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Gluten-Free Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

Cider roasted vegetables- pair with polenta, rice or quinoa. If, like me, you happen to be celebrating without the bird this Thanksgiving, here's a quick round-up of my favorite vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes to inspire you. Most of these recipes are actually vegan- a dairy-free plus for those of us gluten-free and casein-free. The few recipes garnished with cheese can be easily converted to dairy-free by using your favorite vegan cheese. Here's to a gentle Thanksgiving- The easiest way to feed a hungry vegan crowd is to toss a heap of vegetables into a roasting pan and toss them with olive oil, sea salt, apple cider and cider vinegar (shown above). Roast them and pair them with polenta, rice, quinoa or pasta. You can't go wrong. Start with this recipe for Cider Roasted Vegetables. Then g

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Enjoying Summer Bounty with Summer Fruit Crumble

Just when I am about to post about summer fruits, summer is officially over. While East Coast is hit by hurricane Irene, and Texas and other states are scorching hot, weather here in northern California is great as usual, about 80 F constantly during the day, and low 60's F at night. This is exactly why people love California, cool and gentle breeze, not humid and not dry. Perfect. I am now in a week break from all the baking duties. I was really busy with quite a bit of cake stuff including 90th birthday cake, sorbet making frenzy (and still going), putting use of all the beautiful summer produce we have here in tarts, ice cream, and more cake. There was my niece's first birthday party involving a full dessert table and a two-tiered cake. There was also a dessert table and wedding cake I

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Honey yogurt panna cotta with white peach puree

Feeling a bit uninspired, I scanned some of my favourite blogs for something that could coerce me back into the kitchen. Helens Roasted Apricot and Lavender Panna Cottas had me salivating (surely a good sign), so I hit up the farmers market looking for some fresh fruit. I found some white peaches that literally lured me to their bin by their sweet smell wafting through the throngs of shoppers. Ive been on a bit of a health kick after my recent health issues, so I wanted to see if I could make this dessert a bit healthier without losing the satiny creaminess thats the hallmark of good panna cotta. Using yogurt and honey and replacing some of the cream with skim milk, I came up with a concoction thats no-less decadent yet considerably healthier. Panna Cottas are usually top

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Three Ultimate Chenin Blanc-and-Food Pairings

Wine Enthusiast turned to three South African Chenin Blanc producers for their tips on creating a perfect Chenin Blanc-and-food pairing for you to make at home. Published on May 24, 2012 By Lauren Buzzeo Chenin Blanc is a versatile grape, capable of producing a wide range of wines, from fresh and fruity to oaked and sweet, and even a blend or a sparkling wine. And with its variety of expressions, there are many pairing possibilities. Fresh and fruity Chenin Blanc goes great with vegetable dishes or salads; oaked versions pair with rich fish or cream-based chicken entres; and sweet Chenin Blanc naturally matches desserts or serves as a balancing counterpart to rich, pungent cheeses. W.E. asked one winemaker and two winery restaurant chefs to tell us their ideal Chenin-and-food match, repr

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Myrtle by numbers

By Kate Ray for The Brooklyn Paper Our boroughs newest outdoor bazaar The Brooklyn Urban Arts Market proved that it could weather any storm when its cabanas survived the wind and rain of its opening day in Clinton Hill last month. In fact, the resourceful organizers, vendors, shoppers and musicians of this unique Myrtle Avenue market are determined to return on Aug. 10 with more of the same original, handcrafted wares that set them apart from Kings Countys other flea markets. The weather is kind of a bummer, but in terms of the event itself, I think its great, said Meredith Almeida, director of community development at the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership, as she held two tent poles in place and wiped dripping hair from her face. The market, produced by the Myrtle

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Gulfshore Life Magazine

Inside the Gulfshores Dining Scene Learn to cook like Roy Chef Roy Yamaguchi and Ivan Seligman at Roy's in Naples Chef Roy Yamaguchi sure packed the house at Roys in Naples on Saturday as he personally hosted Taste of Twenty Years Dinner. His Hawaiian fusion cuisine was wonderfully seasoned, beautifully presented, and well-paired with Gary Branhams Branham Estate Wines. Roy, with 37 eponymous restaurants worldwide, is calm, quiet and clearly respected and loved by his staff. He cooked on the line and greeted admirers with a word and a handshake. Try the upside down pineapple cake, check out his cookbook, Fish & Seafood, and cook up a favorite! Judi Gallagher and Jeannie Lee at Roy's in Naples So you missed the dinner? Not a problem! Join Chef Javier Vasquez at Roys in Nap

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Holiday Herb Blogging - Recap

It's appropriate that for an event that celebrates the holiday season, we have entries to suit just about every course. Starters: Roasted Tomato, Basil and Goat Cheese Holiday Spread Weekend Herb Blogging's CEO Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen provides us with a great way to start our Holiday gatherings. It may well be winter but Kalyn's clever planning has insured she can still enjoy the taste of summer. Not only is this spread made from roasted tomatoes, basil and goat cheese, it even has Christmas colours! Mains: Mediterranean Angus Beef Steak From Manilla, Ning from Heart and Hearth finds inspiration from the Mediterranean. To complement special Angus Beef Steaks, Ning creates a tangy topping of olives, capers, garlic and onion. Biriyani In India, Sra from When My Soup Came Alive offers up a

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Dolce Rita: Sacher Torte

Sacher Torte: A Little Piece of History It is fascinating that so many famous cakes and desserts have a unique "creation" stories. It adds a lot of character to the dessert; it just makes it feel extra special and adds a human dimension to it. The story of the torte began in 1832, when Wensel Clemens Prince Metternich was on the look out for a special dessert that would wow his high-ranking guests. Fate intervened on the day Metternich wanted his special dessert. His head chef was unavailable and his 16 years old apprentice, Franz Sacher, had to fill in his place. The young and talented Sacher worked hard to impress and he didn't fail. His exquisite fluffy chocolate cake made better with a layer of sweet apricot jam underneath the icing, was a huge success. As Franz became a fully qualifie

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Grilling Fruit 2nd attempt

06-01-2011 So my first attempt at grilled fruits didnt work out as well as I had planned. O well, if at first you dont succeed, try again So here is a second attempt at grilled fruit that ended with a little better result This time, the grilled fruit of choice was apricots! I have had grilled peaches before, so I had a feeling the apricot would grill nicely. I was correct. With it being the beginning of apricot season, the apricots at the store were at many different levels of ripeness. When grilling these delicious fruits, you want to make sure that yours are ripe. You want to make sure that you coat your apricots in a sauce or glaze to prevent them from sticking on the grill. In addition, make sure your grill is nice and hot. The hot grill and glaze will allow the apricots

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