Colette Martin has delivered a masterpiece of a handbook for navigating the world of allergen-free baking. Colette blogs at Learning to Eat Allergy-Free. She first started baking allergen-free after her son was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis and multiple food allergies, in 2001. "It was a lot of trial and error. At the time, there was very little information available about baking without wheat, dairy, eggs, etc. I've always been a problem solver so I started to create my own recipes. It was just natural to decide to sha

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Eva Bakes - There's always room for dessert!: Hawaiian mango bread

Those who are close to me know that I am absolutely in love... with the Hawaiian Islands! Well, that and my husband and daughter, of course! But that's to go without saying. My husband and I have visited Hawaii on three separate occasions, with our inaugural trip during our honeymoon. We fell in love with the island so much that we are determined to retire there. Hey, we can dream, right? One of the highlights of our trip to Maui was this little roadside stand on the way to Hana. We were embarking on the famous Road to Hana and heard that we absolutely had to take a pit stop near the beginning to a little fruit stand. We bought a loaf of banana bread and some ordered-to-cut fresh pineapple. Little did we know that the little road stand would change our lives forever. The pineapple was so f

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Restaurant Capsules | Boulder Weekly: The only independent newspaper in Boulder, Colorado

October 1 - 7, 2009 The Buff Restaurant 1725 28th St., Boulder, Although The Buff Restaurant is attached to the Golden Buff Lodge, dont think that this eatery caters only to folks passing through Boulder. The generous portions, friendly service and classic breakfast and lunch menu also make this a locals favorite. Omelets include the Atlantic, which comes with everything youd expect to find on a lox bagel, except the bagel itself. The California is another worthwhile effort, consisting of tomatoes, bacon and Swiss cheese. Bobs Sandwich Shop 820 Main St., Louisville, This is one of the few local establishments where you can get something as simple as a decent club sandwich at a fair price. Bobs features an less-than-$5 menu with such items as a mini Phi

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Easy Fruit Dessert Recipes - Martha Stewart Food

<3 of 21 A light dressing of honey, orange juice, and fresh mint enhances fresh summer fruit. This recipe calls for plums, nectarines, apricots, blueberries, and blackberries, but you can use any combination of seasonal fruit. Get the Summer Fruit Salad Recipe

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Wolfgang Puck | Radar Online

The Oscars are without a doubt Hollywood's most prestigious star-studded event of the year. So it's natural that the world's most celebrated chefs feed the hungry A-listers. Countdown To Oscars: Louis Vuitton's Pre Oscar Soiree has obtained the menus for the top sit-down dinners at the Governor's Ball prepared by Wolfgang Puck and the The Elton John Oscar Viewing Party prepared by Chef Wayne Elias of Crumble Catering/Vermont Restaurant. Countdown To Oscars: Sandra Bullock's Stay Style Evolution This year Wolfgang is enlisting the help of esteemed pastry chef Sherry Yard and amongst Wolfgang's many supplies will be 15 pounds of gold dust, 25 gallons of cocktail sauce, 1,000 pounds of salmon, 2,000 sesame miso cones, 4,800 eggs, 7,200 shrimp, and 50,000 baby veggies, all to f

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Dessert Mango Smoothie Recipe -

Easy and so good, you can have it for dessert! Originally supposed to have come from Martha Stewart, but posted on the internet to go with Vietnam cuisine! This also fits in the Caribbean and Southern catagories! SAVE THIS RECIPE Add to Cookbook Add to Shopping List Add to Menu SHARE THIS RECIPE Send to Mobile Email Share Ingredients: Servings: 1/2large ripe mango1/4cupsweetened condensed milk2 cups ice 1 tablespoonsugar (to taste) Directions: 1 Peel and pit mango; cut into chunks. 2 Pulse ingredients in blender or food processor until ice is pureed. 3 Add sugar to taste. 4 Pour into glasses and serve! Enjoy! Browse Our Top Smoothies Recipes Marvelous Mango SmoothieBy Lainey6605 Mango and Peach SmoothieBy Pets'R'us Mango Banana SmoothieBy Sydney Mike Soft and Delicate Strawberry Coconut Ma

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My Wonderful Vacation in St. Maarten & St. Barts!

My family and I had planned on visiting Panama City, Panama this year. We were all really excited, as we had not been to Central America before. However, due to some last minute complications we ended up not going there.. and by last minute I mean literally at the airport right before our plane was supposed to take off. Luckily we were able to book an extremely last minute trip to St. Maarten & St. Barts for the same week.. this gives a whole new meaning to last minute. We embarked on our journey of a direct 3 hour flight to the beautiful half Dutch, half French island of St. Maarten. My family and I are huge fans of tropical weather and islands, so we have visited nearly every island in the Caribbean and West Indies, but this was our first time in St. Maarten. I was expecting the

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Tested & Tasted: Mango Dessert

Ingredients: (1st Layer) 5g agar-agar powder 60g sugar 400g water Sliced mango (optional) Method: - Mixed all, stir and bring to boil over low heat. - Pour little bit into mould, put the sliced mango. Let it half set before pour all into mould and allow to cool. (2nd Layer) 1 packet Hollyfarms Mango Dessert 6g agar-agar powder 1litre water 3 small mangoes, diced Method: - Mixed all, stir and bring to boil and until dessert dissolve. - Add the diced mangoes into the dessert. - Pour into top of the 1st layer and allow it cool before put into refrigerator Notes : Usually if you make into small mould, no need to put agar-agar powder for the mango dessert. Ingredient pictures: Other pictures :

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