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Turning the Tide: A Short Story

Nell unpacked her suitcase on the king-sized bed in the beach condo shed rented to remind her husband of their honeymoon three years ago. Then he could not keep his hands off his bride. Now he only had eyes for Susie Qhis miniature white poodle. Even after she gave birth to a son, John Junior, it did nothing to reel in her husband from the land of scooping poop and walking the dog. As she laid out her familys swimwear, bright blue to match the propertys umbrellas lined on the shore, she marveled her good fortune at finding a sunhat for Junior the same shade of blue as her gauzy sundress and John Seniors T-shirt and flip-flops. Her compulsion to match her familys clothes had spawned with the birth of her son. She knew it was odd but could not seem to stop herself from unit

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Dog Coats, Jackets, Beds, Bowls, Collars, Leashes & Hair Bows

Poodle Dog Umbrella. Nandog Leopard Retractable Leash. Sherpa Sport Sack Dog Carrier. Old School Repp Dog Collar. Boxer Phone Sticker.

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Whats a chihuahua doing in a poodleskirt?

What's a chihuahua doing in a poodle skirt. The Retriever, Dog, & Wildlife Blog. March 14, 2012 by retrieverman. Leave a Reply. Follow "The Retriever, Dog, & Wildlife Blog".

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Poodle Hybrids | Best Small Dog Breeds

Poodle hybrids are enormously popular pet dogs these days. They include the larger Labradoodles and Goldendoodles, as well as Cock-A-Poos, and the small Yorkie Poodle mix, the Shih Tzu Poodle mix, and the Poodle Pomeranian mix, to name a few. Poodles The Poodle has many great qualities to offer when crossed with other breeds. They are one of the most intelligent of all breeds, being ranked second in The Intelligence of Dogs by Dr. Stanley Coren. They are easy to train and they love to show off for people and be the center of attention. They also get along well with other dogs and pets. Poodles are an active dog and enjoy spending time outside with people, too, though they are usually happy with moderate exercise. They are a playful breed. Along with these good qualities, the Poodle has a s

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Puppies Too Tired To Eat (Photos) at Babble Pets

Our vet, Dr. Montella calls it energizer bunny syndrome. He says puppies go full force in the energy department but when they run out, they collapse like a toy with dead batteries. Its a pretty cute phenomena, and if youve ever owned a puppy, you probably have some really adorable pictures of the crazy places they were found sleeping. Growing pups just cant help themselves, but sometimes full grown dogs are fond of impromptu naps, too. Sometimes, they even give out before they get a meal. Check out these adorable photos of puppies and dogs just too doggone tired to eat! I'll Keep An Ear (or Two) Open... Chinrest Water bowl, check. Food bowl, check. Naptime, next! Image: Flickr/ Floater Ya-Ya Great Hiding Place This keeps my kibbles safe. Image: Flickr/ BA'AB Zzzz... I was sn

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Three Things Ive Learned from Adopting a Puppy

If youve followed my blog for a while, you know that weve had some hard times with our dogs over the past year, with two failed adoptions of adult rescue dogs under our belt. I shared our hard-won wisdom about adopting rescue dogs in a blog post back in May. We eventually decided to adopt a puppya terrier/spaniel/poodle mix who we named Sunday (in honor of her mother, Easter). Here are three things I have learned about, and from, bringing a puppy into our family. 1. Adopting a puppy is a lot like having a new baby, except its faster and easier. As I wrote in my earlier blog post about adopting rescue dogs, a similar household dynamic occurs when you bring a new dog of any age into your home and when you bring a new baby home. For a few weeks, normal routines (and the breakneck

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Fear and Mixing a Poodle With Another Dog Will Get You a Mutt

I have received a swell of support not only on yesterday's post but on Facebook and to my personal email address. I have been called fearless and open in these messages but let me tell you the truth, I am full of fear and for the most part, there's good reason. I walk through the fear when the perceived consequences don't seem so bad. It's a very interesting experience to have said that a doll is ugly and then to be attacked personally. Today I was accused of "voicing an adverse opinion on almost every doll that's produced and taking it to such a gross and personal level."My statement was taken personally by others and was being grandstanded on the board. I stayed away from the W Board for months. I forgot why until now. At least some admit they are IT cheerleaders. That's a great attitude

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Giggy the Pom - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - PAWnDOGraphy - Blog

Woof and hello everybody. This week you saw the greyhound in me... I loved showing you how I run and chase the ball on the tennis court with mistress. That is my favorite thing to do, and I am sooo good at it ,I could go to Wimbledon! Also when I galloped down the hall ... did you see my close up? I rocked it! Mistress' charity event was at Villa Blanca. Kyle one of the litter mates was upset as she received a text from the pretty poodle. I think her husband is in the doghouse, but he is sooo nice. He can list my kennel any time.... Adrienne, "Blowfish," and mistress sat together and all was well, especially as the morning didn't start that way! Mistress, she was cross with that mutt that stays with us. It was unusual to see her grrrowl but -- woof -- she was cross and he was lying like a

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George Jean Nathan Quotes at BrainyQuote.com

Love is the emotion that a woman feels always for a poodle dog and sometimes for a man. Whenever a man encounters a woman in a mood he doesn't understand, he wants to know if she's tired. Common sense, in so far as it exists, is all for the bourgeoisie. Nonsense is the privilege of the aristocracy.

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Standard Poodle dog breed information

The Poodle evolved in the 13th century and this is a very well mannered breed. They are capable of hardships and are too intelligent. Over this long time they have been proved to be excellent companions and this has been the main reason of their popularity. There are three types of Poodles. There is a miniature type, a toy type and a standard type. The standard is the oldest one. These dogs were used for performing in dog shows and circuses. General description The Poodle is an odd looking breed. They are not large in size and they have a thin body. The Poodle has a flat head and a long muzzle with a red nose at the tip. They look big because of their fur. The fur on their head is such that it looks like a fluffy hat. They have a long neck and thin limbs and legs. The Poodle has a wide che

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