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Sherrys Lavishing Soap and Bath Lavishing in the Simple Luxuries of Life

Indulge your senses...There's no other feel quite like this. Your soft skin conditioned by using our handmade soap. As far as our customers tell us, our handcrafted soap is the very best they've used. We welcome you to our website. Take a look around. Sample a bar of our fragrant soap from Iowa's heartland of Muscatine , Iowa to your home. Why Try and Use Homemade, Handcrafted, Soaps & Luxury Bath products? Sherry's Lavishing Soap and Bath uses only the highest quality ingredients. All bath and soap products are handmade fresh for your order! Glycerin Soap is made with all vegetable glycerin base. Our handmade satin and silk lotions are made using Shea Butter, Aloe, Silk Amino Acids, Soybean Oil, Sunflower & Coconut Oils.The goat milk and honey lotion is made using Goats Milk, Honey and Sh

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Comfort food from a vegan kitchen

If theres one thing Ashtabula County residents enjoy, its all-American comfort food. From greasy fries to hamburgers; from Buffalo wings to chili, this countys residents love their comfort food, as long as its made with meat. Saybrook Township residents Tamasin Noyes and her husband Jim, the executive director of the Ashtabula Metropolitan Housing Agency (AMHA), also embrace the comfort food they grew up eating, but their blue-plate specials are made with tofu, seitan and tempeh rather than the flesh of animals. Tamasins constant experimenting with ways to reconcile a plant-free diet with the familiar American favorites has resulted in a new cookbook, American Vegan Kitchen: Delicious Comfort Food, From Blue Plate Specials to Homestyle Favorites. Published by Veg

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Penn Ultimate (washingtonpost.com)

Up until just a few years ago, Washington's psychological map was reversed: "Outer" was in, the inner city was out. Developers talked up Georgetown and Old Town, Metro towns and "new towns"; but downtown D.C. was Deserted City, especially after dark. Washington's poles of power may have been the White House and the Capitol, but the axis of influence -- Pennsylvania Avenue, running wide between them -- became a ghost town once the law and lobby firms locked up. The area just north of the avenue between about Fifth and 12th streets NW hadn't had a significant residential population for more than a century. Chinatown, once a popular dining area, was deteriorating; and the handful of nightclubs and performance venues that were lured to the area in the '80s by large warehouse spaces and low ren

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Whats Your Favorite Handmade SoapScent?

A couple of friends and I are busy making up things for an undetermined craft fair (later in the year)Im quilting, sewing, printing photographs, and will be making cold-process soap. Put an order into Brambleberry and received my oils, butters, and lye (figured I can buy olive and sunflower oil here in town). Whats your favorite smellies for soap? HINT HINTI like to make Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Peppermint, and Lavender. But was wondering what other people liked. Like this: 2 bloggers like this. Posted in Crafts, Friends, soap | Tagged cold process soap, soap, soap making, soap scents

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Soap Opera's Handmade Halloween Soaps

Cut by the inch from hand-made loaves, these decorative vegetable glycerine soaps (no animal products used) bring the spooky out just in time for ghoul season. When I had the privilege of living a block away from the Soap Opera, their seasonal soaps always made perfect, inexpensive gifts and cheered up my own closet-sized bathroom. These new Halloween designs range from a Skull and Bones design scented with caramel and vanilla to a harvest spice scented Jack-O-Lantern. I'm ordering the trio of bats (above) submerged in a blend of five citrus oils that uplift, awaken, tone and tighten the skin. Enjoy!

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Handmade soap - Shop for Handmade soap on ThisNext

Seduced by Sugar Shea Butter Soap by soapdeli. Create a Shopping Guide. Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Twitter. This handmade, cold process Seduced by Sugar Shea Butter Soap is a decorative brown colored soap with cream colored squares and a pink top.

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Cold Process Goat Milk Soap Makes 4 lbs. Weigh all ingredients, following basic cold process method. 16 oz. goat milk (frozen/slushy) 6.5 oz. lye (sodium hydroxide) 8 oz. palm oil 17 oz. coconut 76 oil 17 oz. olive oil 1 oz grapefruit seed extract 2-3 ozs. essential oil Goats milk soap has a creamy smooth texture and is very nourishing for your skin. NOTE: You can also use half goat milk and half distilled water. Prepare your oils by weighing them and melting them to a temperature of 100-125 and set aside. Remove your pre-frozen goats milk from the freezer and let thaw for a few minutes to soften (we like to freeze ours in a zip lock bag). As soon as the goats milk can be broken apart, weigh out 16 ozs in small chunks and add to your plastic container. Then weigh out the lye. A little

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Coffee, Necklaces & Laundry Soap!

craftLAB was awesome today! The handmade laundry soap smelled so good...as did the delicious sandwiches and soup from The Lunch Studio. :) Michelle and her coffee. ;) Did you notice the cute necklaces that Tracey (l) and Amy are wearing? Christine's Beadworks gave them to all the Flint Handmade ladies as a thank you for organizing the 2010 Spring Craft Market. Michelle is wearing hers in the photo above. You are so sweet, Christine! The next handcrafting power couple of Flint! Steph and Olive (l) hang out with Michelle and Milo. Amanda (l) and Pat making laundry soap!

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100% Natural Handmade Soaps - STEM Handmade Soap

Our 100% natural soaps are made by hand in small quantities using our good earth's skin loving ingredients. Scented with natural essential oil, our soaps will provide a feeling of balance and well being. Your skin will thank you when you use handmade soap from STEM. Pure, natural soap retains all of the skin nourishing qualities rarely found in synthetic soaps sold in supermarkets. Our natural soaps are all vegetable and tested only on family and friends. Try a few bars today and feel the natural difference of handcrafted soap.

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Rosemary and Lavender Organic Handmade Soap

Rosemary and lavender essential oils make this soap smell soooo good and looks beautiful! It is one of my favorites. Sweet Sally's Soaps are made using the traditional cold process method. Olive, coconut, and palm are used as the base oils of all of my soaps. From this point different oils, butters and additives are added to enhance each recipe. This soap has added cocoa and shea butter and is made with rosemary and lavender essential oils. Ingredients: Saponified organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, castor oil, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, rosemary powder, violet ultramarine, and lavender and rosemary essential oils. Listing is for 1 soap, average weight 5 to 5.5 oz. and is attractively packaged. Please visit all the other great products available at Swe

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