colors of a peacock wedding

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Cielo at Castle Pines Wedding Photography | Denver Wedding Photography | VOWS Dream Wedding Giveaway | Denver Colorado Wedding Photographers

Andrew and I were lucky to be part of the VOWS Wedding Collective and Everyday Shows (Channel 2) Dream Wedding Giveaway. Lauren and Archie have spent the past couple of months allowing the viewers of the Everyday Show to choose nearly every big and small detail of their wedding day. From the venue to the dress and almost everything in between, Lauren and Archie graciously accepted every decision (in factI think they loved every decision) and enjoyed the whirlwind of planning an amazing wedding in only two months! Kerri Butler with A Touch of Bliss had a fantastic vision for the big day and all of the VOWS vendors did an incredible job of creating the wedding of Lauren and Archies dreams. We feel so blessed to have been a part of it! Here is part one of some of our favorite picture

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Peacock wedding cake

8" and 6" chocolate cakes. iced in white with black ribbons, diamond chains and edible peacock, the gold is hand painted. the lady who this cake was for changed her mind about a million times! I was a bit worried about doing this cake but i am really pleased with how it turned out. I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Tara x

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Queen Creek couple win Nate Berkus room makeover

by Jaimee Rose - Sept. 9, 2010 10:24 AM The Arizona Republic Ultimately, this is a story about how Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart control the universe and where Nate Berkus eats dinner when he's in Queen Creek, but first it is about dimples and blue eyes and the cutest, luckiest newlyweds to ever grace change-your-life TV. Meet Jessica and Cody Helgeson, 25 and 24. They are so adorable that you could just squeeze them. Perhaps because of this, famous people like to give them things. In 2008, the "Today" show gave them a wedding. Martha Stewart planned it. Kate Spade sent over shoes for Jessica. For their reception, there was real breakfast at the actual Tiffany's, which is the first time Tiffany & Co. has ever allowed such shenanigans. Martha made Jessica's bouquet herself. Meredith Viei

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Peacocks Rule the Roost at Chateau SelahWedding

Chateau Selah is located in Blountville, Tennessee. You may not be able to touch the clouds from there, but you certainly are a lot closer to them. The views are spectacular! This is what makes it a popular choice for weddings. The green, purple, and blue color palette of nature was the perfect companion to James and Methas peacock wedding theme. I posted a teaser a while back, but here are more photos by Life Winds Photography Inside the four-story French Chateau, is a quaint, stone, spiral staircase. Isnt Methas dress amazing? There is a wine cellar beneath the staircase. I totally loved working on this wedding. Green Cymbidium Orchids, Blue Bombay Dendrobium Orchids, Fiddlehead Fern Curls, and Peacock feathers made vibrant display in the bouquets. Isnt this flower girls d

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hilary & patrick | moroccan peacock wedding

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 8:00 am the wedding of: hilary & patrick | the date: july 30, 2011 the hdz services: full wedding planning and coordination | coordinator: heidi, with twinzilla the venue:lyman harbor the musicians:sonata strings the officiant:a wedding to cherish the photographer:christopher norris the videographer:candy apple films the transportationdiamond chariots the music:jerry bruno productions the bakery:wendy kromer confections the floristbloom by jilly gray the linens:lnique the lighting:rock and roll express the photobooth:shutterbooth the stationery: annie ruddy the color palette: the notables: the process: hilary and patrick were online researchers who found me reading our client reviews. we met in june 2010 and the following 13 months flew by! they had secured th

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Lesley Ann Warren

Lesley Ann Warren Great Film Moments Share your opinion 78k Secretary Secretary (2002) - I Love You - Lee (Maggie Gyllenhaal) skips out on her wedding and confesses her love for Mr. Grey (James Spader). Secretary Secretary (2002) - Thank You, Daddy - Lee (Maggie Gyllenhaal) sits at Mr. Greys (James Spader) desk, showing her dedication to him, as her friends and family try to convince her to move on. The Limey The Limey (1999) - Stacy the Hitman - While scoping out Wilson (Terence Stamp) and Elaine (Lesley Ann Warren) on the set of a television show, Stacy the Hitman (Nicky Katt) makes some wise cracks about shows hed like to see on the air. Recipe for Disaster Recipe for Disaster (2003) - Trailer #1 - Directed by Harvey Frost and starring John Larroquette, Lesley Ann Warren, Melissa

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Lewistown daughter marries India-style -

LEWISTOWN - Lewistown caught a glimpse of just how Indian cultures celebrate marriage on Sept. 4 and 5 when Drs. Rajeshwar and Shashpal Malhotra hosted a wedding for their daughter Monica and her husband, Karthik Jayaraman. Instead of taking place on just one day like many American weddings, the Indian traditions celebrate marriage for several days or a week with daily parties and ceremonies. A rare sight in Lewistown, the Malhotra wedding joined together Indian, Sikh and American traditions, young and old, city and country, friends and family for the two-day celebration. For the couple, their wedding celebration began in April when they traveled from their home in London to Karthik's hometown of Chennai, in southern India, to perform the traditional Brahmin wedding ceremony. Both of their

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Peacock Wedding Inspiration | Peacock Wedding Ideas

Jewel-tone Color Palette Find your wedding inspiration inside the iridescent feathers of a peacock. From indigo and green to turquoise and plum, the shimmering shades of plumage offer a variety of jewel-tone wedding color combos. The vibrant hues and feathery patterns create a classy, contemporary look. Elaborate stationery designs in bold colors help reflect your peacock wedding theme.

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Laura & Mark: Something Blue

Laura and Mark tied the knot on a beautiful spring day at Pineola Farms. They had such a sweet day celebrating with friends and family. This sweet couple was just meant to be, and it was so fun to see them finally say I do. When Laura moved back to Macon, she was not that excited about it. The very same week, she met Mark, and the rest is history! I had a blast capturing their day. I loved the peacock theme that marked their wedding colors, simply beautiful! Lauras gorgeous gown and her something blue, those cute blue shoes! Love the Mrs Twedt hanger and the monogrammed bridesmaid hangers! The rings by Tacori! Lauras something old was her mothers diamond earrings. Her something borrowed was her maid of honors sorority pin. Love the wheat penny she used f

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