great dessert places in orange county

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In Defense of Foodies and Orangettes

I identify myself as a foodie. There, I said it. I identify with a word that brings about utter loathing in a few people lately, but the loudest seems to be a certain book reviewer from The Atlantic this month. I say I am a foodie because I enjoy cooking. I enjoy trying new things, whether it be taking on the challenge of tempering chocolate, mastering a gluten free pizza crust, or simply trying new flavors that I havent combined together before. I enjoy going out to nice restaurants, and drinking wine that is meant to be more than a mere vehicle to transform shy people into extroverts over the course of an evening. Currently we dont have children, we dont have pets, we dont go see movies or concerts and the decor of our 50m2 of sacred space is drearily austere and minima

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The Art of Darkness

August 31st, 2012 by Cobwebs Posted in Link Dump|No Comments August 30th, 2012 by Cobwebs Heres something I wish Id known about last spring: According to Seeds of Change, if you carve a message or design (about 1/8 deep) in a pumpkin whilst its still growing, the message will grow along with the pumpkin. Hello, party centerpiece idea. (Or individual place cards, if you use mini-pumpkins and dont mind planning your parties six months in advance.) I would assume that the same idea would probably work for things like watermelons and other smooth-skinned squashes and gourds, too. (Provided that the rind is fairly thick; I doubt it would work on zucchini or summer squash.) Folks in the other hemisphere who might be thinking about planting some pumpkins in a couple of months, s

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Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach Candy Catering, Sweet Stations, Dessert Bars,Candy, Popcorn, Cookie, Cupcake Buffets Edible Favors

All photos on this blog, our website - Custom Candy Buffet Bars, in addition to our photos on Facebook, Myspace and Youtube are Copyrighted material and all rights are reserved. If you are interested in using our photos on your website or blog, please contact us at All photos used must contain appropriate photo credits and information as well as our approval to use them. Thank you. CUSTOM CANDY BUFFET BARS & THE HOLLYWOOD CANDY GIRLS 2011. All rights reserved.

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Orange glazed blueberry donuts

by Bridget on January 18, 2012 For months and months now Ive seen baked donuts pop up on blog after blog and Id been bookmarking all of them in the hopes that someday I would procure my own donut pan and finally be able to make them all. When I finally got my hands on a donut pan, these orange glazed blueberry donuts from Prevention RDs blog were first in line blueberries + orange + glaze how could you possibly go wrong? These definitely didnt disappoint one bit in fact, I almost had to hide these to keep Jon away from them. He loved them so much he ate 2 of them before dinner and then 1 1/2 more afterwards! If thats not a testament of just how amazing these are, then I dont know what else to tell ya! My pan yielded only 15 donuts rather than 21 donuts which e

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The Commissarys Carrot CakeRecipe

Carrot CakeThe Commissarys legendary dessert. Though years ago it was deemed too mundane to serve at old Frog and dropped from the menu, the recipe was resurrected and refined when The Commissary opened. Customers immediately latched on to this special version, which boasts one of the richest fillings imaginable. It sandwiches layers of moist, spicy cake laden with raisins and pecans, which are then covered with a tangy cream cheese frosting and finished with the gilded crunch of toasted coconut. Commissary Carrot Cake, in fact, has become so synonymous with the restaurant that when we went to change our logo, a sprightly bunch of carrots seemed a natural motif. A mixed greens salad (which leaves plenty of room) and Carrot Cake were an often-seen Commissary luncheon choice, and the

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Chocolate, Orange & Cointreau Truffles

I was having a browse through my recent posts and it seems Ive been on an almond rampage lately. So for a little variety Ive made the primary ingredient in this dish cashew (to be honest, it wasnt intentional though just fortunate). I threw these truffles together the other night because I had an excursion for work the next day and knew I would need some power food. Anyway, there are heaps of vegan, nut-based truffles out there in the foodie world. So I thought I would add to them with one of my favourite flavour combinations; Chocolate and Orange. I love that these look decadent although they are probably the easiest cute dessert to whip together. Even better is that they are made from nutritious ingredients, such as the hidden quinoa puffs. Can you spy one of the quino

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Dessert Recipes | La Tartine Gourmande

Jun. 24, 2012 Rainier Cherry Tart Recipe with Lime and Lemon Thyme Dec. 12, 2011 Banana bread recipe with coconut, vanilla, and rum (gluten free) Nov. 7, 2011 Quinoa linguine Recipe with Romanesco, mixed greens and scampi Oct. 31, 2011 Roasted Root Vegetables with Coriander and Lemon Thyme Recipe Aug. 7, 2011 Dark chocolate cake recipe with buckwheat and millet

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Orange Cake | Gluten Free Cake Recipe

This moist festive dessert is a perfect healthy treat for your holiday celebrations. Yum. Gluten Free and Dairy Free Orange Cake. There's something special about oranges. Such a simple fruit yet, bursting with flavor and possibility, they remind me of winter, specifically Christmas. A while back I told ~M, one of my favorite readers, that I would post my version of Claudia Roden'sGateau a l'Orange. This moist festive gluten free orange cake makes an ideal dish for holiday celebrations. Orange Cake printer friendly Wash the oranges and boil them whole (peel and all) for 1 hours, or until soft Place whole oranges (peel and all) in a food processor and blend until smooth Process in eggs, agave, almond flour, salt and baking soda until well blended Pour batter into a greased 9-Inch round ca

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Orange Spice Cookies | gastronomy

I dont mean to brag or anything, but these Orange Spice Cookies are Ludo-approved. The chef and I were both guests at a wonderful oyster tasting party last weekend where I brought these lovelies for dessert. Since Im usually the one dolling out criticism [See: LudoBites 2.0, LudoBites 3.0], I thought it was only fair to offer Chef Ludo the chance to scrutinize my humble creations. Theyre not too bad, he declared after a couple of hearty bites. Theyre good, he added as he polished off the final chunk. Granted, his praise wasnt glowing, but coming from the man who invented the black croque monsieur with ham, foie gras, and cherry amaretto jam, it pleased me to no end. Ludo likes my cookie! I yapped to anyone who would listen for the rest of the evening. What

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News on Food, Wine, Restaurants and Recipes - Diner's Journal Blog

Sally Ryan for The New York Times Its a crazy idea, said Daniel Humm, the chef at Eleven Madison Park. But thats whats cool. Mr. Humm wasnt talking about the forthcoming reinvention of his restaurant, which will get rolling right after Labor Day and is meant to transform the dining experience into an interactive, multicourse serenade to New York City. He was talking about something thats happening a few weeks later: For a brief spell starting on Sept. 26, Eleven Madison Park will turn itself into an altogether different restaurant. One that usually happens to be in Chicago. Yes, Mr. Humm and his friend Grant Achatz, above at right, the cutting-edge chef at Alinea, in Chicago, have hatched a plan (with their respective business partners, Will Guidara and Nick

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