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Pet Food Express: Michael & Marks Story

Find out how Pet Food Express got started. Michael and Mark have been business partners for nearly 20 years(that's 140 in dog years!), running Pet Food Express. You'd think by now they would have agreed on the story of how they met and formed their businessbut as it has been many years, they still need to remind each other about some of the details. It all started back when Michael was a boy of 7 and wasnt allowed to get a dog, so he began bringing home stray cats. At 16, he finally got his first dog, a German Shepherd, and trained him to respond to many commands off-leash. Years later, while attending City College of San Francisco in 1976, Michael decided to start a dog training business in order to supplement student loans (During this time, Mark was having his Bar Mitzvah). By the

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Live Auction 2003 Page 4

GSD Treat or Cookie Jar $20.00 You are bidding on a German Shepherd ceramic jar. You can use it as a cookie jar or a treat jar. It stands 10" tall and is about 5" wide. It has a picture of a German Shepherd head that is raised in the actual shape on the front and has the words 'German Shepherd' on the back. The lid has a seal so that when you close it, it is tightly closed. German Shepherd Watercolor Art Giclee Print $47.00 This German Shepherd Watercolor Art Giclee Print is sure to brighten up any room! Done in striking colors this print will be a focal point that will catch the eye. Gorgeous blues and red make this truly stunning. Framed but not with the frame shown. Black GSD Sculpture $19.00 This stone resin sculpture is gorgeous! It is a black, hand painted GSD standing in a stacked p

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The most expensive wedding ever. For dogs.

Chilly Pasternak, left, a poodle from Richmond, Va., and Baby Hope Diamond, (Tina Fineberg / Associated) The average human couple spend $27,000 on their wedding day. For Baby Hope Diamond and Chilly Pasternak, the big day cost $158,187.26. We should probably mention that the groom was a dog. But so was the bride. Their glittering affair $6,000 wedding dress! $5,000 sushi spread! $15,000 orchestra! at the Jumeirah Essex House Hotel in New York City won the Guinness World Record for the most expensive pet wedding ever. Baby Hope, a white Coton de Tulear, is a rescue dog adopted by television celebrity and animal rights activist Wendy Diamond. Her hubby, Chilly, is a poodle from Virginia. They were united by online voters, who chose Chilly in a competition set up by Diamond. The

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The Top 10 Dog Breeds

What are the top 10 most popular dog breeds in America? Think you can name them all? But more importantly, where do Shelties rank in this list? ;) It depends how you define top 10. The most common methods are by popularity among pet owners (judged by dog registrations) and by intelligence. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes 167 dog breeds but most people can only identify about 10% of dog breeds, while dog lovers may recognize around a quarter of them. Top 10 Dog Breeds By Popularity These are the top ten dog breeds in 2011, ranked by popularity by pet owners, based on number of registrations with the American Kennel Club: 1. Labrador Retriever Labrador Retrievers, originally from Newfoundland, were initially used in work alongside fisherman, helping to pull in nets and ca

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Baby Hope To Wed Chilly Pasternak In Record-Breaking $250,000 DogWedding

Baby Hope trying on her wedding dress (credit: Facebook) NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) Marriage is going to the dogs tonight. A wealthy animal rights activist is breaking the Guinness World Record for the most expensive animal wedding. The event Thursday night at the Jumeirah Essex House on Central Park South is valued at $250,000. Vendors are donating their services to the black tie event which benefits the Humane Society of New York. That includes a $6,000 wedding dress for the tiny Coton de Tulear custom-made by Kleinfeld, a seven-piece orchestra for $15,000 and a $5,000 sushi spread. Opera singer Nathan Pacheco and jazz trumpeter Dominic Farinacci are expected to perform at the event. The wedding is being thrown by pet expert and TV personality Wendy Diamond. Her adopted rescue dog, Baby H

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Last week, we adopted an eight-week-old beagle/poodle puppy from a local shelter. And now I know Ive officially grown up because Ive given my vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles towel, which Ive had for over twenty years, to little Penny Lane. I swear, my wife chose the name, even though Im the Beatles geek. We call her Penny for short, as well as a variety of other sickeningly cute nicknames in bizarre high-pitched voices. How quickly weve become those people. Once we were normal adults. Carefree, yesterday. But the transformation into those people is always swift and disarming, marked by a sudden onset of temporary insanity. Because no person in a sound, rational state of mind would want a dependent baby animal that poops, pees, and barfs all over the house, a

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Pets Love Loudoun!

Patrick's Ty: Ty, a humane society rescue, is quite the well-traveled dog, having made 2 cross-country moves with his best friend, Visit Loudoun President Patrick. These days, hes enjoying the laid back life in DCs Wine Countrymaybe youve seen him at one of his many favorite wineries where he gets to interact (sniff) the tourists dogs visiting Loudoun County. He also enjoys the occasional work day in the Visit Loudoun office where he can put his paw of approval on new marketing initiatives to bring other pets to the area. We here at Visit Loudoun live, breathe, and work Loudoun. And it doesnt stop at the end of the work day. Loudoun is a pet friendly destination and the pets of Visit Loudoun know it! We love taking our dogs for long walks on the W&OD or Appalachian Trail.

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After Christmas giggle: dog wearing Santa pants

After Christmas giggle: dog wearing Santa pants Uploaded by MrPhillypickles on Dec 26, 2011 "It was Christmas day so I threw a pair of Santa pants on my dog. "He was fine walking around but when he ran down the stairs to greet someone, something amazing happened."

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Who's going to win Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show?

Those of you suffering cute dog withdrawal after watching the Puppy Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday can take solace in the knowledge that there will be more televised canine sports tonight. The Westminster Kennel Club 133rd Annual Dog Show is taking place today and tomorrow at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The Hound, Terrier, Non-Sporting, and Herding group competition will be televised live Monday on USA Network from 8-9PM ET and continuing on CNBC from 9-11PM ET. The Sporting, Working, Toy, and Best In Show competition will be televised live Tuesday on USA Network from 8-11PM ET. You're probably sitting there wondering, "For the love of all things holy, who, prey tell, is going to win Best in Show this go-around?" Lucky for you, NBC Sports is on the beat. "This year, John Avello, Las

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Lost Dog On UWS: Small Male Poodle, Orange Collar, No ID CPW & 96th (UPDATE: Owner Found)

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 UPDATE 4:30 pm: Owner found thanks to everyone who liked/shared/retweeted! MUW reader @SusyNastasi reports finding the dog pictured above at West 96th at Central Park West. She describes it as small neutered male poodle with orange collar-no ID. If youre the owner or have any information, please call 646-331-3353. Filed under: Manhattan, New York City, News, NYC, Upper West Side, Upper West Side Blog, Upper West Side Dog Stuff, UWSNo Comments Tags: Lost Dog, lost poodle, missing dog, missing poodle, New York City, NYC, Upper West Side, UWS

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