sealer for painted fabric

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The specimens of Alex CF

by Alex CF on August 23rd, 2012 status: sold The collected research of the Never Isles by naturalist James Hook. James Hook was a young man when he began a life as a crew member on trade ships bound for the Orient. He had been destined for a life at Eton, with many career opportunities laid out before him by his family, yet his fascination with the writings of Darwin had painted a much more romantic life goal, to set sail and seek new lands, and new life, to contribute to the growing public fascination with biology and natural history. Although his father had issued rewards for his safe return and a large police presence at london dock yards, James was never caught and he would spend the next 15 years at sea. He went to the Galapagos, traveled to Australia and much of China and Japan

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Painted Pillow + Pom Poms

Say that 5 times fast. The nursery in the DIY Blogger House was inspired by this fabric by Patty Young. (She is DELIGHTFUL. I took a class from her last year at The Creative Connection and it was for sure one of the highlights of my trip.) Its Moorish Tile in white from her Andalucia collection for Michael Miller. I picked up a bunch of awesome fabrics from (Im not affiliated with them in anyway, just letting you know where I got my stuff.) They have an awesome feature on their site where you can add fabrics to an inspiration board to see them all together before you make your purchase. I built on the colors in the Moorish Tile fabric and came up with this: I didnt end up using all of the fabrics on the board, but it was my online version of stacking a million bolts in

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How To Clean Your Ultimate Wax Brush VIDEO and WAX Information

Hi all! We have the Ultimate Wax Brush available here on our site and if you need one- click here). SHORT CUT to VIDEO! Click here to watch it. If you have ever met me in person or talked with me on the phone regarding wax- you will know that I feel an Ultimate Wax Brush is worth its weight in gold when it comes to applying furniture wax. I feel it helps you to apply a uniformed application of wax, and guides you to push the wax into the paint. Often, those who are beginners and use a rag will have issues such as streaking due to uneven application. Since this post is about how to maintain your Ultimate Wax Brush, if you would like to read more about how to apply wax- jump to the end of this post. : ) With all shipments of product that you purchase from The Purple Painted Lady you will

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Valentine's Day Frugal Burlap Door Hanger

Christie Dedman/News StaffYou've seen the burlap door hangers for various holidays. Have you seen the prices? Dude they are expensive. $40 to $50 for hearts, ghosts, trees, stockings etc. They are super popular but you can make a version of these on your own for super cheap. Burlap is relatively inexpensive. If you live on a farm you can grab them from the feed sacks. You can also purchase burlap at fabric stores for $3.99 a yard. (You could use just a half a yard and still make a substantial door hanger) My burlap is leftover from curtains I had in my apartment when I first got married. Here's what I did to create a version -- with the kids of course -- because it was crafting weekend. For the folksy look - let the kids get involved. They loved helping me make this one. Supplies Burlap He

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A Tribute to Tammis Keefe

After months and months of research, Ebay searches and purchases, we yearn to learn more of this interesting artist's too short life. It's with great pleasure we bring to you the wonderful designs of Tammis Keefe. In her her honor, all royalties will be donated to help fund cancer research. Born Margaret Thomas Keefe on December 27, 1913 in Los Angeles, her father, Thomas Keefe, had passed away the week before she was born. Her family called her Peg, a common nickname for Margaret. Tammis (gaelic for Thomas) grew up in Los Angeles where she lived with her mother, aunts and grandparents. Handkerchiefs, linen kitchen towels and scarves are what Tammis Keefe is known for today because of their availability. However, she designed for home furnishing fabrics (Goodall Industries and Golding Deco

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15 Perfect Gift Wrap Ideas for Every Occasion at Family Style

I am one of those people that really appreciates a well wrapped gift. The devil is in the details, right? I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite gift wrapping ideas that would be perfect for any occasion. Keep reading for loads of inspiration and helpful links. Happy wrapping! Paper Calla Lillies Aren't these the prettiest toppers? These flowers would be perfect for everything from birthday parties to wedding showers. See more over at Oh Happy Day. Washi Goodie Bags My love for washi runs deep. You can use this japanese tape for just about anything. I also love Michelle's embellishments. These treat bags are awesome! Via Mish Mash. Starry Wrapping Paper These night sky inspired packages are almost as pretty as the real thing. These would make for great holiday wrap! Inspira

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Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween Garland

I know it's early, don't kill me....I did a Halloween project. I was inspired by the cute garland at Pottery Barn and just had to try my hand at it. I've got a thing for garlands and really enjoy hanging them across my mantle. Since I had chemo last week, I rate this project low on the difficulty level, it's a good project that doesn't take a lot of energy. :) Really though, it's super simple and turned out great. Here's what you need: Jute Twine, Canvas or Painter's Drop Cloth, Black craft paint (and brushes), Sharpie, Instant coffee (and a casserole dish to put it in) and a sewing machine. The canvas is about 9"x6" and I ripped it (vs. cutting) to get the rough edges. Rip enough for what you want to spell....I did a 'Happy Halloween' and a 'Give Thanks'. I think it would be fun to do 'Tr

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Art + Botany: Robert Thornton's 'The Temple of Flora'

Photo by: Large Flowering Sensitive Plant (Mimosa grandiflora), Dragon Arum (Dracunculus vulgaris); Temple of Flora, Robert John Thornton "The object of this work is to trace in as perspicacious a manner as possible the philosophical principles of botany, from the earliest times, up to the present period, and by faithful and well executed engravings of the several subjects of the investigation, to render this curious and interesting inquiry level to everyone's comprehension."Robert John Thornton In 1797, an influential physician, wealthy heir, and botanic enthusiast named Dr. Robert John Thornton (1768-1837) undertook the tremendous task of producing a flower book that would establish Britain as the preeminent publisher of artistic and scientific works. An exploration into the "philosop

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HandmadeMN: HandmadeMN Market

********************************************************** Find the HandmadeMN Market press release here! ********************************************************** See us in action! HandmadeMN Market November 20, 10 am - 6 pm Ballentine VFW @ 2916 S. Lyndale Ave, Minneapolis, MN Come join 45+ local artists and crafters offering handmade jewelry, knitted goods, clothing, baby items, toys, purses, stationery, wallets, and more! Parking: The VFW has a free lot in back, lots of street parking, and there are convenient garages on Aldrich Ave. HandmadeMN members at the Spring Market: HandmadeMN Market press:Metro Magazine Participating artists: Bath & Beads, Etc. Rainy Day Yarn Shop Bath Products, Jewelry, Handspun Yarn, & Knitted Items Sacred Suds Soaps with Soul Skylark Dawn FLIRTY FASHIONABL

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