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Kip Moore Interview: Country Star's 'Night' Is Mix of Emotions

Universal Music Group Nashville It's a long road from tiny Tifton, Ga. to Nashville, especially if you take a detour through Hawaii, but Kip Moore wouldn't change a thing about his journey. As his hit single, "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck" cruises toward the Top 10, Kip is ecstatic about today's (April 24) release of his MCA Nashville debut album Up All Night. "There's a rawness to this record, and that helps it be a little unique," says Kip, whom one critic smartly dubbed the "hillbilly Springsteen." "There's a very raw grit to the whole thing all the way through. There's a lot of hope on the record. There's also a lot of heartache on the record. The songs will make you feel so many emotions." Leaning back in his chair on a sunny afternoon at the Universal Music Group's Nashville headquarters,

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De Palma a la Mod

Samuel Blumenfeld, co-author of Brian De Palma: Conversations with Samuel Blumenfeld and Laurent Vachaud, interviewed Quentin Tarantino a couple of weeks ago for Le Monde 2. In the article, Tarantino talks about the war films that inspired him, including Brian De Palma's Casualties Of War. Blumenfeld states that these are not necessarily the films Tarantino prefers, but they are "images of war films that marked his life as a veteran moviegoer." Thanks in large part to the Virtuoso of the 7th Art's Romain Desbiens, who alerted me to the article (and who tells me that he is in the process of changing his terrific site into a blog format), here is an English translation of what Tarantino said about Casualties Of War: Its the greatest film about the Vietnam war. Apocalypse Now would be clas

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WhaleShark brings GSD&M on board for media campaign

WhaleShark Media Inc. has hired Austin advertising agency GSD&M to handle creative and media duties for its RetailMeNot.com website. GSD&M will be charged with launching RetailMeNot.coms first branded campaign, which will include digital media and television. RetailMeNot.com enables online coupon, deal and promotional code ranking and sharing. We look forward to working with RetailMeNot and making it a household name, Duff Stewart, president and CEO of GSD&M. WhaleShark, which operates various online deal and coupon sites, including Deals.com, CouponShare.com and VoucherCodes.co.uk, has also hired San Francisco-based Allison+Partners to handle public relations for RetailMeNot.com. Earlier this week, GSD&M lost longtime client Kohler Co., maker of sinks, bathtubs, faucets and other

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Purchasing A German Shepherd Puppy

Prior to making the final choice of getting a German Shepherd and searching around at German shepherd puppies for sale it is crucial to reason on your own whether or not this is in fact the best type for you. Since the German Shepherd dogs have their spirit, their mind as well as body strong, on their progress they need plenty of attention, love and proper guidance from their owner. You will encounter Unavoidable Little Incidents The puppies of the German Shepherd breed usually are not as stylishly moving as will the future dogs, they may be rather small and ungainly problems with things and kids will presently manifest. Any time they are young, these puppies powerful bodies and tails, powerful jaws and pointed teeth like to play a whole lot and also to taste and chew all of the things

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Video of Cody and Fury -

German Shepherds on Facebook Follow I-Guard on Facebook. Video of Cody and Fury. Follow us on Facebook. Check out Cody and Fury working together in Los Angeles, CA. German Shepherd Pups for Sale I-Guard International K9 Services.

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Gibraltar Social Democrats - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Gibraltar Social Democrats, abbreviated to GSD, is a social democratic[1]political party in Gibraltar. Their current leader is Peter Caruana, the previous Chief Minister of Gibraltar. The GSD was the governing party in Gibraltar from 1996 until their electoral defeat in 2011. [edit]History The party emerged after the collapse of the Association for the Advancement of Civil Rights. In its first election, in 1992, the party won 20.2% of the vote, giving it seven seats in the fifteen-seat Gibraltar Parliament. At the 2000 election, the Social Democrats won eight of fifteen seats. The party merged with the Gibraltar Labour Party in 2005, retaining the GSD name. The merger was unpopular with many members of both parties, causing some high profile members to resign their membership, includin

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Today, shepherds get their talents where appearing a tv personality as crime-busting, human-friendly dogs. In Canada, a long-running show on tv by the category of The Littlest Hobo, used in starred a talented German shepherd.

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German Shepherd Puppy Training

April 22nd, 2012Author:Jean Cote The German shepherd is a charming puppy. Loyal and humorous the shepherd is cute as a youngster and dignified as an adult. All puppies need socialization and basic positive learning experiences in order to grow into well rounded dogs. The German shepherd is no exception. If you have a new German shepherd puppy or are thinking of getting one then you will not be disappointed. A loyal and brave dog with intelligence and attentiveness the Shepherd is a great canine companion. There are guidelines that you can follow to ensure that your new dog grows into a happy and well trained friend. Socialize your puppy German shepherd puppy training should be complemented with suitable socialization. The shepherd by nature can be reactive and protective when scared theref

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GSD Employee of the month for April 2012

GSD Website Manager, David Goadby, has won employee of the month for April. Dave and his team have created innovative app and website solutions, enabling us to win a few great tenders this month. Great leadership Dave! Back

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Pets - Ministry of Gossip

Kelly Osbourne has parted with another pup, putting down her Pomeranian Noodles this week for health reasons. "[N]oodles is not going to make it. she was born with a brain defect and i have to put her to sleep today im devastated," the reality TV starlet and recent "RuPaul's Drag Race" judge said Wednesday on Twitter. "i just cant believe it." Osbourne had taken Noodles, nickname Noody Bear, to a specialist on Tuesday after the Pom suffered a seizure. A scan revealed swelling of the dog's brain, she said later on Twitter. Noodles was adopted in March, joining Osbourne's almost identical black Pom named Sid. After her rough split from fiance Luke Worrall last July, she'd come home from a Las Vegas trip only to learn that Woody, her then-recently acquired Pomeranian, had died. Noodles "was n

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