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Sequencing, Sequencing, Sequencing - Bio-IT World

BGI-Shenzhen tackles the cute, the edible, and pretty much everything else. By Alissa Poh November 10, 2009 | SHENZHEN, CHINABoxing Day 2008: The Luohu border between Hong Kong and mainland China is crowded, smoky, and noisy. With my visitors visa to Shenzhen in hand, Im cleared to visit the Beijing Genomics Institutes (BGIs) Shenzhen-based sequencing facility. Accompanied by my father and brother-in-law, I wave down the nearest cab. The cab driver doesnt have the faintest idea where BGI is located. As none of us can handle his thick Mandarin accent, Im forced to call Zhuo Li, vice president of BGIs health care division. I hand the phone to the driver, and happily were deposited at BGIs main entrance. Its a tall gray-and-glass structure, distinctly newer an

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2009 May - The Mom Spot

Archive for May, 2009 May 8, 2009 at 1:02 pm by Monique Batson For the past three months, Ive been waiting for no, fearing a question from my children. And two days ago, my 3-year old was the first to ask. Let me give you some background first When we moved in our house a little over a year ago, it came with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a huge backyard, and a cat. The cat was a white and yellow striped stray that lived on the front porch. He was more of a neighborhood cat, bouncing from house to house and roaming where he pleased. But he almost always returned to our porch at the end of the day. He was kind-natured and quite the cuddler evident that he had once been a house cat. He was great with the children, always running for them when they appeared, begging to be pe

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Handmade Soap- Cedarwood Hop and Charcoal Shave Soaps

Since I started my craft blog and Etsy shop, I am all about giving beautiful handmade gifts, and making fun and functional items for my family. My husband likes to think of himself as old fashioned- his favorite thing to do in the world is read the Wall Street Journal on Saturdays and drink British tea in his own full service. The one thing he was missing was a good old fashioned shave soap and brush! As I recently ordered a bunch of soapmaking supplies from Brambleberry (I am in no way affiliated with them, but I love their stuff!), I decided to make my husband some little soaps so he could try out a good, old-fashioned shave. Since I am pregnant, and a total soap-making newbie, I didnt want to mess with lye and the safety requirements for a cold process soap. Good thing for me- melt a

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Piccolo Paradiso: Handmade Soap & Body Products: Earth Day 2012

I am beyond excited to share that Piccolo Paradiso was selected by The Artisan Group to send their Eco Chic Products to Hollywood's most High-Profile, environmentally conscious celebritites in Honor of Earth Day 2012. Our Earth Day Trio Set will be personally delivered directly to the celebrities homes. Piccolo Paradiso created a new line of Organic Herbal Soaps that we are launching this week in honor of Earth Day. Our Earth Day Trio Set includes One Bar of our Organic Herbal Soap made with pure essential oils, french clay and organic herbs wrapped in bio-degradable paper, Unisex shave bar and our New Natural Perfume Oil. All of these products come in a re-usable jute bag. The lucky recipients include: Jeremy Piven, Tom Hanks, Bill Maher, Adrian Grenier, Kate Bosworth, P!nk, Leonardo DiCa

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Cold-Process All-Natural Handmade Soap

Or through a book: Or use a pre-weighed soap making kit like this Natural Soap Making Kit or this Shea Butter Soap Making Kit. If you are in Vancouver, you can get a great kit with all natural ingredients from Scentimental Creations. This is simply the easiest way to successfully make soap in a short amount of time. Soap Making: Cold Process Method 1. If you are not using a kit, the first and most crucial step in cold-process soap making is to weigh the raw ingredients (fats, lye, water) precisely. Prep everything that you will need and lay it out accessibly before you begin. . 2. Its best to wear protection when making soap as lye can burn your skin. Until the oils and lye have turned into soap (48-hours after making the recipe) its best to protect yourself. Always wear rubber glove

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the littlest polly: Lavish Handcrafted Soaps!

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Hawaii's Big Island has more than beaches for vacationers

Travelers may think of Hawaii as the land of surfboards, sunsets and mai tais, but there's a lava flow of reasons to go beyond the beaches and discover why residents say they are lucky to live in Hawaii. And, yes, some of the state's best beaches are found on the Big Island. But don't get stuck there. Do what the locals do: Swim with the honu. There are five snorkeling areas along the Big Island's Kohala Coast: Puako Bay, Waialea Beach (Beach 69), Hapuna Beach, Mauna Kea and Mauume. You'll enjoy each for different reasons. The undersea life is abundant at all of them, and more often than not you'll encounter at least one of Hawaii's sacred honu, or green sea turtles. These protected creatures feed on the coral reefs just offshore, making an encounter likely. But even if you don't see turtl

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On The Set | E! News

Fri., Feb. 10, 2012 2:22 PM PST by Ashlan Gorse Bath and Body P.S. I Love You! Gift Set LUSH Cosmetics $34.95 A set of small handmade cosmetics including the Love Potion massage bar, soap, body butter, tinted lip balm, and Love fragrance. All of the products come in a vintage-inspired keepsake box. Eau D'Italie Unisex Fragrance Lafco New York $140 A unique unisex fragrance inspired by the scents of Italy with notes of amber, citrus and ocean breeze. This light fragrance is perfect for both men and women. Jewelry On the Mark Necklace Stella & Dot $49 Gold necklace with a small arrow charm that comes in gift ready packaging. Campari Necklace Stella & Dot $128 Beaded multi-strand necklace with coral beads and gold accents. Fragrance Bead Bracelets Lisa Hoffman Jewelry $65

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Pinching pennies on gas, groceries

NEENAH Sarah Schmidt's family has avoided vacations with long drives and has become adept in making strategic grocery purchases over the past couple of years. "We don't take any unnecessary trips. We don't go anywhere we don't need to," said Schmidt, 37, of Neenah. With the recent spike in prices at the pump a regular gallon of gas hovered around $3.93 in Appleton this past week Schmidt is more travel- conscious than ever. "I put the bare-bones minimum in the gas tank, so I know this is how much gas I need to get to and from the Boys & Girls Club (where she works). That's what I put in there," she said. When she's running errands, "if I can get away with it and I have enough time, I might take the city bus or Valley Transit." Schmidt is a single parent and has fibromyalgia, whi

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The Marula Tree Soap Co.: Liuwa Handmade

I decided to open up a second shop making clay faceted earrings. Although I love making soap, it's so satisfying to actually WEAR something that you've created, versus just washing it off. I've had a lot of fun with these and I love the bright colours for summer. The name Liuwa is pronounced "Loo-wa" - I got the idea from a documentary I watched about a lone lioness called "The Last Lion of Liuwa", Liuwa being the name of the plains in Zambia. I wanted to keep with my african theme, and since the ultimate goal here is to save enough money to go back there soon, it seems fitting. The dream is still to spend as much time as I can afford at Harnas, (which I mentioned was on my bucket list in a past entry), as my ultimate dream is to work in wildlife rehabilitation in Africa. What better way t

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