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Multi-Media Materials: Lino Print Your HolidayCards!

Tired of the same old same old when it comes to Holiday cards? This year, try some linoleum block printing and this is the perfect time to start unless you are a procrastinator with good intentions like me then youll start in about a month, maybe 6 weeks.. To start, order yourself up some linoleum blocks. There are a lot to choose from. Try a catalog like Dick Blick I am a big fan of the Soft-Kut blocks they sell. You can use both sides, they are easy to cut and you can buy a big sheet and easily cut it up for smaller prints. a variety of linoleum blades. You will also need some lino cutters, a brayer and ink. Be sure to get a variety of blades for your cutter (the link above is a kit with multiple blades and a handle) and an exacto knife works well to cut the block apar

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Do You Have A Business or Hobby? Can It Be Both?

One thing that I love about blogging and creating Squidoo lenses is taking things I enjoy doing (my hobbies), and making money from those hobbies. One of the most popular ways to start a small business is to take something you love and build a business around it. But is it feasible to create a business around your favorite things, or hobbies? It is if you think outside the box! Sometimes you have to get creative to build a business around your hobby, but it can be done. You might not be able to create a business crafting or drawing because its too time consuming to make much money at it (although Im sure there are those out there who do). Think outside the box with your hobby, here are a few business ideas using the crafting and drawing examples I used above. Instead of actually sell

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Full House: {sequins and handmade cards}

I have Christmas cards on the brain my friends. How about making really lovely cards like Lynda did over at Happenstance Home. Her cards are actually invites to an event but I love the concept for family Christmas cards using a handful of single sequins. Step by step instructions can be found over here. Want a little sneaky peak of part of our family pictures..I really try hard not to take advantage of my good friend Michelle but I have to be honest I called her up on Monday and by Wednesday she had a location secured and pictures snapped. Thank you Michelle. I know I don't mention Michelle that often..haha..but if you need a really cool photographer then you just may want to consider her. She can be found over here. Well there is a handful of kids.

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{Christmas Countdown Garland + Free Download}

I am so thrilled to be kicking off our DECK THE HALLS with the Crafting Chicks! I cant think of a better way to kick off December than making your own Christmas Countdown Garland. I LOVED making this project. I was able to mix a little digi scrappin with some adorable paper, ribbon and my favorite, ric-rac. But the best part was incorporating our family traditions in the Christmas countdown activity cards that are part of this adorable garland. A treasure to have throughout the years. SOlets get started with instructions:) Christmas Countdown Garland: Supplies you will need to make a Christmas Countdown Garland: -Cute Christmas numbers 1-25, digi or from a craft store -Little cards with activities to do with your family at Christmas time (25 ideas or traditions) -Festive

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Guest Post by Mark Hand Painted Cards

Mark here (Vals husband). The girls wanted to surprise Val with some handmade cards for Mothers Day, and they were so pleased with how these turned out, that they couldnt resist giving them to her a bit early. Val loved them so much, that she later sat down to paint more cards together with the girls. Heres how you can make your own hand painted cards for Mothers Day, or any other special occasion: 1. Fold a sheet of watercolor paper in half, and invite your child over to scribble on it with pencil. 2. Trace over your childs designs with a waterproof permanent marker. You can find these at many art supply stores, or, in my case, Val has them everywhere. Look under the couch. 3. Invite your child to paint all over their designs with watercolor paint. Its okay to let the

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Showcase of Very Original Handmade Business Cards

In which business you are in,whether big or small,you probably know how important to have a well designed and creative business card for the first impression on your clients. Your business card must reflect the business or service you represent.


Handmade Gift Ideas Linky Party!!

{{{Happy Monday}}} Its time for one of my favorite days of the year!! Its Holly Bloggy Christmas Week and time for the Handmade Gift Ideas Link Up!! This is the third year that Ive hosted this festive event. Last year we had almost 500 gift ideas linked up. Its so fun to see all of the beautiful handmade gifts that are linked up! Plus, its a great way for people to find your projects!! I dont there is anything better than receiving a handmade gift. Here are a few that I have made in 2011: And I am so excited to announce the giveaway for this party its from one of my favorite shops: Deb send me an email Twisted Sugar Twine are giving away a 6 Pack of their Twisted Sugar Twine {$69 value}!! Genuine Twisted Sugar Twine in color twisting Lemonade Pink, Gray Maca

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Everything at Silver Fox Salvage - Home Decor @ 518 - Home Decor Albany - Valerie DeLaCruz -

These are my super fashionista finds at Silver Fox Salvage over the Memorial Day weekend. I am bananas about the poodle statue, as I own 3 crazy poodles. This statue actually resembles one of the standard poodles to perfection. While there, I chatted with one of the owners, who told me she is opening a shop in LA because they keep having to ship items to LA for the movie company they work with. This will help them with shipping expenses. I also met Victor Grant, who sells his photography at Silver Fox Salvage and takes pictures of everything from Nantucket lighthouses to the mountains in the Berkshires and beyond. Hippy gardenista Carol Kolver was there as well selling her unique handmade treasures, necklaces, macrame, seeds for the garden, and her antique luggage and matching sunglasses.

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A Morning of Making Cardstock Flowers with a Mother's Day Card...without Mom!!

This morning I showed my mom how to make cardstock flowers. We used the Cricut Mother's Day Bouquet cartridge and paper from Me & My Big Ideas Specialty Cardstock and Pressed Petals Tropical Life cardstock pack. The flowers were cut ranging in size from 3-5 inches and glued together using a hot glue gun. We then added floral wire stems. I plan to make more of these to decorate for Memorial Day at the cemetery were my grandparents are it is tradition in the south to decorate the cemetery on what we call "Decoration Day". I have a link on an earlier blog (see archive: February) to a YouTube video that demonstrates how to make these flowers. This weekend, I also created a Mother's Day card. I found these nice, little, chipboard embellishments appropriate for Mother's Day (they ca

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Nita's World Handmade: Christmas Cards

Sorry that I haven't been posting, there has been so many things that has been going on, good thing not bad, but I've been so busy I really haven't had time to post. These are the cards I've made for Christmas. Enjoy and I will be posting new cards for 2012! Happy New Years to everyone.

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