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Magazine 2011 January - Red State, Blue State

Overnight, Maine Turns Red, declared the headline at the New York Times, the day after the November 2 midterm election, in which Republicans took control of the governors mansion and both chambers of the state legislature for the first time since 1962. Paul LePage, a social conservative with Tea Party backing, had edged out his independent rival and destroyed his Democratic one on a promise to slash taxes, spending, public services, and regulations. Despite having adopted a party platform pledging to seal the borders, refuse federal stimulus money, and shut down the federal Department of Education, the state G.O.P. had captured the state Senate (as expected) and the House (which surprised virtually everyone). The Democrats eight-year lock on state government had come to an

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Golder Retrievers having a family dinner

Just take a look at them. Gorgeous! I remember when my dog had 5 puppies and they all looked alike and I had to buy different them colored ferrets and tied them to their little front leg. Dont worry, the ferrets didnt hurt the puppies! Alicudiwas more inspired and bought different coloured paint for these gorgeous puppies.

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KSPC Charts For The Week Of January 7, 2002

KSPC Top 35 RankArtistTitleLabel 1Langley Schools Music Project Innocence And Dispair Bar None 2Stratford 4 The Revolt Against Tired Noise Jetset 3Radio Berlin The Selection Drone Your Best Guess 4Young Canadians Joyride On The Western Front White Noise 5Refrigerator Comedy Minus One Shrimper 6Various Artists Boyd Rice Presents: Music for Pussycats Caciocavallo 7Katie The Pest Rhythm & Wait self-released 8Fast Forward s/t Vermiform 9Various Artists Better Than The Beatles: A Tribute To The Shaggs Animal World 10Dougher, Sarah The Bluff Mr. Lady 11The Centimeters The Lifetime Achievement Awards Space Baby 12Silver Jews Bright Flight Drag City 13Various Artists DJ Food: Solid Steel, Now Listen! Ninja Tune 14Seaworthy The Ride Jetset 15Bluetip Post Mortem Anthem Dischord 16Plunderphonics 69 S

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Image of Icarusflies - Comic Vine

Random/Funny stuff 239. Dig Deeper into Icarusflies. Zoomed Image Click to Close. Submissions can take several hours to be approved. Judge Death pumpkin.


Sheila Heti's The Middle Stories, 10 Years Later

I remember smoking two packs a day, being afraid all the time and looking as skinny as a wet ferret while history surged around me faster than I could comprehend it. It was a funny time for those kinds of decisions.

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The Opposing Ideas of H5N1 Bird Flu Researchers

After the government asked journals to cut two studies, concerns about censorship took center stage, but what does it mean for research? When the U.S. government asked two major scientific journals, Science and Nature, to cut portions of studies that detail how to create and transmit mutant isolates of influenza A/H5N1 between ferrets, the public's reaction was, well, mixed. Many academics and First Amendment advocates cried censorship. Some sided with the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, agreeing that such information could be used by terrorists. Relatively few considered this request's ramifications on bird-flu research. Better late than never, Science published, yesterday, a set of Policy Forum articles "exploring the implications of research on H5N1 avian influenza and

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30 achy breaky Twittermistakeys

Hear me now and believe me later in the week: first impressions matter more than ever. In the old days, you got to know people because they LIVED NEXT TO YOU, or because you saw them at the feed store when you saddled up Bessie and rode there on Saturdays. Bessie the Horse - accept no alternatives. These days, you can use the Twitter or the Book of Face to meet people around the world, except for North Korea and some other places where the Series of Tubes is illegal or whatever. People make a first impression about your entire life in less than two nanoseconds, based on three tiny little things: your profile photo your handle your bio Sidenote: If you dont understand the headline reference to Achy Breaky Big Mistakey, heres the original Billy Ray Cyrus video and a link to Mullet Junk

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Great Graphic Novels for Kids May 2012 Comics Worth Reading

My, my, such go the best-laid plans. I last wrote one of these columns in February, which isnt so bad, except it was February 2011. Ah, well, at least that means I have plenty to talk about (and I aim to have the next installment out next month, which starts tomorrow). Most books discussed here were provided by the publishers as review copies. written by John Sazaklis; art by Art Baltazar Capstone, $4.95 Its a bit unfair of me to start with something you cant get yet, but I wanted to note that a fourth wave of six DC Super-Pets books will be coming out in August. This is one of them, starring Aqualad, his family, and their undersea pets. Aqualad has Fluffy, a goldfish, who travels in a special freshwater bubble. His cousin Nicolettas pet is Betty, a baby beluga. Geoffrey, a ham

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Patty's Blog - PetPalsTV

Some of your Best of Show favorites return, as we wind down our summer! Including a look behind the scenes, behind the 'stalls', of the Indianapolis Mounted Police...amazing horses with a job to protect and serve...and serve as goodwillContinue Added by Patty on August 31, 2012 at 5:00pm No Comments Watch: Best of Pet Pals TV Take time to relax and enjoy some of our favorite stories so far this year.. Like Justin, the Artistic Horse, yes, he paints! We'll slither and slide into the Midwest Reptile Show! Find out how our police take care of the city's Mounted Patrol! Check in to the Indiana dog who performed on 'America's GotContinue Added by Patty on August 25, 2012 at 8:00am No Comments Continue Added by Patty on August 21, 2012 at 8:17am No Comments Hey Kids, let's do i

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Alan Cooper's Homonym List

a very short little insignificant English word eh an interrogative utterance acts things done ax chopping tool ad short for advertisement add short for addition adds performs additions ads more than one advertisement adze axe-like tool ade fruit beverage aid to assist aide an assistant aerie eagle's nest airy breezy aero of aircraft arrow slender, pointed shaft affect to change effect result ail sick ale beer air stuff we breathe are 1/100th of a hectare e'er contraction of "ever" ere eventually err to make a mistake heir one who will inherit aisle walkway I'll contraction of "I will" isle island all everything awl pointed scriber allowed permitted aloud spoken altar raised center of worship alter to change an a single instance Ann a woman's name ant insect aunt parent's sister ante prelim

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