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Pranks, Punk and Industrial Culture from V. Vale

() MAKER FAIRE AND PUNK ROCK by V. Vale The first, quintessential principle of Punk Rock was (obviously) DO-IT-YOURSELF meaning Create All Your Own Culture: music, recordings, record labels, distribution, Punk Rock stores, art, graphic art, collages, drawings, interior decor, your clothing, hairstyles, sculpture/installations, social gatherings, community centers, squats or shared housing, art studios, shows everything that makes your life meaningful and fun. And this principle made EVERYONE at least a naive or outsider artist, if not more Note that this is a kind of D-I-Y de-emphasizing the profit motive instead of capitalist-think, Do whatever it takes to make maximum profit as fast as possible, think, How can what I

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Citizen Tribune - News, Newspaper, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Engagement, Obituaries, Births, Government, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Lakeway Area, Advertising in Morristown TN

2012 Lakeway Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without written permission. Lakeway Publishers, Inc. Privacy Policy

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North Korea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Democratic People's Republic of Korea Chosn Minjujui Inmin Konghwaguk[1] Motto: (English: Powerful and Prosperous Nation) Anthem: "" (tr.: "Aegukka") (English: "The Patriotic Song") Capital (and largest city)Pyongyang 392N12545E Official language(s)Korean Official scriptsChosn'gl Ethnic groups Korean DemonymNorth Korean, Korean GovernmentJucheunitarysingle-party state - Supreme LeaderKim Jong-un - Chairman of the Assembly PresidiumKim Yong-nam[c] - PremierChoe Yong-rim LegislatureSupreme People's Assembly Establishment - Independence declaredMarch 1, 1919 - LiberationAugust 15, 1945 - Formal declarationSeptember 9, 1948 Area - Total120,540 km2 (98th) 46,528 sq mi - Water (%)4.87 Population - 2011 estimate24,051,218[2

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Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, Park Lane, Mayfair, London W1K 1QA. Tel: 020 7319 7139

It has always been my opinion, formed through long experience, that a culture can be judged, and yes I do mean judged, by the quality of its food and the quality of its philosophy. Moreover, that there is a direct and clear link between the two expressions. When it comes to the continent, this theory is well borne out. Take Germany, for example. Famous for producing some of the most important philosophers in the world, such as Immanuel Kant. Writing in the 18th century, Kant was primarily concerned with avoiding immoral behaviour. He felt that behaving in an immoral way violated rationality. Morals, Kant argued, were essential to a civilised society, and moreover, because he understood humans as autonomous, and with the ability to choose the moral laws we bind ourselves to, the choice and

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Best of Vienna, Money Saving Tips, Volunteer Vacations

Vienna Opera House. (Photograph by Marie Nadsady, My Shot) Spend a little time exploring the best of Vienna. Check out five things you need to see in this European gem. [Go! Travel] Save money, travel more. Use these 50 budget travel tips to get more for your money on your next adventure. [Moneyning] Why not do some good on your next trip? Heres how you can volunteer your way through Central America. [Art of Backpacking] Got Radar? Follow us on Twitter @NatGeoTraveler and tag your favorite travel stories from the web #ngtradar. Check back on the blog for our roundups. Photograph by Marie Nadsady, My Shot

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Meibohm Fine Arts, Inc.

David Palladini (Italian-American, 1946-) Capricorn, Dec. 22-Jan.22 - 1969 size is about 22.25 x 14.5" Poster / Print Very Rare Original 1960's Psychedelic Astrological Sign of the Zodiac Poster / Print, Excellent Rare+ condition, Never Framed, Published by Morgan Press, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY David Palladini (Italian-American, 1946-) Aquarius, Jan. 23 Feb. 19 - 1969 size is about 22.25 x 14.5" Poster / Print Very Rare Original 1960's Psychedelic Astrological Sign of the Zodiac Poster / Print, Excellent Rare+ condition, Never Framed, Published by Morgan Press, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY David Palladini (Italian-American, 1946-) Pisces February 20, March 20 - 1969 size is about 22.25 x 14.5" Poster / Print Very Rare Original 1960's Psychedelic Astrological Sign of the Zodi

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Fontlove Blog: March 2011

Working at a historical society, I am fascinated by all things collected and curated. My office window faces the same hallway as the Collections storage area, and I frequently see a cart of 19th century doodads roll by, or a railway tycoon's wife's ball gown on a dress form. However, I also love the virtual collection of the everyday objects with the patina of everyday life that have more meaning together than individually. As Rob Walker recently observed in the New York Times, I am not alone in this. He pointed to two of my favorite sites, Things Organized Neatly as well as the work of Lisa Congdon and her Collection a Day project as examples of this interest in "collecting" the ephemera of the world in a virtual space. The other day I discovered another great virtual Museum, focusing

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Railroad Days Returns To Fullerton Train Station

January 27, 2012 In response to an ardent public appeal, Railroad Days will return on May 5 & 6, 2012 to the Fullerton Train Station. The city of Fullerton has endorsed the event, and the Southern California Railway Association is lining up sponsors and participants for another successful free, family weekend. Dozens of Amtrak passenger trains and Metrolink commuter trains roll through Orange County each day plus countless BNSF freight trains. Railroad Days aims to raise awareness of railroad safety, especially for children, and remind folks of the regions historic rail connections to the citrus and oil industries. Railroad Days 2012 will be back on the mainline tracks, which provide access for participation by Amtrak, BNSF and Metrolink. SCRPA volunteers are in the planning stages

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The LAK Factor: Review of Love AajKal

Posted by ~uh~ in Bollywood, Graphics, Movies. Tags: Clichs, Deepika Padukone, Freinds with benefits, Giselle Monteiro, Graphics, Harleen Kaur, Humour, Imtiaz Ali, lady long legs, Love Aaj Kal, movie, one night stand, Review, Rishi Kapoor, Rom-com, Saif Ali Khan trackback Rom-coms worldwide works with a particular storyline which is as simple as Meeting- Relationship- Intimacy- Argument/ Conflict- Separation- Frustration- Realization- Reunion. In India, because our strong social values (family, morale, inhibition) are changing fast with times, we observe an evolution in the story, exemplified below. Before Boy sees girl Love at first sight. Girl is shy. Boy is despo. Boy sings, girl blinks. Boy winks, girl shrinks. Girls leaves tow

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Yo-Yo | Cafe

Pinterest is an online pinboard. Organize and share things you love. Idea Collecting For A Cafe. 68 followers, 38 pins. Wine boxes recycled as flooring.

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