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Vintage Cycling Posters, Photos, Art Prints

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1909 La FrancaiseDiamant

1909 La Francaise Diamant (Now sold) This impressive machine is an old racer from around 1909. Its a fixed wheel machine, without brakes, and is ready to ride apart from the fact that it retains its original tyres. These 100-year-old tyres are perished, but its so rare I come across Michelins this old that Ive just replaced the inner tubes and kept the tyres on the bike. It seems to be a bicycle much-favoured by naked French women with large wings, celebrating victory in the Paris Brest race. Compare the bike with the poster below (featuring the French champion Dupre). Apart from some lovely handlebars, its also blessed with another interesting feature its still wearing its original 100-year-old Michelin tyres. Two brothers, douard and Andr Michelin, ran a rubber fact

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3ttt Stem110 mm Classic Italian Road 22.2mm vintage bike 3 ttt. Classic Motorcycle ART POSTER Bike Ride Chopper Road. ABRASIVE LAP WHEEL RUST REMOVAL KIT BIKE VINTAGE CLASSIC CAR HOTROD SCOTCH. Classic Vintage 1996 55th Daytona Beach Florida Bike Week CAP HAT,1 sz fits all.


Cycling a different path

WhenRyan Siggins decided to open a gallery dedicated exclusively to the art of the bicycle, he knew he was entering a niche market. Fortunately, he opened it Durango, where niches become gaping chasms when it comes to bicycles. When I walked into this space a month ago, I said, This would make a sweet gallery its Durango and its what I do, so why not bicycle art? Siggins said between appointments last week at Squeaky Wheel, Durangos first bicycle-only venue for the art of the bike. Squeaky Wheel is one of three businesses the entrepreneur runs from the 10th Street storefront. Hes been a practicing chiropractor for seven years and has treatment rooms downstairs. Hes also the owner of Durango Bike Fit, home to the only Retl 3D Motion Capture Technology in the Four Corner

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Fat Guy Cycling: July 2004

Friday, July 30, 2004 Was that FAT GUY? I saw a fat guy cycling today. Then I saw another fat guy cycling. Funny thing was, neither was THE Fat Guy Cycling. Why is this? I believe the fastest way to get in shape to ride 100 miles is to actually RIDE your bicycle. This is known as sport specificity. For example, shopping does not get you in shape for riding. Riding gets you in shape for riding. Get out there and ride! Thursday, July 29, 2004 And now for something completely different... How about a railbike? More great pictures are here. Please be very careful and make sure that the railroad line is really and truly abandoned before trying this. Fat Guy Cycling does not advocate trespassing on railroad right-of-way and we cannot be responsible for any injuries sustained by railbiking. Our l

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Cycling - Matted Prints - RedBubble

High quality Cycling Design & Illustration related Matted Prints by independent artists and designers from around the world - also available as Framed Prints, Canvas Prints, and Posters. Cyclist 2 Matted Print by Chris Butler. Cycling Poster Matted Print by GordonGraphics.

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Cycling Planning and Resources : Beezodog's Place

You are here: Home Cycling Advocacy Cycling Planning and Resources by ELEANOR BEARDSLEY September 1, 2012 Source: Listen to the story here Every day, one-third of the people of Copenhagen ride their bikes to work or school. Collectively, they cycle more than 750,000 miles daily, enough to make it to the moon and back. And city officials want even more people to commute, and [...] COMMENTARY BY ART GOLAB July 29, 2012 4:14PM Source: Sun-Times There are 1.3 million cars registered in Chicago. Yet the people who own them, the largest voting bloc in the city, get pushed around like nobody else in this town. Parking-meter rates have gone up faster than college tuition and stop signs have sprouted [...] By Tracy Swartz, RedEye 8:28 p.m. CDT, July 25, 2012 Par

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Campionato Mondiale, Ciclo, 1965 Giclee Print by Mancioli at

Comments: Great scale for my old high-ceiling apartment. Quality of poster itself seems excellent, graphics are exactly what I was seeking. Green & especially orange colors more intense than appeared on my computer, browns rich & lovely. Frame perfect in scale/color & piece carefully assembled, but quality of frame materials not so hot - slight bend/warp & corner joints slightly misaligned (sealed paper backing makes it very difficult to adjust those alignments). Loved all the framing/glass/cropping options available through website. For a large piece amazingly light in weight (good thing for me). [...]

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Intro to (Limited Fork) Poetry: PATTERN BUILDING PROPOSAL

(a tasting)LADDER SYSTEM OF THE POAM AS ECOSYSTEM | Main | RULES, "A RETROSPECT" by EZRA POUND, & HIERARCHIES OF NAVIGATION October 01, 2007 PATTERN BUILDING PROPOSAL PROPOSAL: To consider an *allness of a poam (product of an act of making, may be a poem) as (at least) three-dimensional. To consider that the components of the poam plus the whole poam form an allness of poam. To consider that each component (of a poam) may be considered a (sub)allness. To consider that each component of a component (of a poam) may be considered a sub/(sub)allness. To consider the three-dimensionalaity of idea further, please click here. Do manipulate the polyhedra; click on them, turn them, etc (and give yourself various angles of perception, various perspectives for consideration). Just as a sonnet,

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This week's featured gig poster. This week's featured gig poster, designed by Dan Grzeca. Chicago's high-intensity cycling culture. A local designer closes up shop, a huge vintage sale, and more. By Luca Cimarusti.