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Embrace Your Inner Scammer to Make an Honest Living

Its said that crime doesnt pay but apparently, it does. Because scammer strategies work. Whether its straight up fraud or technically-legal-but-still-shady black hat SEO tricks, taking short cuts has traditionally positioned short term bumps as an attractive trade-off for long term business growth. Even J.C. Penney got away with it for a time. But all gravy trains have a station, and even the mighty J.C. Penney was slapped down by Google. So how do you resist the allure of short term gains in favor of long term business growth and avoid the mighty smackdown of a Google search engine algorithm update? If you want to run a legit business but have a hard time resisting the black hat, here are some strategies scammers and lazy marketers use to reel in the unsuspecting and improve a

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Herndon 50th anniversary - A golden wedding anniversary celebration was held for Jerry and Patty Herndon on April 18 at the home of the brides mother Imogene Allen of Cadiz.The beautiful three

A golden wedding anniversary celebration was held for Jerry and Patty Herndon on April 18 at the home of the brides mother, Imogene Allen of Cadiz. The beautiful three- tier anniversary cake and 50th topper were made by Pattys sister, Sue (Allen) Calhoun. Attendees were Imogene Allen, Sue Calhoun, Bobby and Pearl (Sholar) Allen, Bobby Ray and Connie (Parker) Allen and son Justin Allen, Steve and Audrey (Allen) Scott and son Logan Scott, all of Cadiz, and daughters Vicky Frances Herndon and Susan Joy (Herndon) Hager, and grandson Gavin Chase Hager, all of Murray; and Joette (Hayden) Calhoun and Dorothy (Calhoun) Darnell, both of Benton. The couple was married June 1, 1960 in Hopkinsville. Elder Darryl Martin Stewart officiated. Witnesses were best man Richard Dick Thomas,

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Silhouette Wedding Cake Topper

Add a Comment. Visit our other sites. Aren't these wonderful. My favorite is the first kissing couple cake topper. We'd love to hear from you.


The Sugar Suite Blog: Wood Grain Wedding Cake

When I heard that this couple wanted a wood grain cake with a cute little carving of their initials (to match their invitation), I was so nervous about how to pull off rustic and neatness at the same time. The first decision I made was to use an ivory fondant base and a very light colored royal icing. I knew that the contrast would be significant enough with all the wood grain piping, and I didn't want the detail to be overwhelming. The second decision I made was to use the round part of the wood grain more frequently than in nature, to add an artistic element to the pattern. I was happy with these decisions when I arrived on site to find an all ivory room and a funky-artsy cake topper (more on this below). So many times when we deliver wedding cakes, the background is something less than

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Product of the Week: Wedding Cake Topper

by Catherine at 18.05.2012 15:41:41h | No comments | DaWanda, Trends | Tags: smithchen, wedding They endure your bad taste in TV programs, laugh at your really-not-funny jokes and are polite to your mother even after shes given them a lesson on how to dust properly. Your partner must truly be a superhero to want to commit, right? Thats why weve chosen a Wedding Cake Topper from the ever playful and innovative designer smithchen as our Product of the Week. This cake topper is not only designed to look just like you and your beloved, but shows you both for the heroes you really are! Plus old Fido can be part of the wedding as your little Super-Sidekick. So how do smithchen do it? All they need is a few clear photos of you and your sweetheart and they carve the adorable figurines out

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Personalized Round Wedding Cake Topper

Comments about Beau-coup Personalized Round Wedding Cake Topper: I purchased the monogrammed cake topper with the letter "M" for our wedding cake. It looks great for anyone who is going for an elegant, classic look for their wedding. It is a little smaller than I expected, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It will add that extra detail for our white wedding cake without being gaudy.

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Thats More Like It: Futurama Wedding Cake Topper

Identity Crisis, Indeed: Every Batman Symbol, Ever | Main | Sloppy, Much?: Star Wars Back Tattoo [Geeky Tattoo] By Great White Snark | October 7, 2010 Oh, I do so love it when you people are vindictive. The digital bits of yesterdays post about the pretty-but-lacking-handmade-figures Futurama wedding cake had barely settled on your internets-viewing screens when Caitlin L. dropped me an email to be all, Well, I had a Futurama wedding cake, too, and its cake topper was 100% handmade with the love and devotion of a trueFuturama fan. None of that half-assed plastic cake topper crap thats just so typical of Socialist neer-do-wells, oreven worseHello Kitty devotees. Ok, really what she said was: From our wedding, we had a handmade cake topper made of the couple after

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Channing Tatum Doesn't Let Leg Surgery Keep Him From Pounding the Pavement

Channing Tatum was back in workout gear to run errands around LA yesterday. He's keeping it casual while he recovers from leg surgery, though he did dress up for a night on the town with his wife, Jenna Dewan, earlier this week. Channing and Jenna manage to maintain their busy schedules and also keep their love alive as they near the two-year anniversary of their fairytale wedding, which apparently included a racy customized cake-topper. Back to Story

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Well before that famous French lady said, "Let them eat cake," people have been baking up sweet, splendiferous concoctions of sugar and spice and everything floury nice to honor the most sacred rites of passage, the wedding. Of course, there was a time the wedding cake was more a "structure" to look at and take wedding cake pictures with rather than a delectable dessert to eat. The old white cement edifice that stood sturdy and tall has happily given way to the creative and unique gateau de marriage. Forget about purchasing your cake from your caterer, unless you want a triple-layered sheet cake with so much globbed on frosting that one bite would put you into diabetic shock. These days the same work that goes into finding a caterer should go into finding a reputable cake baker. This means

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Shellscapes Wedding Cake Topper. Owner, pastry chef and designer of Just Cake. Dos and Don'ts For Displaying Your Gorgeous Wedding Cake. Gorgeous Groom's Cakes. Where Do You Find This Wedding Tradition.