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Amazon.com: I Wanna Iguana (9780399237171): Karen Kaufman Orloff, David Catrow: Books

Karen Orloff and David Catrow have teamed up in this one to give us a very funny story of a little boy, Alex, who wants very, very much to have his own pet Iguana. The problem is...obviously, Mom! The entire book is consists of notes, or mini-letters, written between Alex and his mom. The little boy of course is pointing out the obvious advantages of having his own lizard in his room (in his eyes), and his mom counters each note with her own note pointing out the obvious disadvantages of having a reptile in the home..a reptile that can possibly grow to several feet long!. The unique exchange of letters is absolutely hilarious. Each letter, both from Alex and from mom, is highlighted with some wonderful illustrations and pictures by David Catrow. They fit the text perfectly which makes this

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Local Hit List with Andy Beerman

Name: Andy Beerman From: Worthington, Ohio Years in Park City: 18 Occupation: hotelier (Treasure Mountain Inn)/city council member Favorite Restaurants for Dinner: Bangkok Thai or Shabu Favorite Lunch Spot: Uptown Fare Favorite Main St. Breakfast: I still miss the Morning RayRIP. Fortunately, you can find great coffee and pastries at Java Cow. Top Picks for Outdoor Dining: I cant wait to try out The Blue Iguanas new elevated dining at the Treasure Mountain Inn (opening late May) its a shameless plug, but true. Favorite Bar: The Spur Top family-friendly activities in Historic Park City: Ride the town chair and hike back to town on Sweeneys Switchbacks. Enjoy free cookies and geos for the kids at Park City Jewelry. Best Cultural Offerings in Historic Park City: history buf

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A Different Kind of Horror: Stig Dagermans Island of the Doomed < Reviews

In Anne, the 35th episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, demon Ken asks Buffy What is Hell, but the total absence of hope? Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the novel Island of the Doomed really have nothing in common. One is a fun, albeit sometimes campy, television show that makes many people glad they came of age during the 90s rather than the Twilight era. The other is, to quote J.M.G. Le Clzio, who wrote the foreword to the 2012 edition of Island of the Doomed, one of the strangest novels of the twentieth century (or perhaps of all time). Still, as I was reading Island of the Doomed I kept thinking back to episode 35 of Buffy, and that question, because reading Island of the Doomed involves stepping into a world with no hope. Written by Stig Dagerman in 1946, the book

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Critic Review for This is Not a Film (In Film Nist) on washingtonpost.com

Artists passion vs. oppression By Ann Hornaday Friday, May 18, 2012 Two years ago virtually to the day, the Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi was a jury member at the Cannes Film Festival, his chair remaining empty throughout the proceedings because he was being held captive in Tehrans notorious Evin prison, jailed under unspecified charges. Since then he has been released, accused of making anti-state propaganda, put under house arrest and banned from making movies for 20 years. This Is Not a Film, which Panahi made with fellow director Mojtaba Mirtahmasb, is indeed not a film -- its a cry from the heart of an artist compelled to create, tell stories and respond to hostile, confounding realities. This Is Not a Film opens as Panahi has breakfast in the sunny, well-appoint

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LSU-Alabama 2011 - College Football Nation Blog

For two guys who are polar opposites in a lot of ways, Barrett Jones and William Vlachos are the ultimate combination on Alabamas offensive line. The truth is that theyre great friends, even though they both revel in getting under the others skin. They room together on the road, quarrel over who gets to control the television remote and make fun of the others interests. When Jones is away from football, hes liable to be playing the violin or lining up his next mission trip. When Vlachos is away from football, hes probably going to be in camouflage and sitting in a deer stand. When theyre both on the field -- Jones at left tackle and Vlachos at center -- theyre one of the premier offensive line duos in all of college football. Youre talking about two guys who a

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Iguanas and snakes and JB, Oh My!

So far, this is the most popular of my vacation pictures. It was taken in Jamaica at a place called Dolphin Cove. Do you have any fun vacation photos from this year? Share them on our facebook page and bring back some vacation memories. We just might have a special gift for the photo with the most likes!

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The Colley House Blog Archive NEW Book on Homeschooling

Available NOW! First of all, its not an indictment against those who have made or will make another choice. Secondly, its surely not the work of an author who thinks she has arrived at the pinnacle of the homeschooling climb. (How can anyone ever think she knows everything about a phenomenon thats as old as the first family and has seen as many revivals as has the old meeting house at Cane Ridge?) Its really just a chronicle of my familys journey and of the things I believe to be important for Moms to know as they consider homeschooling or as they persevere in this very rewarding quest. My husband says its the book he wishes someone else had written about twenty-five years ago. He says it would have saved our family a lot of money and angst. I dont know about that, but

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Funny - Hip - Graphic -T shirts

Jurassic Polo Jurassic. Jetpack T-shirt Jetpack. Rooster T-shirt Rooster. Giraffe T-Shirt Giraffe. Wormhole T-shirt Wormhole.

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Inspirations from Binah

Information Overload Ahhh. I am sitting here staring at my computer screen with a list of projects to complete and absolutely NO IDEA how to complete them. ** Deep Inhale ** Long Exhale ** Centering Myself ** OK, that was a bit of an exaggeration I know how to complete some of the projects. But as for the bigger ones, I am lost in information overload! Am I allowed to admit that though? I know I am human and cant do everything, but when people are relying on me to produce results yesterday, it is hard to come back and tell them that I need more time to process before I can actually start doing. Then again, isnt that exactly what I want in my life, to work with people that would understand that all sustainable growth is a process that takes time? In my old life, the results were

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Mozi Esm: WFMW - "I" Crafts

Ideas are much harder to come by for "I" crafts than than for the other letters we've done so far. But we are innovative, imaginative, inventive, and inspired, so here is what worked for this 16-month-old girl last week. Ice Cream. We thought about making ice cream in our ice cream freezer machine, but it was pretty cold here last week. So we made paper ice cream instead. Mommy cut out the shapes for a triple scoop cone and put glue on the scoops. Then I put sprinkles on the glue. Looks yummy, doesn't it? I admit to tasting a few of those sprinkles against Mommy's advice. The glue didn't ruin their flavor one bit! Inches. Mommy taped some Noah's Ark wrapping paper on the wall, and we measured how many inches I am. Compared to the 20 inches I was when I was born, I have grown a LOT - I am m

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