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Cupcake's Clothes: Glitter & Gingham

Skirt - ASOS Curve // Top - Handmade // Shoes - Next Kids // Socks - Topshop // Bag - Primark // Deer Brooch - Dolly Darling // Flower Clips - Handmade // Necklace - Accessorize // Rings - Various // Flower Clips - Handmade The weather is still pretty good here, so I got to wear my summer oufit, finally! I made this crop top/bustier ages ago (those of you that follow me on instragram may have see it before, haha!), & haven't had a chance to wear it out before. I paired it with a lace skirt from ASOS, & my "Dorothy" shoes to finish it off. Still haven't done my roots, so please excuse those, eek! That's all for now, see you soon

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Mephisto Shoes with Free Shipping

Mephisto: Still Going Strong on a Tradition of Quality Excellent craftsmanship dating back to 1960s remains the cornerstone of Mephisto shoes, which have steadily increased in popularity as more men and women discover the comfort, style and high quality of construction in each pair. All Mephisto footwear is handcrafted by expert shoemakers in France and Portugal who employ age-old traditions. On average, over 160 steps are needed to manufacturer a single pair of Mephisto shoes. This is the secret to the incomparable comfort and quality found in Mephistos. Mephisto has made its way onto the soles of millions of stylish pedestrians in Paris, New York, Chicago, San Francisco throughout the world as they navigate both natural terrains and urban landscapes. Women and men alike have aban

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Tip Top Shoes of New York dedicated to comfort footwear since 1940

Clarks - Built with style and comfort, every pair of Clarks footwear has technology built right in. From the elegant craftsmanship of the Artisan Collection to the supreme comfort of Clarks Originals and Clarks Wallabees, style and value are never compromised in any Clarks shoes and boots. Merrell - Known for their rugged hiking boots, Merrell has become the must-have lifestyle brand encompassing everything from shoes, clogs and sandals, shearling clogs and boots and city friendly walking shoes. Merrell honors a commitment to outdoor adventure and lifestyle, with top-of-the-line quality and materials. Birkenstock - Once called the ugly shoes that make you smile. Birkenstock has captured a huge following of every age. Feel like your walking in sand with your feet being supported with the ex

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Ode to Nettleton Shoes, Golden Age of Haberdashery

Not long ago, my friend Ron Crow dropped into the PineStraw world headquarters with something in a bag. I have something special to show you, he said. You may have never seen anything quite like them. With this, he opened the bag and withdrew a pair of two-toned, black and white Nettleton tassel loafers. They were in mint condition, containing their original shoe trees, no less. In a word, I was speechless. Growing up in Greensboro, where Nettleton tassel loafers enjoyed iconic status among men of style and ambition, it was impossible not to know of and dream of someday owning a pair of real Nettleton loafers. My first pair came when I was 15. But more on that in a Broad Street minute. As I admitted to Ron, who now calls the Sandhills home, I knew Nettletons came in an


What to buy in India?

India is a shoppers paradise. India has one of the most dynamic retail industries in the entire world. For the shopaholic, it might be difficult in controlling the demon inside them. When you visit India, there are a number of things you could buy to take home. However there are limitations of what you can actually take back home on your baggage allowance. Here is a compilation of the things that you could buy when you are in India at really cheap prices. Remember that the currency in India is the Indian rupee coded INR which stands for Indian National Rupee. It is also called the Rupaya or Rupya in Hindi. The rupee is divided into 100 paisas. Indian handicrafts Heres a list of 51 things of what to buy in India when on holiday: Clothes and cosmetics 1. Bangles: Almost eve

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Good mix of surf-and-turf choices at Leos

By Carol Brock LEO'S 355 Plandome Road, Plandome 516-365-0255/0235 They took the 75-year-old Wright's Hardware store in Plandome, gutted the whole thing and opened Leo's. Who's Leo? He's the guy who sold them the original, still thriving Leo's in Garden City. And that was 29 years ago. Plandome Road is the main thoroughfare and Leo's fronts it just a half block north of the LIRR station. Don't worry - reserved parking is in the rear. Then, enter by way of the small, attractive back patio surrounded by a tall, white lattice fence. Then there'll be outdoor waiting benches. Leo's has an open-seating policy establishment with reservations for parties of six or more. Step inside. You walk down a long hall lined with hooks aplenty for wraps, and etched glass panels listing the history of Manhass

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Sofft Trieste

Sfft shoes are the perfect combination of luxury, tradition and natural beauty. Only the most exquisite leathers and materials are used in each shoe. Handmade, every shoe is handled with the utmost attention and care. Designed with intricate details and natural elements, Sofftshoes are inspired by the world around us. Since 1927, Sofft Shoe Company has dedicated themselves to offering women fine, handmade footwear that unites feminine design with modern comfort. Today, Sofftshoes are Redefining Comfort by bringing together premium materials, patented technology, and meticulous craftsmanship to fashion elegant styles inspired by traditional, European design. Due to the unique approach taken by Sofft, a masterful, versatile collection of casual shoes, athleisure styles, vibrant sandal

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Handmade Shoes For Everyone! | Arrowsmith Websites Sunshine Coast : Website Design Blog : Website Design Maleny : Everything You Need For An Effective Business Website

I was reading an article (I wish I could remember where!) about the remuneration packages of the so-called executive fat cats, now a dying breed, or even perhaps dead after the subprime financial disaster. The author used the term handmade shoes in a derogatory fashion, suggesting that these super rich executives can afford custom made shoes, rather than the mass produced, made in China type that the rest of us get to wear. That got me thinking about one of my customers, Gillian Pechey of Pechey Hand Crafted Sandals ( Gillian sells sandals from her website at a very reasonable price, to anywhere in the world. So you dont have to be a top paid executive to be a proud owner of handmade shoes! Tags: ecommerce, online, sandals, shoes This entry was posted

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Offbeat sites cater to eclectic tastes and sweep away the junk

I remember spending hours in the library, paging through massive encyclopedias to find details for my research paper on the Civil War. Or the time I needed to make an appointment with my hairdresser, and I couldn't find the phone book anywhere. Oh, wait - neither of those things ever happened to me. That's because I live in a world where everything - literally all the information I could possibly want - lies right at my fingertips on the computer keyboard. As great as that may be, it's also sad. The generations after me won't have a clue what an encyclopedia is, and the Yellow Pages will sound like old newspaper at the mercy of a dog that's had too much water to drink. The most surprising thing is, many people don't even use the Internet primarily for information. Oh no. Instead, we peruse

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Watermelon skirt | The Blonde Salad

26 June 2012 This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Cartier, Celine, chiara ferragni, Ed Westwick, fashion blog, fashion blogger, fashionweek, Hermes, milan, milan fashion week, outfit, the blonde salad, Vivetta, Zara. Bookmark the permalink.

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