blue beagle puppies

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The Adventures of Superpup (1958, CalHoward)

What better way to capitalize on the success of TVs The Adventures of Superman with a kids show recasting the characters as dogs. Whats strangest about The Adventures of Superpupnot surprisingly, it never went past pilotisnt the Little People in gigantic dog helmets (no, Superpup isnt a cartoon), but how it handles the Superman mythos. The dog costumes are just weirdespecially since the scripts for a cartoonthe characters are a lot more interesting. First off, Bark Bent has a mouse (or rat) living in his drawer at work. This rodent is the real hero. See, Superpup isnt much of a superhero. He mostly loafs about at work, napping at his desk. The rodent is the real hero. Superpup isnt even schlocky bad. Its just a terrible idea, i

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Dogs are special; treat them right

Serious dog lovers will do just about anything for their dogs. Dogs are such special pets: They love you no matter what. Dogs always listen to us and sit with us when we are sad. They are quick to forgive, understanding when we cant spend time with them and ready at a moments notice when we can spend time with them. These characteristics make dogs very special animals. Humans rarely hold more than one of these personality traits. One thing that hurts and angers dog lovers is the way some people treat dogs. There are the extreme acts of torture, abuse, and dog fighting that are thankfully illegal, but there is another abuse that hurts dog lovers to see. It is painful to see a dog chained or tethered outside 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Chaining or tying a dog outside is an injus

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Beagle dogs make beautiful music | Dog Breath

Oct 03, 2009 | | The beauty of dogs is that their people love them for different reasons. I talked to a man recently who loves to hear his beaglesbay. I met him while at physical therapy. He was recovering from an injury that kept him from hunting his dogs, he said. He said his beagles were getting fat because he couldnt go out and run them. I asked him what type of hunting he did. He smiled a little sheepishly, and said, well, I dont really hunt anything. I have five or six beagles and I go out in the woods and make a camp and a fire, and I let them go chase rabbits. I like to listen to them. Ive heard beagles hunting before, and they do make beautiful music out in the woods, like a dog chorus. Of course, to the rabbits, I imagine it is terrifying. And in surburban neighbor

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10 Beloved Dogs in Literature

Everyone loves a dog, right? Okay, most people. I suppose exceptions can be made for those with allergies or intense fears though I was chomped in the face by a collie as a child, and I rallied to still love Lassie. Dogs are fun and loyal, and unconditional in their devotion to their human companions. They have long been the subject of many excellent stories, as a result. Flavorwire has a list of beloved dogs in literature. Their list consists of: Argos from The Odyssey One of the first dogs ever to be named in Western literature, Argos is the most faithful of them all having waited for his master to return for twenty years, he is the only one to recognize Odysseus for his true self when he does appear. Then finally, having seen his master safely home, the old dog can die in peace,

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Petr Sykora to Devils' camp on tryout

Czech winger Petr Sykora, who won a Stanley Cup Championship with New Jersey in 2000, is one of five players who will attend Devils training camp on a tryout, a team spokesperson confirmed. Joining Sykora, 34, on the Devils' tryout list are forwards Steve Bernier, Thomas Nesbitt and Justin Barnett, and defenseman Anton Stralman. Sykora played seven seasons with the Devils from 1995-2002 before stints with Anaheim, the Rangers, Edmonton, Pittsburgh and Minnesota. Most recently, Sykora spent the 2010-11 season playing in Europe; the Plzen, CZE native played 13 games with hometown team Plzen HC and 28 games with the Dynamo Minsk of Russia's Kontinental Hockey League.

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Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune - Teen works to adjust after captivity - Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune -

She was allowed to leave only to use the bathroom or do chores, such as cleaning up after the family's dogs. Beth followed, forced her way past two barking St Bernards and a beagle, rushed up the stairs, shooed away the children and turned the knob on Hannah's door.

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Life With Beagle

This is Lulu. I have no idea how she did that with her tongue. We've been pretty lazy lately, and I decided I wanted to go for a long drive and check out something new. So we went to Sanford. Sanford is a city on the shores of Lake Monroe in North Seminole County. Lately it's gotten some notoriety in the news, but if you're in Orlando and you're looking for a day trip, or if you're headed to the beach, it's a great place to stop. The Historic District is great, especially if you have a dog. So Lulu and I hopped into the car and drove off to our first stop. Sanford says The Paw Park is the oldest in Central Florida. It was first established in 2001. It has some good reviews from national magazines. It's compact, with parking on three of the four sides. Each entrance is a double entrance, an

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Lois Yost -

At one time, Lois and her husband lived in Monclova, Ohio, where they raised Beagle dogs, and for several years were involved in local Beagle trials, where Dick was a trial judge. Or to Leader Dogs for the Blind at 1039 S Rochester Road, Rochester, MI 48307.

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Rescuing Animals | Renatta DeBlase

Aug 22, 2011Renatta DeBlase . Youre probably curious as to why I included photos of a bluetick coonhound in the photo gallery that is filled with photos of famous jazz musicians. Burton is an example of the successful rescue work that I have done with animals in recent years. Without my help or that of other caring individuals, Burton would have been run over and left to die, or even worse he would have starved to death. He is one of dozens of cats and dogs that I have rescued since relocating to the Washington, DC, area in 1984. Living in upstate New York as a child, I was accustomed to owning and caring for beautiful cats and dogs. So, when I moved to Washington, I was shocked to see hundreds of homeless cats and dogs that literally wander the streets in search of food and shelter. Co

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More dogs accompanying owners to work

Even more will join her next Friday for Take Your Dog to Work Day. I consider it a benefit like health care. Its a huge attraction, said Dollys owner Erin McCormack, who works at Authentic Entertainment in Los Angeles as a producer on the Disney Channels Auction Kings. McCormack and her Maltese mix walk together before work and at lunch to get some exercise, and McCormack saves money on the dog walker or daycare she would otherwise need. Its such a great way to create a productive atmosphere. It makes the environment more conducive to creativity, she said, at a company that produces shows like the Food Networks The Best Thing I Ever Ate, TLCs Toddlers & Tiaras and Bravos Flipping Out. At the same time, McCormack added, They are a cal

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