valentine's day handmade card ideas

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Handmade greeting cards

Inspired by Hannah's stencilling earlier this week, as well as a beautiful collage stencil I spotted on Pinterest, I decided to create a bird stencil to create some more cards. I drew the bird out using a pencil, then very slowly cut the bird out using a craft knife.

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Cool Pencil Case: Cool Pencil Case Web Favorites: Paper Kawaii has been one of our recent favorites. The blog plays host to some of the cutest (and most intricate) origami projects Cool Pencil Case has seen in a while. As you know, we're all about creativity and creating special keepsakes by hand. Whether it's by creating amazing handmade cards, or in this case, origami paper craft, there's something about that extra effort into a simple gift from the heart that makes everyone smile. Chrissy from Paper Kawaii used some of our Kawaii stickers to decorate some of her most recent projects. Our Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma Costume Change Stickers were great Springtime embellishments that really added a pop of color to her origami projects. Against a solid color, the stickers made adorable decorations. This is a snapshot of her project done a

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Nice Day Designs: New Handmade Cards

I've been working on some new cards this week, I really do love making them. It's so relaxing, I just turn on my audiobook, switch off my brain, and start cutting and sticking to my hearts content.

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Detroit Free Press - Farmers markets, from Livingston to Monroe County - Detroit Free Press - Food -

Accepts EBT cards, Project Fresh and Double Up Food Bucks. The market accepts Bridge cards, Project Fresh and Senior Project Fresh/Market Fresh, and participates in Double Up Food Bucks.

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Simple and Meaningful Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day can be such a wonderful day. Its a great time to be with our families and think about our mothers and celebrate all that we have and are as moms. But Mothers Day can also be stressful. What can you do for your mom, grandma and mother-in-law that would mean a lot to her? What are your husband and kids planning? Sometimes our hopes and expectations of ourselves and our loved ones can get a little out of whack and rob us of the beautiful things the day can offer. To help you figure out how to make this Mothers Day full of meaningful giving and reduce the stress that can be involved, here are some relatively simple tried-and-true ideas for you and some you might want to pass along to your husband and kids (they generally appreciate some hints). Youll see th

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Handmade Mother's Day Cards - Long Wait For Isabella

Handmade Mother's Day Cards Butterfly Handprint Card. Handmade Mother's Day Cards. With Mother's Day fast approaching, I decided to do some searching for handmade Mother's Day cards that my Princess could make for Mother's Day. So of course, I went to Pinterest. Don't you all just love Pinterest.


Handmade cards for friends

Most of the cards I give to family and friends are cards I have quickly whipped up with thanks to Google image search, empty cereal boxes, glue and a corner cutter. A nice cheap, quick, resourceful and personal option for cards for family and friends.

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Lake House Creations, Rubber Stamping and Handmade Cards,New York, Long Island,

Please select one of the links above to view my cards and journals. Creations by Anita. In Memory of Midnite This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit Here. This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit Here. This page was updated on Monday, April 13, 2009. Hits since 11/16/2003

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100 Layer Cake

2 Jul Meredith may have first won us over with her gold sequin Kate Spade heels, but the vintage animal etching details, handmade jewelry & wedding invitations, cute paper heart sticks lining the aisle, and pink touches throughout also had something to do with it. Meredith and Andy, the creative twosome behind this outdoor DIY wedding are just the couple to shed light on the whole barn wedding. They mixed in a touch of rustic elegance with playful details perfectly! If you find yourself smitten with the wedding suite Meredith designed and printed herself, youre going to love her jewelry line Spark and Pepper. Just a few pics down from here youll get a peek at some of her pieces. These colored paper hearts glued onto sticks and lined up and around the aisle is such an quick DIY that

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