orange pineapple dessert

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What's Cookin, Chicago?: Childhood Favorites... Reinvented

Tonight, friends and I got together for a 'Moveable Feast' dinner event. Our friends, Jen and Wayne hosted this fun potluck dinner with the school season in mind. We all have some favorite childhood dishes... do you have one? How would you reinvent them for adult palates? Many of us brought dishes reflective of our childhood in some way including... Bacon & Cheese Quiche Jen brought this dish to the table because growing up, she would often have bacon and eggs with her family. This is her take on combining these two ingredients in a dish she enjoys as an adult. Filipino Empanadas Pamela brought these Filipino Empanadas to share. Growing up, her family didn't do much baking. To get their favorite baked goods, they would visit a local bakery. One of her family favorites to order at the baker

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Use Your Oven to Make Beef Stew With an Easy Pineapple Cake For Dessert

Use your oven on cool or cold days to make dinner and bake dessert at the same time. Your kitchen will feel cozy and the aromas will waft throughout your house. As your family members enter the house you will hear, "Something sure smells good in here," or something similar. This stew is very tasty with the flavors of V-8 juice and dry onion soup mix giving it a slightly different twist. The Oven Beef Stew bakes at 350 degrees for 3 hours. While it is baking, mix up the Easy Pineapple Cake and let it bake beside the stew. OVEN BEEF STEW This is an old recipe from my childhood in Southern Indiana. 1 lb. cubed stew beef 1 large onion, sliced 1 cup sliced potatoes 1 cup sliced carrots 1 cup sliced celery 1 can sliced mushrooms, drained 2 large cans V-8 juice 1 pkg dry onion soup mix 1 tbsp ins

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Saving room for dessert: Hot Pineapple Casserole

There are certain recipes my family has come to expect at least once a year. Usually a holiday gathering is involved such as one of the big three; Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter. My family has also learned that if Ham is on the table, it will be next to the Hot Pineapple Casserole. I'm not saying I'm proud of this recipes' nutritional scores, but I am saying everybody loves it. I checked Tasty Kitchen to see if anybody had posted this or a similar recipe. There are no less than 6 posts for the very same casserole. Who would have thought hot pineapple, cheddar cheese and Ritz crackers could be so popular? I often associate pineapple with cold salads, salsa and desserts. But if you think about it, pineapple if often found in warm dishes such as Sweet & Sour, Hawaiian Pizza (recipe coming

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easy (and flameless!) pineapple foster

Last week, I hopped on a plane to fly away from freezing cold weather and snow to.more freezing cold weather and snow! :) Haactually, was flying to visit my friend Courtney, who just moved to Denver. (Where, at least, the chilly temps and snow are accompanied by breathtaking scenery and SUNSHINE wahoo!) Spent a lovely few days enjoying the Colorado life, skiing, snowshoeing (my new favorite!!!), enjoying some fabulous food, coffee, and wine at some local favorites, spending time with Denver friends, and of courseone of our favoritescooking together!! For years, Courtney has been one of my favorite friends to cook with, and this dinner was no exception. Fun times in the kitchen, a fantastic Thai meal, delightful friends to share it with, and to cap off the evening.this st

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Top 10 cheap eats in the United States

The finest and also often the priciest restaurants may attract the most acclaim, but we also like to honor eateries where its possible to eat like a king even on a tight budget. At these Top 10 Cheap Eats Restaurants in the United States, youll find food with plenty of flavor and creativity for not much dough. Learn where to savor peanut butter and jelly burgers, Kung Pao pastrami, Mangalitsa pork neck and chocolate bacon brownies without a lot of wear and tear on the wallet. All Star Sandwich Bar 1245 Cambridge St. Cambridge, MA 02139 All Star Sandwich Bar in Cambridge goes beyond burgers and BLTs with untraditional options like a grilled falafel burger with tahini sauce. In addition, all of the condiments and sides are homemade, including chips, chutneys, slaws and pickles.

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MKE Diner - JSOnline

Nov. 18, 2011 Oh, lets get hungry, why dont we: Sanford, which is marking its 22nd anniversary Dec. 7 with a free house cocktail for diners that night, is exploring the food of Florence in its current prix-fixe menu ($49 for four courses). It includes ravioli filled with braised artichoke and taleggio. Seasonal menu items include grilled elk loin ($36) with maple-mascarpone polenta, grilled fennel and endive with tart cherry essence. Sanford is at 1547 N. Jackson St. The SURG groups pastry chef, Kurt Fogle, has dreamed up these sweets: At Charro, 729 N. Milwaukee St., new desserts include roasted pineapple with salted caramel pudding and toasted coconut ice cream; dark chocolate bar with fresh orange and hazelnut-coriander crunch; Mezcal-poached apple with candied almonds and salt

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East Lansing's new spots

Dave Chou, owner of the new Chopstix Fine Asian Food restaurant in East Lansing, came to the United States with a marine engineering degree. He found a career in the culinary arts. Chou joined his immigrant family in the food service business and learned on the job at restaurants and as a banquet chef before taking a leap on his own. I always wanted to own my own restaurant, Chou says. I decided to go for it. The new venture is based on Chous Taiwanese heritage, a heritage that includes southern Chinese, Korean and Japanese culinary influences, Chou says. All of those flavors find a home on his menu, but as any conscientious restaurateur will tell you, flavors are only as good as the ingredients. I choose fresh, high-quality ingredients, Chou says. I stay away from

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Bobs Red Mill Natural Foods

See you Tuesday for Breakfast! The visitor's center will be closed Monday, September 3rd for Labor Day bobs red mill whole grain store, restaurant and bakery Were mighty proud of our Whole Grain Store and Visitors Center and once you step inside we think you will be as well. Located just 15 minutes from Portland and covering some 15,000 square-feet, the first thing youll notice (after the mouth-watering aromas from our kitchen) is just how big it is. Featuring our entire Bobs Red Mill product line, plus kitchen essentials, bulk foods, books and nutritional information, its a food lovers paradise. If you have questions or need advice on any of our products, be sure to ask one of the friendly staff. So the next time youre in the area, drop in for a visit who knows

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Gelatin dessert - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gelatin dessert A variety of packaged gelatin desserts Details TypeDessert Main ingredient(s)Gelatin Gelatin desserts are desserts made with sweetened and flavored gelatin. They can be made by combining plain gelatin with other ingredients or by using a premixed blend of gelatin with additives. Fully prepared gelatin desserts are sold in a variety of forms, ranging from large decorative shapes to individual serving cups. [edit]Regional names In many of the Commonwealth nations and in Ireland, gelatin desserts are called jelly. In the United States and Canada, gelatin desserts are called jello (a generic name based on the brand name Jell-O) or gelatin, whereas 'jelly' is a fruit preserve. [edit]Brands Popular brands of premixed gelatin include: [edit]History Before gelatin became widely ava

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ABC Owned Television Stations - Debi Lilly, A Perfect Event -

Better yet - breakfast skewars, with sundried tomato sausage, pineapple and sweet peppers grilled for a delicious salty/sweet combination.

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