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In Season: Kristi's Wedding Quilt

In the last year and a half I have pieced several tops but this is the first one pieced, quilted and bound - completely finished. Thanks to Alyson who gave me a terrific birthday present. She took my quilt top and backing to a lady in Vegas that has a long arm quilting machine and Aly paid her to quilt my project. This is the first quilt I've had professionally quilted - the ones I've made earlier in my life were either tied or quilted by me. I must say, it is so fulfilling to see one of my quilt tops quilted and finished. Exciting! Unfortunately, the picture doesn't do it justice. Candleman & I were in Vegas the first part of January helping Katie move into her own apartment so we brought the quilt home. It's taken me just over 3 weeks to sew the binding on and present it to Kristi & Ronn

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Lesbian rights pioneer Del Martin dies at 87

Lesbian rights pioneer Del Martin, whose trailblazing activism spanned more than five decades, most recently in the battle for same-sex marriage, died Wednesday, just two months after she made history again by wedding her longtime partner in San Francisco City Hall. Ms. Martin, an author and organizer, died at UCSF Hospice after a long period of declining health. She was 87 and was admitted to the hospital nearly two weeks ago with a broken arm. Ms. Martin's crusading began in 1955, during an era in America known more for social conformity than for rebellion, when she co-founded a lesbian social-turned-political organization, Daughters of Bilitis, named after a 19th century book of lesbian love poetry. This year, on June 16, she and her partner of 55 years, Phyllis Lyon, were legally wed.

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The Internet Book Database of Fiction Detailed view for the Book: Addy's Wedding Quilt

A digital home for all readers, everywhere. Addy's Wedding Quilt. Date Publisher Binding Cover. 1 2001-00-00 Pleasant Company Publications.

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A Wedding and a Wedding Quilt

You know what this is, don't you? This is a BRIDE! This bride happens to be my very lovely stepdaughter, Jennifer. Last June, she married the man of her dreams in Houston, Texas. And you know what a wedding in the family means, don't you? Of course! A wedding quilt! Here she is with the wedding quilt I made for the newlyweds. (This picture was taken at their cute little house in Houston.) I chose to make the quilt in holiday-themed thirties fabrics, because I suspect (and hope) that there will be grandchildren one day who would like to play "I Spy" with it. I guess that was a little devious on my part, making a wedding quilt with grandchildren in mind, but what can I say? I'm enthusiastic about the possibility. And available for babysitting, by the way. Just so you know, Jen...but no press

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Down Memory Lane ~Double Wedding Quilt~

I have more quilts that I made in the past and I haven't shared with you. Today I will talk about this Double wedding ring quilt a little bit. I started working on this quilt shortly after I got engaged to my husband about 17 years ago... I was visiting the United States from Japan, and after a short while we were engaged. I wasn't expecting that to happen, so I extended the stay but after three months I had to go home (the visa only allowed me to stay for three month). Our original plan was that I would get a visa and come back to the US but I had a hard time getting it. We were separated for 6 month until he came to Japan to marry me (I still couldn't get a visa, and he had to go back for school, so we were separated for another 4 month after that...). Long story short, it was a hard tim

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Double Wedding Ring Quilt and a Sneak Peak

Yesterday I started working on a Double Wedding Ring quilt. I cut the fabric out with the GO!. I don't have it all cut out, because I wanted to start sewing it (really to see if it would work - it my first quilt with the double wedding ring die). This is what I have sewn so far. Just the "football" shapes are sewn - 15 of them (I have to make 71 of them). My plan is to make the quilt 5 rings/blocks x 6 rings/blocks -then it should be about 64" x 75". So far these are pretty easy to sew, I hope the blocks and rows go together so well. I find that when I piece things I cut with the rotary cutter, I use a scant 1/4" seam, but with the GO! I have to use a true 1/4" seam to get the shapes for fit together well. This is a sneak peak of the Friendship Mini Sampler Quilt Along that starts tomorrow

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Matt and Freja's wedding quilt

Remember the manly quilt? It was a wedding present for my brother, Matt and his lovely new wife, Freja. They were married just before Christmas, and it was a wonderful day. Welcome to the family, Freja. I'm sure you'll fit in just fine with us 6 girls! I really enjoyed making this quilt and fortunately it was well received. Although I was going for a more masculine look with the fabric and design, I think it can be appreciated by both sexes. I'd be happy to have it over the back of my lounge. As Matt is 6 foot 7", I had to make it bigger than usual to cover his toes! I machine quilted the sashing and borders with dense straight lines. My machine couldn't quite cope with all the quilting so I had to borrow Becky's Bernina, and it cruised though it without a hitch. Then I hand quilted random

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stuff about artstuff.: Sunset Lodge Wedding Quilt

This one is a beauty, isn't it? A lovely lady named Naida created this quilt with my Sunset Lodge flannel fabric for a wedding present for her grandson and his bride. The folks at Henry Glass got us in touch when Naida was in a panic without the yardage necessary to finish her project - and it wasn't available elsewhere. Fortunately I had what she needed and the quilt was finished just in time to get it to her long-arm quilter with a couple weeks to spare (!) to get the binding finished before the wedding! Naida was nice enough to share this picture of the top before the quilt was finished - this is a big one, folks; it took 2 people holding it over the edge of a second-story deck and another with the camera to get a shot of the whole thing (thanks to Naida's helpers for this!). What an am

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Quilt Gallery - Quilts 301-310 -

I saw that you are planning wedding quilts on EQ and I thought I would share this one that my daughter and her new husband which they will receive on their wedding day June 16th.

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Wedding Guestbook Alternative Quilt Squares | Toronto, Ontario Wedding Planner | Event Designer

WeddingGirl @ 3:10 pm. No comments yet. Every girl deserves to have a wedding. No bride should have to settle for second-hand, or second-best. Every budget can create a wedding fit for a princess, full of love, happiness, and all that sparkles.