how often should you bathe a boxer dog

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Boxer dog that looks like Phantom of the Opera

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 An abandoned boxer puppy bagged a new home after he caught the eye of prospective dog owners with his likeness to The Phantom of the Opera. Christine Armstrong, 56, and husband Tony, 72, were struck by the pups distinctive markings and red-eyed stare when they visited an animal rescue shelter. The couple were captivated by the three-year-old boxer which they named Bruno and immediately asked to take him home. Bruno earned his reputation as a looka'like for the striking white marking across his face which bares an uncanny likeness to the famous mask of the Phantom. Tony, from Royston, Cambs., said his pets masked face has been drawing comments from their friends. He said: My wife and I have always liked the film for the music. We had a boxer for 12 y

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Top names for top 10 dog breeds

President Mohammed Morsy, by virtue of being in the post so briefly, is to a degree making his foreign policy as he goes.Read More

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Great poets of D.C. area

Washington is obsessed with language. Whether lobbying, legislating or campaigning, this has always been a city of wordsmiths. At their best, our politicians have written phrases to inspire the world; at their worst, theyve deliberately tortured phrases into nonsense. But the greater Washington area is also home to another group of people devoted to the careful parsing of language. Several of the nations finest poets live or have lived here. And the publication of four new collectionsgives us a chance to reflect on the remarkable literary resources of this region. 1The title of Michael Colliers new book, An Individual History (Norton, $25.95), may lead some readers to expect an autobiography in verse. But this collection is more diverse, more fragmented, ranging not only between v

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Colorado dog rescue raises money for pup surgeries -

That's why Izzy's Place hosted a recent fundraiser at Hank's Pet Food Market to help offset medical expenses for him and another Izzy's Place dog, a 7-year-old boxer mix named Lizzie.

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Boxer Stud Dogs

Welcome to the Boxer Stud Dogs Website "Breeding for health, temperament and type in future champions." This website has been built as a portal for Boxer owners to showcase their stud dogs. In addition, this is a tool for Boxer breeders to make more informative decisions for their breeding programs. Updates to the site will be made weekly. To begin, you can select from one, two or all three of the selection boxes. Information will be returned under the selection boxes that match your criteria. If you want to see all dogs, simply click on the Submit button without making any selections and all dogs will be returned. You can then click on the link to see the dog of your choice. Search

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Dog Breeders and Kennels in Europe @

Vom Hause Real Rottweiler Kennel Sito Ufficiale dell'Allevamento Rottweiler "Vom Hause Real" Da sempre, l'allevamento vom Hause Real si e' prefissato lo scopo di selezionare come tipo ideale di rottweiler il soggetto che fosse pi completo possibile sia dal punto di vista strettamente morfologico che da quello caratteriale, oltre ad un'altrettanta rigorosissima selezione sulla salute, indirizzata principalmente sulla displasia dell'anca e del gomito, utilizzando sempre stalloni e fattrici altamente affidabili e certificati.Rottweiler Drakonit Border colies and papillons Border colies and papillons - brain and beauty Kennel Drakonit is focused on healthy dogs with high tepmerament and body built suitable for dog sports. Papillons are very succesfull on dog shows. Border collies progeny are

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Pet Adoption Day Sunday at Doggy Heaven Park - | News, sports, community info.

The Shell Factory and Nature Park's Doggy Heaven Dog Park will be the spot for an inaugural Pet Adoption Day on Sunday, April 22, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. "Our first annual pet adoption day is a natural event for the Shell Factory since the entire property is dog friendly," said Shell Factory Owner Tom Cronin. "We also hope the event will promote greater usage of Doggie Heaven, a free dog park with a complete agility course and dog jumping pool." "Pet adoption day is part of our community outreach program," said Shell Factory Marketing Director Rick Tupper. "That is to provide the community with free events that support local businesses and in this case local rescue groups." Currently a number of pet rescue organizations are scheduled to attend, such as Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue, the Sou

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Do Pets Punish You For "Misbehaving"?

The boxer in question, Oaklie, covered in mud from digging up my flower beds. She actually does have white on her face and four white paws when she isn't misbehaving trying to teach me not to ignore her. Of course after she digs in the mud I have to bathe her again. Two years ago our family got a second boxer named Oaklie to replace a stray one we had taken in about five years prior that had to be put down because of cancer. That boxer, Bella, was found in a cold wet ditch by my compassionate grandson just before the rest of the family were leaving for the weekend. I was left to tend to that rather unpleasant smelling chore. I had to give her two good shampoos. One wasn't enough. It took almost the whole bottle to wash away her horrible stench that reminded of something skunk death must sm

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Boxer Dog Stock Photo 71053300 : Shutterstock

Image ID:71053300 Release information: N/A Copyright: AnetaPics Keywords: activity, amuse, animal, autumn, boxer, dog, fast, fly, focus, foliage, fun, gallop, german, grass, green, health, joy, jump, largely, lawn, look, meadow, motion, outdoors, play, portrait, race, run, scenery, sheets, sit, tail, toy, wonderfully Similar Images Preview Save to a lightbox share Standard License JPEG Small500x332 6.9"x4.6" (72dpi)169 KB Med1000x664 3.3"x2.2" (300dpi)551 KB Large4288x2848 14.3"x9.5" (300dpi)5.6 MB Super8576x5696 28.6"x19.0" (300dpi)approx.17.5 MB Enhanced License TIFF Large4288x2848 14.3"x9.5" (300dpi)34.9 MB Super8576x5696 28.6"x19.0" (300dpi)139.8 MB

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List of fatal dog attacks in the United States

To comply with Wikipedia's lead section guidelines, the introduction of this article may need to be rewritten.Please discuss this issue on the talk page and read the layout guide to make sure the section will be inclusive of all essential details.(September 2010) [edit]Existing studies There are a limited number of studies concerning the number of human deaths caused by dogs in the United States, and the number of attributed fatalities is difficult to validate or cross-compare with other study results because: studies dependent on surveying news reports may not find all the relevant news items different studies use different data collection methodologies and evaluation criteria breed identification requires a subjective evaluation based on observation of outward physical attributes against

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