graduation handmade card ideas

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Adventures of D and V: Adventures in Blogging: Christmas in July

Every summer we had "Christmas in July"... and it was NOT a fun thing! Basically we had morning and evening practice, plus cross training...lots of HARD work! It was nothing like Adrianne's super fun that I just participated in. Here is what I made for her: Her daughter's name means dove and I decided to design some handmade cards using different dove shapes. I should have taken a picture of each card...but you can see the top one below. I also made her some flower pens, a clip and a flower pin! Now I have to say, when I was checking out Vanina's blog, I totally fell in love with the beautiful things she makes! Especially her unique aprons. They are just the tie around the waste kind, perfect for putting things in to have your hands free - kinda like a tool belt! I was secretly hoping she

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Mud Pie Studio: Christmas Cards

Spent the afternoon watching my kids make some Christmas cards. I supplied them with already-cut pieces of scrapbook paper in various lengths and patterns. You shoulda seen how giddy they got with anticipation when I put this muffin tin full of supplies in front of them! Who wouldn't with all that pretty paper and a glue stick?! When I showed them how to make one, their little hands were fast and furious making cards! Here's a completed my 3 year old. I still need to find a sticker or stamp of a star for the top of the tree. These will make great cards for their teachers and the other students in their classes. Each child made several cards and had a ball doing it. This was such a hit! We'll be doing more of these for sure... The last step (sorry, no picture) is to get a star sta

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Posted August 31st, 2012by vanessa. 0 Comments Hi everyone! Today we are having a sale on our digi stamps! Grab them at 50% off. But, its only for today!!!! Yay! Here is the link to our Digi stamps Posted August 29th, 2012by vanessa. 0 Comments Hi everyone! I just wanted to announce the winner of our washi tape giveaway! Our winner is.. Gina!!! Congrats Gina! Email me at [email protected] Posted August 27th, 2012by vanessa. 3 Comments Good morning crafters! Today we have a new challenge over at Digi Darlas blog and this weeks theme is For the Lil ones We want to see your creations made especially for the little ones. This weeks challenge is sponsored by Bugaboo Stamps. Everything That You Ever Wanted to Know About Bugaboo Stamps: A Short Essay As if raising five chi

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Goldstar Glitter Handmade Cards. Handmade Birthday Cards, Mother's Day Cards, Christmas Cards and more!

I meant to post this awhile back I cant believe my older boys are graduating! I knew it was coming but its hard to believe its actually happening! This is an awesome card! I would call it a Pop Up Card but its also called a Spring Fold Card, Fancy Fold Card, or 3D Card. I just love the way it turned out. The idea came from Calla Lily Studio Blog check out her post too, very talented. I decided on using traditional black as their cap and gowns are black and then Real Red and Whisper White as accent colors. Their school colors are black and red so it was an easy decision. I made the tassel with red embroidery thread which I had to go buy more as for the life of me I cant locate my entire stash of thread (I used to cross stitch). Super easy to make a tassel just follow these

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Review/recipe: Samuel Adams B'Austin Ale

Wondering what ever came of the Sam Adams "crowd-sourced beer"? In case you missed it, the Boston Beer Co. launched the Samuel Adams Crowd Craft Project in January, inviting Sam's Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ friends to offer up their preferences to help create a new beer. Users were asked to make their choices about the beer's malt profile, hops selection, yeast type, and so forth. Back then, I sort of mocked the idea, saying it had "mediocrity written all over it." Turns out I couldn't have been more wrong. The beer, called Samuel Adams B'Austin Ale, debuted last weekend at Guy Kawasaki's Girl + Guy Party at SXSW in Austin, Texas. It will also be on tap at a few pubs in Austin over the next couple of weeks, and a few kegs will be kept in the brewery's tasting room in Jamaica Plain, for

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Handmade Greeting Cards, Stationery, Artwork and Gifts by British designer Penny Lindop

Home of quirky handmade greeting cards, stationery, gifts and artwork. Designs inspired by the people we meet and the things we hear and see! Designs to raise a smile! Welcome to our website. We hope you will enjoy what you see here. We would be very happy to receive any feedback on our new site, good or not so good, things that work well and things that perhaps need a little tweak - with your help we will be able to make our site even better! Please enjoy browsing our cards and gifts. You can keep up to date with our latest happenings on our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter for up to the minute news or read our Blog to share in the thoughts of Penny and the team. And you can sign up for our monthly newsletter - special offers every month! Thank you for visiting our website. Best wishes

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23 super creative repurposed items

Answering the age-old question, How can I turn my Cyndi Lauper cassettes into a classy lighting fixture? REPURPOSING is so hot right now. At least if youre on Pinterest or Tumblr, that is. If the most hardcore upcyclers are to be believed, theres no such thing as trash anymore. These folks turn old yoga mats, washing machines, and even dumpsters into cool items with a new and clever use. 1. Luggage to medicine cabinet Vintage suitcases; too cool to throw out, but not built to handle todays batshit-TSA airports. This is my favorite suitcase repurpose project. Add a mirror, hang it over the sink, done. (Source: limitsizenerji) 2. Card catalogue to mini bar You have a card catalogue in your den? Yes, I own so many books, Im forced to use the Dewey Decimal syst

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Minesweeper Scratch-Off Postcard: Wish You Were Stressed

June 1st, 2012by: Lambert Varias Heres a couple of playable Minesweeper postcards from Connect Design, perfect for those who are planning to take a trip to Windows 3.1. The postcards are played by scratching the squares off. Theyre way harder than the Windows version because its possible to land on a mine on your first go. Those who are going to take this thing seriously might want to begin with the Easy card, which has 80 squares, over the 120-square Hard card. Further elevating the awesomeness of these cards are the stickers. There are flags, smileys, question marks and bombs. Tread carefully at Connect Designs online store when you order the Minesweeper Postcard. Both the Easy and Hard cards cost $2(USD) each, but if you buy one of each at once youll only be charged $3.50

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super simple handmade business cards

Happy Monday, friends! If you have an Etsy or Big Cartel shop, you probably have heard how important branding is to your business. In short, to brand your company is to define your products (and shops) personality through your logo, business cards, shop set up, etc. Branding is actively deciding what you want people to think and feel when they come across your shop; good branding distinguishes your shop from all the others out there. In this vein, I decided I needed something more creative than the run-of-the-mill business cards Id been using to package up my I came up with these. Yep, thats right. Twine-wrapped business cards. For a little bit of work, you can make a BIG impression on your customers and clients. Materials Needed: The Twinery twine in Mara

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Handmade Cards

Little Darlings Card. Tara Orr ladies diary fathers day card. Kristin Wilson Ladies Diary Card. Spellbinders Lacy Square as card base. Happy Fourth of July Card.

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