corgi golden retriever mix

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Test Photos with New Equipment, and the Golden Retriever Pup as Subject Matter

So I recently picked up a Canon EF 135mm f/2.8 SF lens at a bargain at On my Canon 550D, it effectively becomes a 216mm focal length, and is a real gem. Below are some test photos, most of which revolve around Darby, my 5-month-old Golden Retreiver, Darby, who has been a staple on the blog since December; for more follow me Darby panting after Exertion

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GRRA - Welcome to Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta

Help Support the GRRA Mission! The GRRA Rescue Crew has been very busy the first half of 2012! Even with a 70% increase in dogs entering the GRRA program over the previous two years, we continue to provide each and every one with the care and medical attention they need before being carefully matched with their new forever families. The average cost per dog in 2011 was $743, with 95% of all donations spent on veterinary services and microchip implants. (The remaining 5% was used for essential business services such as volunteer insurance, licenses and permits). And these costs are after the generous discounts offered by our partner vets. To further control our costs, we have a great team of volunteers who give hundreds of hours each month PLUS the full time care that our foster families pr

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Free Shipping on Gifts for Dog Lovers

Even More Adventures. Max's Favorite Shops. People Helping Pets. Max's Favorite Links. Search Max's Posts.


Golden retriever loves guitar

Published: 1/05 3:11 pm Share Updated: 1/05 3:13 pm Welcome to Viral Video, a section that will aggregate entertaining video clips from across the Internet. Here's your chance to post your very own video or pictures. Click here to view more photos and videos or begin uploading your very own.

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Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue

We hope you find your visit informative as well as enjoyable. GBGRR is a non-profit organization, staffed solely by volunteers, devoted to providing rescue and necessary veterinary medical care for unwanted, neglected, abused, homeless and displaced Golden Retrievers. We strive to place our Goldens in adoptive homes where they will receive a lifetime of love. GBGRR, a non-profit organization founded in 1999, is celebrating our 10-year anniversary. In our first ten years, GBGRR has rescued more than two thousand Golden Retrievers and received numerous awards and grants. GBGRR received the Starfish Award from the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) for our rescue efforts during hurricane Katrina, and in 2008, two of our rescued Goldens won G.R.A.C.E. (Golden Retrievers Achieving Communit

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Callies Golden Retriever Neighbors The Importance of Socializing My Doggie Says... My Doggie Says

Callie Golden Retriever makes friends everywhere she goes. Shes by far the most social dog Ive had. She loves people, and she loves other dogs. Shes not particular about dog breeds; she loves them all. But shes especially fond of other Golden Retrievers. Here she is with her Lake Arrowhead Golden Retriever Neighbors Riley, Rowdy, and Ruckus. Callie, Riley, Rowdy and Ruckus One of the best gifts you can give your dog is the opportunity and the space to make friends. As we walk different streets and paths around Lake Arrowhead, we encounter lots of dogs some friendly and some not so friendly. Seems like the friendly ones are always attached to friendly people. People who prevent their dog from being social are doing their pets a great disservice. Dogs are very soc

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Movie Reviews, Ratings, and Recommendations - Online Reviews of Movies and DVDs

Loyal MovieRetriever Fans, Sadly, I must inform you of something that you have likely already realized: the site is no longer actively supported. There will be no new blog entries to inform and entertain you. MovieRetriever may find new life in the future, but for now it ... Read More Remake of the 2008 French film "Pour Elle." College professor John Brennan's (Crowe) wife, Lara (Banks), is arrested and imprisoned for a murder she says she didn't commit. When Lara's final appeal is rejected in court, John's only hope is breaking her out of prison. Against insurmountable odds he designs an escape plan and embarks on a dangerous journey to free the woman he loves. Crowe and Banks are bold but the excitement of the farfetched story doesn't always translate. VideoHound Rating: Please Login to

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Golden Retriever Listens to Music

If you are following the latest fashion news, you may have read that PRADA has created a hybrid version of a wing-tipped oxford, a sneaker ...

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Bel-Rea | Bel-Rea blog.

Thinking of adding a pet to your family? Move over Fido and Fluffy, because theres a lot to love about the animals on our list of non-traditional family pets. Before bringing any pet home, be sure the animal is well suited to your familys lifestyle, and needs. Chinchillas These balls of fur have a personality all their own. They are sociable, gentle, and most active at night. They enjoy play, require time outside of their cages for exerciseand enjoy taking dust baths! Chinchillas like the company of other chinchillas, and average 15-20 year lifespans. Hermit Crabs These non-conventional pets wont play fetch, but they are quite social despite their name. They do best in groups, come in a variety of colors and shapes, and can be great for children to care for. Lifespans vary, but

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Arda Viraf, by Golden Retriever

about Golden Retriever was formed in Portland, Or. in 2008 by multi-instrumentalists Jonathan Sielaff & Matt Carlson. Focusing on the relationship of two primarily monophonic instruments (modular synth & bass clarinet), and utilizing layering with a deft balance of improvisation & composition, the duo has created an infinitely varied approach to their sound world. discography Feb 2011 May 2010 Jan 2010 Jan 2010 For help with downloads, click here. For all other inquiries, click here. Redeem download codes here.

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