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Every bar is handmade and freshly baked everyday. When you have to send a message, forget typical cards or email. The Shop in a Box Party also comes with a profile card so you can read about what your family and friends' candy choices reveal about them. You can even personalize the label.

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Handmade Gift Cards

You're here: Get Exclusive Content Get a personal letter from the editor (not seen on this site), site updates, shop news, and discount codes. We promise not to sell, rent, or trade your email address. These free arts and crafts projects and do-it-yourself tutorials are perfect for creating budget-friendly customized gifts and handcrafted home decor. Easter Cards Halloween Cards Halloween: How To Create A Ghost Card Alyice Edrich shows you how to create Halloween invitations your children will love delivering. Learn to create a ghost scene using a cookie cutter, a wood template, block letters, and acrylic paint. Halloween: How To Create A Witch Postcard Alyice Edrich shows you how to use modeling paste to create a folk art witch that you can later scan and turn into printable postcards for

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petite femme jolie: DIY: Handmade Cards

Happy Wednesday! We're half way through the week, yippee! *** You may have seen Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere, post about how she creates her own stationary instead of buying pre-made cards. I've always liked making my own, not only because it saves money, but because I really like that personal touch... and glitter. Glitter is always incorporated into my crafts in some way or another {see here & here}, and this is no exception! *** DIY: Handmade Cards What You'll Need: Stationary Envelope Glitter Glue Pen Stamp Ink {I bought mine from Michaels} Scissors Pencil Directions: Measure your stationary so that it fits the size of your envelope. Fold the paper horizontally to make a card. Start with the cover: Write a salutation or greeting; ie. "Hello" or "Congratulations", using your pencil, s

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DeMar McGuire & Frank Sciuto

When DeMar McGuire married Frank Sciuto on the family farm, it was a Texas-size celebration that defined Lone Star State style. To be clear: DeMar McGuire is not a cowgirl. The petite, 26-year-old blonde is a typical high-fashion gal, California educated, who knows more about NorthPark than she does the Stock Show & Rodeo. So when her family first suggested that she have a Western-themed wedding, she balked. Adamantly opposed is how she remembers it. I flat out refused, she says. I was thinking denim, bandannas, ugly stuff. But when DeMar began to reconcile her desire for a unique and memorable fete with the standard Fort Worth Club fare, she realized that it was exactly what she did want. DeMar met her husband, Frank Sciuto II, shortly after college, when they both lived

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enkaydesigns handmade cards (7)


"My grandmother always gave handmade cards. She gave them to everyone (grandchildren, cousins, the mailman, even the waitresses at her favorite diner) for just about every reason (holidays, anniversaries, to say thank you) and sometimes for no reason at all. It was a simple gesture, but I think about it a lot. To disti...


Danville's Amaranta enticing but uneven

Cradling a warm burrito or scooping up goopy rice and beans from a too-hot-to-touch plate holds pleasures that go well beyond taste. But this comfort food connection many have with Mexican food can also pose a challenge to restaurants like Amaranta, which aspires to deliver traditional flavors with style. Amaranta opened four months ago in Danville's Rose Garden center, aiming to satisfy with the complex character of chiles instead of the lazy thrill of bubbling cheese and sour cream. In addition to the original Amaranta, which opened last year in Southern California, owners Eduardo and Sylvia Rallo own seven Bay Area restaurants, mainly Mexican enterprises in San Francisco (Colibri Mexican Bistro and Zazil) and San Jose's Santana Row (Consuelo Mexican Bistro and El Jardin Tequila Bar). Th

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Card and Tag BlogsCards and Tags MakingHandmade Directory

Passionate about cardmaking, scrapbooking, painting and anything art-related. Over 20 years experience in making cards, scrapbooks and altered art. Listing added: Apr 3, 2012) I make handmade cards and scrapbook pages. I do some Home Decor as well as some stamping and embossing. Listing added: Oct 20, 2011) Creating with paper. Listing added: Sep 16, 2011) A BLOG ABOUT DESIGNING AND PRODUCING BEAUTIFUL GREETINGS CARDS - AND ABOUT LIFE IN GENERAL Listing added: Sep 15, 2011) Im Gill I have always been a crafty person & several years ago i set up as a small hobbyist business making & selling my handcrafted cards, jeweller http://creations

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Coffee Filter Flowers and Handmade Cards

Cassie's last day of Preschool was this past week and I wanted to give her teachers something nice. I thought about just buying something, but thought it would be much more meaningful to create some gifts and plus we had the materials on hand! We decided to make Coffee Filter Flowers and handmade cards! You could also make the flowers with colorful tissue paper too, but the coffee filters and liquid water colors were so much more fun! Here is a vase of some of our finished flowers! All you will need for the flowers are: Coffee FIlters Liquid Watercolors or Food Colors eye droppers pipe cleaners First, we covered the table with layers of newspaper so the food color or liquid water colors wouldn't soak through. I put some liquid water colors into a muffin tin, spread some coffee filters out,

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100 Fresh & Fun Handmade Cards Giveaway

Good Morning and Happy Friday to everyone! Let's celebrate the end to this wonderful week with another card book give away. Today's book is from good friend Kimber. What is fabulous about this book is that it goes beyond your basic folded card. It's full of tons of interactive card ideas and great detailed step outs. I am honored to have been a part of another one my friend Kimber's great books. I wanted to share one of my cards from the book. I call this one bird in a window. The idea here is one card is a basic card and another card is the same idea but interactive. If you look closely you can see the card shown above is the basic card. The differences between the 2 are subtle. The card below is the more interactive or advanced card. The window is open and the patterned paper has been mo

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