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Craft: Thumb Bunny Card (Handmade Card) | Mother's Day Cards -- Homemade Card Ideas for Mother's Day

As every parent knows, kids have a knack for leaving their fingerprints on everything. Now they can use this incredible skill to crank out a whole mess of adorable cards. Materials Paintbrush White acrylic paint Paper plate Colored card stock Black and pink markers Instructions Use the paintbrush to spread a thin layer of paint on the bottom of the paper plate -- this will be your ink pad. Have your kids dip their thumbs into the paint and print them on the card. Their thumbprint will be the bunny's head. For the ears, have them press down only half of their thumb to make a long, skinny shape. After the paint dries, they can decorate the face with markers, adding whiskers, eyes, and a nose. Use a black marker to write "Some bunny loves you!" on the front of the card. Tips: Even a really yo

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Rubber stamp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rubber stamping, also called stamping, is a craft in which some type of ink made of dye or pigment is applied to an image or pattern that has been carved, molded, laser engraved or vulcanized, onto a sheet of rubber. The rubber is often mounted onto a more stable object such as a wood, brick or an acrylic block. Increasingly the vulcanized rubber image with an adhesive foam backing is attached to a cling vinyl sheet which allows it to be used with an acrylic handle for support. These cling rubber stamps can be stored in a smaller amount of space and typically cost less than the wood mounted versions. They can also be positioned with a greater amount of accuracy due to the stamper's ability to see through the handle being used. Temporary stamps with simple designs can be carved from a potat

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Police sergeant identified keepsake from newspaper story Handout This keepsake box was found in Portland after being stolen from Steve and Leslie Raineys Vancouver home Aug. 28. By Columbian Staff Wednesday, September 7, 2011 The box has been recovered. Theres no love within, though. Sgt. Dave Anderson of the Portland Police Bureau was investigating what he called a fencing operation and den of iniquity over in Southeast Portland a methamphetamine house full of stolen goods that would have been traded for drugs, he said when a fancy wooden box on a dresser in a bedroom caught his eye. The box looked unique, and I just didnt think it fit in, he said. He also noticed a woman wearing a diamond ring on her finger. Some arrests were made, and Anderson called it a da

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Handmade Decoupage Card. Handmade Flower Card. Hemimorphite & Sterling Silver Pendant. Copper Clay Pendant. Salmon Pink Pendants.


Triangle Paper Necklace - Bettina's Blog - DIY - Something handmade

Start by applying glue to the inside of your plain greeting card (Avery Textured Half-Fold Greeting Cards). (scissors, plain greeting card, glue, 1ft ball chain + connector, jump rings, pencil colors, modpodge and a hole puncher). Fold the card in the middle, and press together. Let the card dry for a few minutes.

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Handmade Cards

"Happy Bird-Day" card with bird wearing hat. Make It Monday #66 Felt Flowers From Border Dies Hello Card by Ashley Newell for Papertrey Ink (May 2012). Desktop card holder made with Stampin' Up.'s "Vintage Vogue" set. Hanging Flip Flops Card by Betsy Veldman for Papertrey Ink (May 2012).

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Sados da Concha: Handmade Christmas :: Cards

Este ano voltei a fazer os meus cartes de Natal (deveria ter comeado mais cedo). Aliei a tcnica de h dois anos a uma ideia que vi aqui e, em menos de nada, fiz uma pilha de cartes. Agora s me falta escrev-los e envi-los... This year I made my own Christmas cards again (if only I had started earlier...). Inspired by an idea I saw here and keeping up with the same style as two years ago, I whipped up a bunch of cards in less than an hour. Now I just have to write and post them... (image: Tiago Cabral)

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Parchment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Central European (Northern) type of finished parchment made of goatskin stretched on a wooden frame Parchment is a thin material made from hide; often calfskin, sheepskin or goatskin, and often split. Its most common use was as a material for writing on, for documents, notes, or the pages of a book, codex or manuscript. It is distinct from leather in that parchment is limed but not tanned; therefore, it is very reactive to changes in relative humidity and is not waterproof. Finer-quality parchment is called vellum. [edit]History German parchmenter, 1568 Parchment was developed in Pergamon, from which name it is believed the word "parchment" evolved,[1] under the patronage of either Eumenes I, who ruled 263241 BCE; or Eumenes II, who ruled 197158), as a substitute for papyrus, which w

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The Cutest Custom-Illustrated Holiday Cards! - Living in the Family Room Blog

I just found the best solution to sending out a family holiday card without the hassle of trying to get that perfect photo--Dear Ida Cards. The adorable cards come from a husband and wife company started this past summer in Portland, Oregon. After years of sending out their own handmade cards, friends and family encouraged them to start a company to create custom-illustrated cards. It's simple to get one of your own. You send them photos of your family (and your pets if you'd like--check out the card they did of Martha's dogs above), choose a background for your card, and within two weeks your beautiful cards arrive. I love the charming illustrations, bold colors, and great paper quality not to mention the size of the cards. I was thrilled when mine came the size of a business envelope. 1

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Amy Samuel Graphic Designer - blog

I like giving handmade cards rather than store bought cards. Actually anything handmade is normally better! I appreciate the time and effort it takes to make your own creations...from cookies to cards. This year I designed some simple and special handmade Christmas cards for my whole family. They seemed to like them. Merry Christmas

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