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Pack a picnic full of color

Published 4:32pm Saturday, May 26, 2012 Memorial Day launches a new season the picnic season a season in which we spend time with friends and family over the picnic table sharing good food and good memories. A challenge that some of us often struggle with, though, is making something that will be portable yet nutritious. I want to share the key to packing a nutritious yet delicious picnic meal. The key is packing a picnic basket full of color. When you pack a meal full of natures natural colors, you are automatically boosting your nutrition because each color group in the fruit and vegetable world holds a special set of nutrients vitamins and minerals that keep us healthy, not to mention the fiber. Packing a colorful picnic basket not only ensures a nutrient-packed and healt

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10 Recipes For Making Dessert On The Grill at Family Kitchen

I find that whenever we have a BBQ everyone is outside mingling and people just cant resist checking out the grill to see what goodness they are in for. Why not keep the party alive and outside and give your guest something to really feast their eyes on by grilling up dessert. Youll be the hit of the party and everyone will want to chip in to helpand steal the recipe. Keep reading 10 ways to grill desserts for your summer BBQ. Pineapple Right-Side-Up Cake What could be more delicious than pineapple and pound cake? Pineapple that's been caramelized by the grill on top of toasted pound cake with a dollop of ice cream on top! You can even use a store-bought pound cake for extra convenience. Make your own pineapple right side-up cake Grilled Banana Boats These banana boats are the

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Columbus Foodie 2007 October

One of my favorite flavor combinations in the world is beef and wine. Bring me a good Beef Bourguignon and Im in absolute heaven. So when I saw this recipe while flipping through the Fall Entertaining edition of Cooks Illustrated magazine, it goes without saying that I was going to make it. One small issue. Barolo wine is expensive VERY expensive (most bottles start at a minimum of $40). And using it in cooking makes for a very expensive entree. (Ive since found that Trader Joes has a barolo wine for $19.99. If I make this in the future, Ill use theirs.) But at the time, the cost of the Barolo wine was cost prohibitive, so I ended up using a $25 Vietti Nebbiolo wine, which are the same grapes that are used to produce a Barolo. This substitution was successful, as the fin

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Himmarshee Bar and Grill transformed into the PL8 Kitchen

The much-beloved Himmarshee Bar and Grill underwent a major transformation this past September. It emerged as PL8 Kitchen, a restaurant featuring tapas-size entrees, an assortment of exotic pizzas and a gargantuan, treelike installation made of clothespins by local artist Gerry Stecca. Despite the profound changes by the management, one thing remains the same: Himmarsh--, er, PL8 is still the best, most-entertaining restaurant within walking distance of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. PL8's menu includes one fan favorite held over from its predecessor: uber-sweet butternut-squash purses with shiitake mushrooms, sage and a brown-butter pecan sauce ($9) that walks the line between dessert and appetizer. Even though the most-expensive items cost $12, because the plates are small,

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Balancing your waistline and your budget

Hospital dietitianRachel Hobbins says it is possible to eat healthy and stay on a budget. Shopping local, looking for whats in season and buying in bulk are just three ways to achieve this. Hobbins is a clinical dietitian at Valdese Hospital for Blue Ridge HealthCare and the food services companyAramark. She offers and explains these 12 tips on how to eat right and keep your spending in check. 1 Shop local Hobbins estimates that most fruits and vegetables at local farmers markets cost $1.25 a pound. Thats cheaper than in the grocery stores, she said. The closer you are to the food source, the less cost for shipping is passed on to you. However, Hobbins also advises people to check stores weekly circulars for deals. If a fruit or vegetable is not in season and you choose to b

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Add a photo. Best Alphabetical Recently added. Lamb rack, herb. Ten Minutes by. Duck breast, pearl barley, beetroot, Tuscan cabbage.


Online Bake Sale For Japan- BIDDING CLOSED The Tomato Tart

My original goal was $2,500. I am hoping we can now beat that. Lets see! Thank you all so much. Bidding is now closed. I cant wait to see the totals. Be back soon. Bidding is live until 12pm Eastern on the 31st of March All bids start at $20.00 and go in $1.00 increments. There is a buy it now option for every item set at $250.00. Good Luck and Happy Bidding Email: or use this handy form created by Angi of Rice And Wheat. The Tomato Tart Sabrina Modelle A Love Note to Japan Vegan Cupcakes Matcha green tea just speaks of Japan- beautiful, green, and robustly flavored, there are rituals around preparing and drinking this tea. They certainly dont involve cute little cupcakes topped with white chocolate sudachi-kissed ganache, but hey, its so delicious and

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Assorted frozen fruit (Recipe: strawberry fruit whiz)

Updated from the archives, with new photo and links, and a favorite summer recipe. In the beginning (1973), Carl Sontheimer, an engineer who loved to cook, created the Cuisinart food processor. well, okay, fifteen years later -- I created frozen fruit whiz. As a rule, I'd never opt for frozen fruit over in-season ripe fresh fruit, but individually quick frozen (IQF) fruits, prepared commercially or in your own kitchen, frozen at the peak of ripeness, retain almost all of their nutrient value. IQF fruit is 100% natural, with no added sugar or preservatives. It's trimmed and washed, and economical to use. Take what you need, and leave the rest in the freezer. To IQF at home, wash and trim fresh fruit and spread out on a rimmed baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Freeze completely, then

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Pumpkin Pineapple Cocktail - Cookie and Kate

What a weekend! Im all tuckered out after a few fun-filled days with friends. Highlights include hanging out at the Dustbowl Art Market, making faces in a photo booth, sipping on [numerous] free cocktails and laughing over classic diner fare at breakfast. Last night we danced away to my friends 90s band, which made me feel old in the best way possible. Im turning 26 this month, you know. Tonight Im sharing a pumpkin and pineapple cocktail that was inspired by a drink at Pura Vida in Cleveland (see the original here). Upon first sip, I vowed to recreate it at home, so Im keeping to my word. Its a real treat! Its sweet but balanced; Id savor one for dessert any day. Pumpkin Pineapple and Rum Cocktail Recipe type: Cocktail Author: Cookie and Kate Prep time: 5 mins Tota

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Sip & See Guest Dessert Feature SWEET DESIGNS AMY ATLAS EVENTS

We love the southern tradition of a Sip N See. For anyone who has never heard of it, you can equate it to a baby shower but it is given after the baby is born. Sarah Crawford from Lil Hoot Parties created this Sip N See party for her niece June, who was born in July (and celebrated in August.) After two nephews, June was A Welcome Change and everyone was excited to meet her and celebrate her arrival. The color palette was soft and feminine, yet summery and vibrant. The welcome theme was used creatively throughout the party. From A Welcome Change banner, to the Welcome Wagon for the gifts and, finally, the Pineapple which has been a symbol for hospitality throughout the ages (how fantastic is the pineapple ice cube?) Sweet treats included dark chocolate cove

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