funny names of bird species

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An American watches Chinas Olympics coverage in Beijing

Beijing journalist Lingling Wei says that she remembers staying up late when she was a kid to watch the Summer Games in Barcelona. But today, she says, you dont hear about too many of them staying up for a game anymore. Inside subway stations, giant posters of swimmers and table tennis players are plastered on the walls alongside escalators, while in the stations and on the cars themselves, small TVs show the gymnastic events, but Beijingers seem more interested in texting and playing games on their iPhones. A worker at a nail salon fiddles with his laptop to catch some cycling events, but when he loses his Internet connection, he quickly switches to videos of funny pratfalls. But when the Chinese think that theyve got a shot at glory such as the recent race of former hurdl

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BriTANicK Turns Joss Whedon Into A Bird

If you think that Joss Whedon is going to be totally Hollywood and money-oriented now, what with The Avengers crushing at the box office, don't forget that he's still got passion projects of his own, like his real indie adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing, and his fake little-known work as a "bathroom coach". In this BriTANicK sketch, Nick keeps telling us that Joss Whedon is not a bathroom coach but in fact a bird, and Joss goes along with getting hit by a broom and badly "disguised" so hilariously that it's surprising he's not on camera more often.

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A St Patrick's Day party begins at noon March 16 with music, green beer and fun.

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Damn Larry Bird...U So Funny.

But seriously, the 2012 team would smoke the 1992 team. Wicked good coverage of the Boston sports. Masshole Sports covers Bruins, Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics like a true masshole.

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24700 Blog Archive A.I.R. Gallery Presents Photographs by Alumna Jeanette May

Posted on April 19, 2012, 8:30 am, by Christine N. Ziemba, under Art. At A.I.R. Gallery: Morbidity & Mortality: Flamingo | Jeanette May In conjunction with the upcoming 2012 New York Photo Festival, Brooklyns A.I.R. Gallery presents Creature Features, an exhibition of photography by CalArts alumna Jeanette May (Art MFA 87) and fellow artist Jocelyn Chase. The show responds to Americas grisly fascination with crime scenes and depictions of forensic evidence, promulgated in todays media. The staged crime scenes included in the exhibition point out societys obsession with death and mortalitywith a touch of humor. The resulting images are at once disturbing and whimsical. From A.I.R. Gallery: In her Morbidity & Mortality series, Jeanette May examines our cultures

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Students Build Super Desktop Slingshot for Playing Angry Birds

Hideaki Matsui and Andrew Spitz, students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, built the Super Angry Birds desktop slingshot controller as project for their Haptic (tactile feedback) technology class. With a hacked motorized fader (the kind found in audio mixing consoles) to create forced feedback, an Arduino-based microcontroller called Music & Motors developed at the CIID, and a programming in Max/MSP and Arduino, the real-life bird-slinger mimics exactly the tension and toss of the wildly popular Rovio game. They even built a custom TNT box for the birds whose abilities are amplified in the game when triggered by such a device. About their force-feedback USB controlled, the pair writes: Basically, the way we achieved this is by drawing a force curve and storing the values

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A funny children's poem about getting bird droppings on your head when feeding birds

1991 by Susan Noyes Anderson My sister loves to feed the birds. They come from miles around. She offers them a place to nest and birdseed by the pound. She used to walk among them dropping little crusts of bread, till one returned the favor and dropped something on her head!

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15 Minutes With Kasey Chambers

Since her 2000 debut The Captain, Kasey Chambers and Austin music fans have enjoyed a passionate love affair. Safe to say the songbird is just as beloved here in Central Texas as she is back home in Australia. She returns to her favorite U.S. city Thursday night, taking the stage at the One World Theatre for two shows, 7 & 9:30pm. We spoke last weekend about Chambers' recent autobiography, A Little Bird Told Me, and its companion CD Storybook, a covers collection of songwriters including Lucinda Williams, Gram Parsons, John Prine, and Hank Williams. Geezerville: Please dont take this the wrong way, but arent you a little young to be writing an autobiography? Kasey Chambers: I take that as a compliment! Its not very often I get called young anymore. Im married with three kids no

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'America's Got Talent' Goes to the Birds

August 14 will forever be known as the night America's Got Talent went to the birds (and by "forever," I mean until Wednesday at roughly 2pm). Just one bird, actually. As if the hockey-like season wasn't long enough, we were treated to a YouTube-Snapple crapfest in our post-Olympic return to live performances. Tuesday marked exactly three months and 22 episodes since the premiere, and for the better part of two hours, the best act was a cockatoo named Kitten who flew from the top a building and through the audience to trainer Clint Carvalho. When a gust of wind can blow a door shut and not only derail your act, but also threaten your talent's life, something tells me the act is lacking a bit. Or maybe that's just the danger of it. Carvalho even touted the "Evel Knievel" of birds as "freefa

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