eugene oregon handmade shoes

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Retire on the Pacific for $1,200 per Month

Panama qualifies as one of the best places in the world to think about retiring overseas for many reasons. Its location is at the hub of the Americas and the country has developed, near-first world infrastructure. The U.S. dollar is the currency, which makes relocating much easier for expat Americans. There are also international-standard medical facilities and many affordable options for health insurance. Another reason Panama is appealing to retirees is that it offers up many distinct lifestyle options. There is urban life in Panama City, cooler mountain climates, and a number of beautiful and tempting beachfront choices. The trouble is that many of this countrys top beach options have become discovered and, therefore, more expensive than the typical retiree on a budget can afford. On

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A horse, two mules and a plough ... Vernon's First year garden produces the produce

Vernon Borntreger's produce has filled more than one plate this year. Although the produce season is almost over, pumpkins will soon be available. Photos by Steven Looney Erma Harris Managing Editor "When I told the people in McKenzie (Tenn.), I was going to quit shoeing horses and start growing produce in Arkansas, they told me that growing produce is as hard on your back as shoeing horses. I told them that might be, but I didn't have to worry about getting kicked by the produce," laughed Vernon Borntreger. Vernon, his wife Ida, and their five children are one of three Old Order Amish families who now call Fulton County home. Vernon and Ida's home sits along the bottom land of the Southfork River and has produced a harvest of vegetables this year that seem to leave the farm almost as fast

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Best Flea Market - Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market - Best Of Denver

Best Flea Market - 2012 Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market 4345 W. 46th Ave. Denver, CO Map & Details>> Readers' Choice: Mile High Marketplace Winner and still champion: The Horseshoe, already our favorite in 2011, is only getting better as it hits its stride. The brainchild of Amy Yetman, a crafter herself, the market isn't really a pure flea market, per se; rather, its 100 or so booths hawk everything from the antiques you'd expect to adorable handmade children's clothing and accessories, locally designed hipster jewelry, vintage shoes, steampunk earrings and more, and the people-watching is more than awesome. Bottom line, the Horseshoe is also so well run (you can thank Amy and her husband, Doug, for that) that it's a joy to be there; along with wares new and old, this market welcomes food

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Kate Middleton's Tiara, Jewelry, and More: All the Details

What's a princess (er, Duchess) without her tiara? Royal newlywed Kate Middleton was a vision in white as she stepped out in an Alexander McQueen wedding gown designed by the British brand's creative director Sarah Burton. PHOTOS: The most amazing royal wedding dresses But what dazzling accessories did the 29-year-old bride choose for accents? Us Weekly has the scoop below. Her tiara, (Cartier), was made in 1936 and was purchased by The Duke of York (King George VI) for his Duchess (The Queen Mother) three weeks before he succeeded his brother as King. Queen Elizabeth received the tiara from her mother on her 18th birthday. The sparkling tiara held Middleton's transparent veil, made of ivory silk tulle with a trim of hand-embroidered flowers. Middleton's diamond earrings (by Robinson Pelha

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Wearing It On My Sleeves: Here's To A Rat

oh man adorable!! i follow a lot of mormon fashion bloggers... so whats the deal?! can someone (i've asked this several times to several different mormons on their blogs) please clue me in on the mormon blogging thing? is it just a coincidence? and here i was thinking i was the only one who started from the beginning of the archives of new-to-me blogs. well i must say, you and nat have got me wanting to add a pair of overalls to my wardrobe pronto. I may have to go check out Nat's blog because 1. I kind of love most Mormon mommy blogs and 2. these pictures are making me think I NEED overalls. CarissaExplainsItAll overallllllls. i have been fighting this trend. but you look so cute i am not sure i can resist much longer... Okay LOVE this outfit! SO FUN! You seriously can wear anything. You

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42 Unconventional Shoe Ads That Work

If youre going to promote shoes using Print Ads, surely you have to put a lot of emphasis on the actual shoesright? Not quite. With so many brands and so many shoe models coming out every single month, flashing a shiny pair of shoes may no longer be enough to capture the consumers attention. Though its still preferable for the shoes to make an appearance on the print, the advertisement should be able to introduce the unique selling point of the brand using creative themes that people havent seen before. Even established shoe companies like Nike and Converse invest a lot of money on talented designers and copywriters. In turn, they come up with ingenious concepts and alluring designs that are able to boost sales. Not surprisingly, other shoe companies have followed suit. We

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Juliet Sandler dresses in the latest $650 dresses and $400 shoes from Parisian fashion house Lanvin. For fall, the prices range from $4 for hair bows to $5,200 for an exclusive Christian Dior silk party dress handmade in France.

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Kid Express Molly (Infant/Toddler/Youth)

Kid Express shoes are greener than ever. Sharing many parents' concern over the increasing proliferation of chemicals, toxins and pollutants in the products that their children use, wear, and play with; they have strengthened their commitment to offering natural, earthwise products. Each pair of Kid Express footwear is hand-made with the best nature has to offer. They are dedicated to providing their young customers with fun, comfortable shoes that make sense to the environmentally-aware parent. All come with their promise that they are developmentally correct for children and their planet. Kid Express shoes are well designed using the highest quality materials. Plus, you can't find a cuter shoe for your child. So, if you are concerned about the future of our planet, as so many others are,

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Sneakers & Athletic Shoes, Winter, Casual, Handmade, Men, 8, Dat

A Happy Customer Says:"I just want to thank you for the fastest shipment and best service I could have ever gotten. When I placed my order with you I was a first time customer but I will not be a last time one." -Toby C., Feb 20, 2008Read More TestimonialsCheck out today's blogs! 20092012 - or its affiliates, 2280 Corporate Circle, Henderson, NV 89074 is operated by Zappos Development, Inc. Products on are sold by Zappos Retail, Inc. Gift certificates and gift cards sold on are sold by Zappos Gift Cards, Inc. A Happy Customer Says:"I just want to thank you for the fastest shipment and best service I could have ever gotten. When I placed my order with you I was a first time customer but I will not be a last time one." -Toby C., Feb 20, 2008R

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PetitPlat Handmade Miniature Food: Painted Shoes

Hey everyone! I had a blast yesterday and today while painting shoes! I got cheap fabric shoes from H&M and painted them with setacolor form Pebeo then fixed everything with a hair-dryer (I had to buy one just for that purpose XD) Anyway, I'm pleased as punch with the result. :) Je me suis amuse comme une petite folle hier et aujourd'hui peindre ces chaussures! J'ai achet des tennis pas chres chez H&M, puis je les ai peintes avec setacolor de pebeo et ensuite fix les couleurs au sche-cheveux (j'ai du acheter un sche-cheveux pour cette occasion XD) Bref, je suis toute jouasse. Elles sont trop choupis :) xx Stphanie

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