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Water released from Isaac-stressed dam

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Isaac soaked Louisiana for yet another day and pushed more water into neighborhoods all around the city, flooding homes and forcing last-minute evacuations and rescues. New Orleans itself was spared, thanks in large part to a levee system built after Katrina. As the storm slogged its way across the state and windy conditions calmed, the extent of some of the damage became clear. Hundreds of homes, perhaps more, were underwater, thousands of people were staying at shelters and half of the state was without power. About 500 people had to be rescued by boat or high-water vehicles, and at least two people were killed. And the damage may not be done. Officials were releasing water from an Isaac-stressed dam at a lake near the Louisiana-Mississippi border, hoping to ease the p

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Puppycide in Prince Georges County

Ten days ago, police in Prince Georges Country, Maryland conducted a mistaken drug raid on Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo, his wife, and her mother. During the raid, the shot and killed the familys two black labs, one of which the family says was running away. Police officials now concede that Calvo in his wife were innocent, and they regret that Calvo and his family were "victimized by drug dealers," but they refuse to apologize for the violent tactics, or for killing the dogs. As it turns out, it isnt the first time Prince Georges County police have killed the family pet during a botched raid. From November of last year: The Myers say the deputies knew immediately they had raided the wrong home. They say it could have ended with an apology, until the couple heard two shots

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Boxers Dogs as Pets Are they right for you - ThePetWorld 's Blog

What some appreciative owners say about their pet Boxers:* "Having a Boxer is like accepting addition beastly in a dog physique with you. You can allocution to Boxers and they would understand. They authenticate animosity just like beastly does. If they are loved, they will adulation and assure you." * Boxers are the a...

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The good old days in Rock Rapids, Iowa, the Fourth of July, 1940-1953

(Note: In July of 1972, when the Guardian was short a Fourth of July story, I sat down and cranked out this one for the front page on my trusty Royal Typewriter. I now reprint it each year on the Bruce blog, with some San Francisco updates and postscripts.) Back where I come from, a small town beneath a tall standpipe in northwestern Iowa, the Fourth of July was the best day of a long, hot summer. The Fourth came after YMCA camp and Scout camp and church camp, but before the older boys had to worry about getting into shape for football. It was welcome relief from the scalding, 100-degree heat in a town without a swimming pool and whose swimming holes at Scout Island were usually dried up by early July. But best of all, it had the kind of excitement that began building weeks in advance. The

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ReMax is feisty, friendly and robust. He's leaving the parking lot of The Drawbridge Hotel in Fort Mitchell with his owner Vera Kollar, tail wagging behind him, much like his legacy. Kollar, who hails from Illinois, is familiar with the spot; she's been showing boxer dogs since 1965, when she was 12 years old, and ReMax, named after his grandfather, named Max, is a champion. ...

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Police - Canine rescuer killed by dogs -

Courtesy of Carey family Rebecca Carey, 23, of Decatur was killed in a dog attack. That generous spirit cost the 23-year-old Decatur woman her life, when she was killed by multiple dog bites sometime over the weekend, DeKalb County police said Thursday.

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Soccer boxer dog

yokviv (58 months ago | reply) Merci beaucoup ! I thank you and Yoko, the dog (she's a female) thanks you a lot too, she loves soccer and she loves Flickr too, well .. I think she prefers soccer :))

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Fire captain resigns amid charges

Powered by the largest news staff in Northeastern Oklahoma Visit for coverage of news, business, sports and entertainment. Return to Story Fire captain resigns amid charges BY DAVID HARPER World Staff Writer Saturday, April 28, 2012 4/28/2012 5:55:58 AM A Tulsa fire captain resigned Friday, a day after he was charged with animal cruelty on an allegation that he fatally shot a neighbor's dog. Randy C. Shipman submitted his resignation about 3 p.m. Friday, Tulsa Fire Department spokesman Stan May said. He said Shipman was placed on administrative leave April 9 after the Fire Department was informed "of his possible involvement in an off-duty incident in Broken Arrow." The felony charge filed Thursday in Tulsa County District Court alleges that Shipman used a BB gun to shoot a

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'Beautiful Bulldog' contest winner gives good face

Tyson, a beloved English bulldog, doesn't bite ears like his namesake, boxer Mike Tyson. But he does share a title: champion. The two-year-old pup with a fetching face and a winning personality was crowned the winner of this year's "Beautiful Bulldog" pageant Monday in Des Moines, Iowa. Photos: Beautiful Bulldog Contest "He's kind of compact. He's got the one big roll and the spot over his eye," said owner Tyler Motter, of Urbandale, Iowa. "His personality is amazing." Tyson beat out 49 other pups for the honor Monday in the tongue-in-cheek contest, now in its 33rd year, which kicks off festivities at the annual Drake Relays track and field meet. Tyson beat out a cast of costumed and cleverly named characters, such as RocketMan, Matilda Rose and Chief McBeef. Applications were submitted fo

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BoxerHub - Boxer Dogs Puppy, Training, Nutrition Info

Fun, loving, playful, loyal, silly. These are just some of the words which describe the boxer dog. The boxer dog has a unique love for people and a passion for life. The boxer dog is often described as the "clown" of the dog community. Boxers are short-haired, medium-sized dogs bred from the English Bulldog and the now extinct Bullenbeisser and is part of the Molosser group.

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