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All You Need Is Love by guest author CathyTully

Please welcome author Cathy Tully to Attacking The Page. Cathy is my writing buddy, conference roommate, and Isshinryu karate student. She was recently promoted to Ku Kyu (yellow belt) last month! Her debut novel, All You Need Is Love, is a sweet romance and is available from Astraea Press and Amazon. Read her excerpt below. Welcome Cathy! ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE is the book of my heart. My life was blessed with, Little Man, the Yorkshire Terrier portrayed in this story for nine wonderful years. Having lost another dog a few years ago, I never took Little Man for granted and enjoyed every day that he graced my life with his presence. He was special in so many ways, I wanted to share his zany, crazy, loving personality with as many people as possible. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE is the greatest tribu

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Velo Vengeance! Our Day Has Come...

Im going to come right out and say ittheres been a lot of arguing here lately. Messengers vs. non-messengers, roadies vs. commuters, and everybody vs. the so-called hipsters. Hey, Im not going to get all self-righteous. Im all in favor of passing judgement and name-calling. Its fun! At the same time, though, as cyclists, its time we set all that aside for a moment and teamed up against something together. No, not triathletes. (Not today anyway.) Cars. Look, Ive got nothing against cars in general. We need them. Many of us own them. Thats not what this is about. This is about being cyclists first and foremost, and about being at the bottom of the vehicular pecking order when were out on our bikes. Regardless of whether you dont own a car or you own thr

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Michigan Yorkies Puppy Breeder MI Yorkshire Terrier Puppies For Sale Yorkie Breeders

Puppies are available occasionally, Breeder referrals gladly given at all other times. We are happy to take inquiries. Our dogs are well socialized, happy, healthy members of the family. Our dogs are definitely not kennel dogs, but consider themselves humans and live in the house with us.

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From Gray Wolf to Yorkshire Terrier. How?

I read this super interesting article in the February 2012 National Geographic Magazine. Its all about dogs DNA and like it or not our best friend artificially evolved to become the most diverse animal on Earth. Pretty interesting how the gray wolf became a cute Yorkshire terrier. Breeders mix and match to get the best dog that would suit their needs. Mixing dogs to obtain desired attributes is a practise used since ancient Egypt. Dogs sizes, colour, hair and so on is decided by changing a group of genes. Dogs are so different because of the unusual evolution that breeders created by pressing the forward button in the natural evolution of this specie.

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Introduction of Yorkshire Terrier | Dog as Pet

Yorkshire Terrier is the tiny dog of the breed Terrier which was developed in the second last decade of the 19th century in the famous and historical region of the England, Yorkshire. It was developed to catch the rats from the flour and the cloth mills and to catch the rats from the different parts of the factory. It is also called as Yorkie. Yorkshire Terrie belongs to the Toy Terrier group of the Terrier Breed. It is also the part of the breed of Australian Silky Terrier. Yorkshire Terrier dogs are the special dogs which are the most gorgeous and the attractive dogs in this world. If anyone want to have the good attractive and the gorgeous dog then he/she must be agree to the Yorkshire Dog. Yorkshire dogs are the small sized dogs. They have the height between 6 to 7 inches. Their weight

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Yorkshire Terrier

Photo by kgboxer Yorkshire Terrier- Breed Profile: Origin: England Colors: Sleet blue and tan Size:Small Type of Owner: Novice Exercise: Little Grooming: Very little Trainability: A bit difficult to train Combativeness: Can be a bit dog-aggressive Dominance: Moderate Noise: Likes to bark Physical characteristicsYorkshire Terriers, also known as Yorkies, are small lively dogs with a long silky coat. The square-shaped body is very compact and well-proportioned. The topline is level. The head is small and flat at the top. The muzzle is medium length, with a black nose. The bright eyes are dark. The small ears are set relatively high; they are erect and have a triangular shape. The teeth should meet in a level or scissor bite. The feet are round with black toenails. The tail is usually dock

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Cindy Adams - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cynthia "Cindy" Adams (ne Sugar; later Heller; born April 24, 1930) is an Americangossip columnist and writer. She is the widow of comedian/humoristJoey Adams. [edit]Early life and education Born an only child in New York City, she was one year old when her parents divorced. Her mother, Jessica Sugar, worked as an executive secretary for the New York City Water Department and was a single parent until her remarriage to insurance agent Harry Heller. She grew up in Washington Heights, Manhattan and Jamaica Estates, Queens. She left Andrew Jackson High School at age fifteen without graduating (she was academically qualified but the principal reportedly refused to graduate her unless she learned to sew).[citation needed] [edit]Marriage to Joey Adams She began to work as a photographer's mode

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Vernon Hill is the best damn banker alive (Just askhim)

The impresario who upended retail banking in the U.S. is taking his show on the road ... to London. Vernon and Shirley Hill, with Duffy the Yorkshire terrier, in their New Jersey palazzo, called Villa Collina. In the hidebound world of British retail banking, the launch of a new bank last July -- the first in 138 years -- was certain to make a splash. Even so, the grand opening of Metro Bank was something completely different: On the sidewalk at Metro's glitzy flagship branch, across from the Holborn tube station, dancers sporting vermilion fright wigs paraded on stilts. Dixieland bands tooted, shoeshine crews buffed, and waitresses toted giant trays of ice cream, 5,000 cups in all. Jugglers' batons filled the air, along with white balloons embossed with the legend JOIN THE REVOLUTION! Ins

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AKC announces top breeds for 2007

Lasst week, the American Kennel Club announced their top ten dog breeds for 2007 based on registration statistics of its members... 2007 Most Popular Dogs in the U.S.: 1. Labrador Retriever 2. Yorkshire Terrier 3. German Shepherd Dog 4. Golden Retriever 5. Beagle 6. Boxer 7. Dachshund 8. Poodle 9. Shih Tzu 10. Bulldog For the first time since 1935, the Bulldog has broken into the top 10. The organization says that this breed has recently gained appeal to a very wide range of dog lovers. The Bulldog is both docile and adaptive, and can thrive in small or large homes. It's also one of the few dog breeds to be adopted as a mascot for some sports teams. The Bulldog was first recognized by the AKC in 1886, just two years after the organization's founding, and was most popular in 1915 when it pe

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Gladys Tells All: Does Your Dog Bite?

My family is a family of animal lovers. Oh we are not those insane PETA people who throw paint on fur coats and protest the Chicken Dance. We are the type of family who has shared our lives with dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, hamsters, fish and even a garden snake or two. Nurse Meme was adamant about animals in the house. They were absolutely not allowed. Well except for Pepe the Poodle and Taco the Chihuahua and yeah and there was Ruff the Cock-a-Poo then there was Nika the Yorkshire terrier the King of all the animals Killer the Yoodle. Buck, my brother, is kind of a cool nerdy type of guy. He is was and always has been a very intelligent and funny person. He also loves to aggravate go read Waterboarding Bucks way. It doesnt matter who it is he will aggravate them including but no

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