what was doug funny's dog's name

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Kaman Tweets Pictures of Beast Truck, Dog, Solidifies Himself As Coolest Dude in the NBA

October 25, 2011 Personally, I wouldnt expect anything less from the most interesting man in the NBA. Dude hunts deer, builds Dodge Chargers, and buys up rifles for rapture, so why wouldnt he have the most awesome truck and dog in the world? Just another day in the life of Chris Kaman. Oh, and I guarantee the man pulls some serious ass, doesnt even matter that he has a highly questionable mug. Share This

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Test Finally Reveals Your Shelter Dogs Breed :Funny Or Dies Dog DNA

Adopting a shelter dog isnt all sunshine and rainbows. Sure, youre getting an adorable new family member, and youre giving an animal in need a chance at a happy life, but you also have to deal with everyone asking you what breed he is and sometimes youre not going to know for sure. Luckily, Funny Or Die has come up with this handy dog DNA test to help clear the air. Just dont underestimate the things in your pets past that he might be trying to cover up. Related posts: Blake Griffin Starts Internship At Funny Or Die Funny Or Die Parodies Irritating Yelpers Lauren Ambrose In Funny Girl: Six Feet Under Star Will Fill Streisands Shoes WATCH: Bulldog Thinks Hes An Elephant New Scientific input to Test Quality Whisky Tags: Animal Adoption, Comedy Ne

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Funny Asian Hot Dog - Just For Laugh

Japanese girls are not shy on the street. Funny Asian Hot Dog Just For Laugh.

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Dog's-Eye View - WEDINATOR - Funny Wedding Photos

Dogs are the life and cleanup of the party. Incorrect source or offensive. This funny union was posted on Friday, May 4th, 2012 at 8:00 am. Leave a Reply. Save a kitten.

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PHOTOS | Funny Dog Pictures

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Cookies Not Enabled -- FunStuffForDogs.com Online Store

Home Page You are unable to view our store because your browser is not accepting cookies. Please set your browser to allow cookies, then return to our store. Thank you.

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MR2 Robovie the Robot Dog Funny Can Controlled by iPod

Robovie is a cute robot dog with a heart-shaped form of the iPod Touch. Robovie MR2 sweeter than the larger sibling of Robovie R2, and small enough to put on the table. This robot has a size of only 30cm tall (about 1 foot), weight 2kg (4.4 lbs), and even has a plug / decks iPod Touch on his chest. This iPod can be used to update or to control directly (or via the wireless game pad) and equipped with super-compact CCD camera, 2 microphones, and speakers for the purpose of communication. This little robot has 18 degrees of freedom including the eyeballs moving (2 eyes x3; head x 3, 2 arm x4; waist x1), supported by 12 Propo JR DS-326 servo motors, 4-281J VS Vstone servos, and 2 Futaba S3102 servos. Development of this robot started last year, and ATR is currently considering the matter of m

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Random Funny Dogs! Widget Widgetbox

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The Dark Knight Rises, Rock Of Ages Top Celebs Must-See Lists

As we were psyching ourselves up for our Summer Movie Preview week and the movie season in general, we decided to ask the stars themselves what flicks theyre looking forward to. Some of them, as you can see in the video above, had their answers ready: The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus and Rock of Ages were popular choices. Others, like Michelle Williams, gave us embarrassed looks as they admitted to not having a ready made movie calendar in their heads. Well, Michelle and the rest of the you can relax now. Weve got a handy-dandy list here. And before, while and after you print it out, dont forget to vote for your favorite Heroes, Heroines, Villains and Funny Ladies from this summers movies! May 4 The Avengers Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Sc

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I Has A Hotdog: Liam MEANsom, Amirite?

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