can a fabric chair be painted

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Featured Shop: Handy Maiden

My name is Danielle Pedersen. I make intricately hand-painted animal jewelry and decor out of polymer clay in my little studio in San Diego, California. My process generally begins by looking at a lot of photographs of the animal I wish to make. I ponder the expression of a smug seal or the daily schedule of a lemur; I learn their general structure, their coloring, and maybe guess at a few of their hobbies. Then I begin making small temporary mock-ups, to flesh out a basic shape that communicates the animal most effectively. When I complete one of these, I begin the painting process. Beforehand, I work out most lines and color on paper, so painting the mock-up is mainly refining a previous vision. There is something satisfying about holding a piece of clay or stone or cloth that has been c

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Beyond The Picket Fence: Under $100 Linky Party

Thanks all for your nice comments on the first ugly step sister and yes, I hand painted the flowers, from my head, although I am sure I have seen fabric or scrapbook paper that is similar and it stuck in my head. Step sister number two should be ready for her reveal Friday night. Until then, enjoy these great links from last week, link up this week, check out each other's links, comment, smile, share! Marvelously Messy's mosaic sundial makes me smile--I loved learning how to use a sundial as a kid. Mexican pasta shellsfro What's For Dinner, look yummy! I am going to try a casserole version using gluten free shells! Looking forward to all of your fun under $100 ideas this week! Under $100 Linky Guidelines 1. Please link to the specific post, not your blog! 2. Please only post ideas

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Scroll down for all of the beautiful pictures! I adore this butterfly guest dessert feature that Nicole of Tradewind Tiaras created for her daughter Niamh, whose nick name is Tykki-dyw, which means butterfly in Cornish. Because butterflies are so beautiful and graceful, it is something we often see incorporated into party design. Youll see below that Nicole is one talented lady, as most of this butterfly party {including all the desserts and that fabulous cake more on that later} were all homemade! Nicole was inspired by the butterflies, lush flowers, and glass paneled buildings in butterfly conservatories for this party design. To evoke that, Nicole set the dessert table in a small tent and surrounded it with soft tulle curtains. She also hung beautiful antique windows embell

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Maximizing Closet Space on a Minimum Budget

A few months ago I shared with you Teacup's closet makeover which included several organization tips such as using what you have to your advantage (i.e. shipping boxes, cheap photo albums, and newspaper). Ever since then I've slowly but surely been at work on Peanut's closet as well. So today I am happy to finally share with you the big reveal as we strove to maximize her closet space on a minimum budget. First, let me share the before pic.... Before... Obviously, there was a lot to be desired here. To begin, Peanut is much to short to reach the top clothing rod so it stood completely useless. Secondly, she tried to store her grocery cart and doll stroller under her clothes making it next to impossible to get her clothes or her stroller/cart out without making a huge mess. Third, there was

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Introducing Freeblades & How to Paint Olive Skin

It's a been far too long since my last post.. a month to be exact, but a lot of great things have been going on and have taken a lion's share of my hobby time. Foremost among them is my new painting and modeling contracting service. I'm really excited to now be a part of the professional painting community, and especially so because the Monster Lab will be my business portal and showcase in addition to the content that we've always provided. My first painting commission was for the lead rules designer for the brand new fantasy skirmish game called Freeblades. This is super cool because not only is the game a ton of fun to play, but Freeblades is a home grown game by local Kansas boys. Let's take a look at the minis. Jon's commission was to paint a freeband of Grular for his personal collec

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Noemi's Romantic Biedermeier Apartment in Berlin Green Tour

Name: Noemi Location: Berlin, Germany Years lived in: 1 Beyond a lush garden courtyard in the former West Berlin, a tall twisting staircase leads to the top floor of a 19th century apartment building. Ivy-framed windows open wide as cool summer air drifts through elegant rooms inspired by the historic abodes of German philosophers, English writers, and even French queens. One could imagine Goethe pondering by the window, Jane Austen composing clever prose at the desk, and Marie Antoinette hosting a dinner party beneath the chandelier in the dining room. Permeated with history, this bright, sunny home houses an exceptional collection of period furnishings that testifies to Noemi's desire to maintain the exquisite designs of the past. A sense of preservation mingles with an air of progress i

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Make This - Hand StitchedFox - Luxe DIY

The design of this fox embroidery was heavily influenced by turn of the century naturalist illustrations and only uses two different stitches. In addition to the free pattern and photo tutorial I've included time lapse video of the process! This video shows 10 hour of hand stitching in about 2 minutes. In this version of the video the 10 hours are compressed into about 12 minutes - which makes it a little more useful for answering any questions you have about the process! Supplies and Equipment: - fabric - this is unbleached muslin painted with Hooker's Green acrylic paint using the Watercolor Fabric Tutorial - embroidery hoop - embroidery needles (I'm not picky, I primarily try to use something with an eye just large enough for my thread to minimize the size of the holes I put in the fabr

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Sweet as a Peach Georgia Wedding by Amy Osaba, Part II Southern Weddings Magazine

Caroline + Tylers pink and green reception details made for Georgia vineyard heaven! Fluffy pink flowers in assorted vases sat upon lace runners and decked the heavy wood tables. I love that the newlyweds decided to incorporate aspects of their location in the details, including wine bottles in between place settings and place cards in the form of flagged Georgia peaches! Im sure guests were delighted with the personalization, even after receiving escort cards doubling as fabric-banded favors. Another vision of pink and green? Caroline + Tylers simple but beautiful round-tiered cake by Frosted Pumpkin , decorated with Swiss dots and peonies. After cutting in, eating and dancing, the two made their way through a line of sparklers and into their vintage getaway car. Extra bonus poin

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{My Parties} What's It Gonna Bee? Gender Reveal Party

This weekend, I did my very first gender reveal party for some of our dearest friends, Tommy and Lauren. Gender reveal parties are the new trend in baby parties, so I couldn't wait to get a jumpstart on this one. I had been tossing ideas around with them for a few months, but I actually planned this party in about 2 weeks, since we weren't positive when the actual ultrasound appointment would be. Obviously, I thought that yellow would be a perfect color for the theme, but then I came up with the idea of making it bumblebees, and calling it "What's It Gonna Bee?" I handpainted that sign on butcher paper, which is one of my favorite "big impact" ideas for a party tablescape. It really puts the focus on the theme of the party. I decided on a candy/dessert buffet, since this was an afternoon e

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Yonaguni: Japan's most westerly isle

A colossal, dark-skinned man rides along the sidewalk on a motorbike: no helmet, two small children aboard a vision of life in the laconic Tropics. There are times here too on Yonaguni, the westernmost land mass in Okinawa Prefecture, when you see a curvaceous island woman in a vivid, flower-patterned dress, and you think of Paul Gauguin and the Tahitian women he painted. With good views on clear days of Taiwan 110 km away, most of the radio stations were in Chinese when I tried to tune in from my guesthouse in Sonai, the principal village on the tiny, 29-sq.-km island. Despite a smattering of older Okinawan houses, Sonai with its unpainted houses and tumbledown walls is not a place of immediate beauty. Most buildings are made of cement-faced cinder blocks which,

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