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Welcome to r/Dachshund! This is a place for owners and lovers of wonderful doxies! Feel free to post any information that you find interesting with this wonderful breed or if you want to just post a picture of your dog, that's cool too! Also, if there are particular problems or questions that may arise, don't hesitate to message a mod and we will get your issue fixed right away! Remember to visit r/dogs and subscribe to them as well!

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Sweetest Dachshund

Find us on Facebook. Photos by Breed. Sites we love. A Place To Love Dogs. Home dachshund Sweetest Dachshund.

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Meet Odie a Heroic Dog Available for Adoption at Georgia SPCA

"Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he's owned a dog." Gene Hill Everyone knows that smaller dogs display in attitude what they lack in size, and Odie is living proof. In a truly heartwarming story, Odie's story is quite special. He was found running loose on I-85 where a woman stopped traffic to pick him up. His pregnant girlfriend was hit by a car and Odie never left her side. She lost the puppies but survived and is now recovering in a foster home. Odie is a very handsome 2 yrs old Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund mix who is housebroken and ready to go to a forever home. He is a little shy at first, but if you pick him up, he snuggles right into your arms. He is going to make a terrific family pet. Come soon to meet Odie at the Georgia SPCA shelter because I'm sure

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Casting A Spell On This Darling Steiff Dachshund

What's in a (Steiff) name? Sometimes big secrets! Check out this note from a reader who asks about a beloved childhood friend with a most interesting moniker. Tricia writes... "Hi! I'm hoping you can tell me if this is a Steiff Hexie dog. I've had it since I was a very little girl and don't remember it ever having that tag on it. Other than that, it's in really good shape. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated! Regards, Tricia" Gotta give Tricia the "Best In Show" for correctly identifying her darling doggie as Hexie. This precious pooch is standing and made from short tan colored mohair that is accentuated with darker airbrushed highlights on his back, chest, and head. Hexie's face is detailed with large, comical black and white google eyes and a hand embroidered nose and mouth. All H

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shelley b decor and more: Dachshund Decor

Dachshund Pyramid sold out in 2010 If you missed out this year.... please join my email list and sign up for the RAZ Christmas emails This list will be contacted for reserve orders in Spring 2011 Available 2010 Four Dachshund Christmas Ornaments $22.50 Dachshund Topiary Form Available for preorder for delivery January/February 2011 $60.00 Measures 14 inches x 22 inches long

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Animal Videos: Dachshund vs. Crab

Cheezburger ROFLrazzi I Can Has FAIL Blog Memebase The Daily What The Daily What TDW Geek Know Your Meme Popular Memes All Memes New Events New Sites New People New Subcultures All Images All Videos Forums Moar YOU ARE HERE: I Can Has Cheezburger?/ Animal Videos: Dachshund vs. Crab Tags Submitted by: Unknown Reposted by 2012 Cheezburger, Inc. | Terms | Privacy | DMCA Policy Crafted from the finest Internets.

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Dachshund X Labrador =Dachsador!

Years back there was a car called the Chevy Vega. It had a nice looking body, but was built with a gutless, underpowered, cheap engine. What could have been a real nice car was one of the worst cars in the history of GM. Until the cars started ending up on the trash heap and kids started putting 350 V-8s under the hood. What you ended up with was a subcompact car with muscle car oomph. The same principle was carried out more professionally with the Shelby Cobra: you take a little car body and cram a 427 inch Corvette RAT engine in it and you get something special. Heck, it works great with cars; why not try it with dogs? There are all kinds of breeds of dogs out there, of course. And then when you add in the fact that dogs have a way of ignoring the rules and creating their own breeds of

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Pet of the Week - Chihuahua-Dachshund mix - abc7.com

Tuesday, September 20, 2011. Our Pet of the Week on Tuesday is a 1-year-old female Chihuahua-Dachshund-mix named Silly. Silly is black. She's a very sweet dog. If you would like to adopt Silly, her ID number is A1248584.

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Mini Dachshund Puppy Vs. Mirror: Video

That's My Buddy Max, To The Right. Nov 4, 2010 Comments: 1.

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Egon the Dachshund | Effing the Ineffable

If you already follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you already know about this (and if you dont already, why the hell not?!), but I have news to report about Egon. Hes currently spending the night at the university veterinary schools animal hospital where he just had emergency surgery for a ruptured disc in his spine. This is not an uncommon problem for dachshunds, but its one that I hoped would never affect my little dude. Hes very lean and, now that hes almost 6 years old, not terribly rambunctious (the two risk factors are being overweight or jumping a lot). Nonetheless, he managed to injure his spine. Im not sure what happened, but I took him to the vet for a suspected UTI on Monday, which he tested positive for. The vet also determined that he had a strain in his ba

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