fabric painted salwar kameez

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MAD Toy Design Official Site

A new series of my BentWorld characters from Kidrobot. The BentWorld: CANS Artist Series features 9 awesome designs by some of the best toy and graf artists out there. Each comes blind boxed in "Racked (new)" and "Spent (used)" versions. A limited edition toy & watch set designed for the 2011 Kidrobot x Swatch collaboration. 8" Dunny Collaboration project with Kidrobot. Design and development by MAD Toy Design. Limited Edition of 1500 pcs. 3" design for Kidrobot's Dunny 2011 Series Series of 3 custom hand painted 10" MAD*L Figures for the Sanrio "Small Gift" Show. (Los Angeles 2010) KIDRIOT Mascot #19 by MAD x Kidrobot. My re-design of their iconic mascot figure in 8 inch vinyl. My first original platform figure in the designer toy genre. Created in 2002 and still going with new designs an

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A Pocketful of Licorice:

Today I cleaned my work room. It's a second bedroom, actually, but I use it as an office of sorts. I scrap, sew and make stuff in there, and also do work for school on occasion. The reason I cleaned is because Cocoa Daisy is doing design team studio tours this month. When I was asked for the pictures, I was reluctant. My apartment doesn't look the way I want it to look. It isn't done. It isn't nice enough. I get embarrassed sometimes about how much I still have to do and how I still don't have any proper grown up furniture, but you wouldn't be in a hurry to invest in anything nice if your cats were as naughty as mine are. The work room doesn't even have curtains yet. Because I want to make them and I have a very specific vision in mind for the fabric. And the only fabric I've ever found on

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Guns and Va. Tech: Year later, no solutions

NARROWS, Va. Allen Neely eases his Chrysler Pacifica onto the bridge named in honor of Jarrett Lane, who grew up in this tiny town near the West Virginia border. Jarrett, Neely says quietly, always wanted to build a bridge. Under the back seat are two pistols. Neely keeps them close these days. He and his construction crew were in Virginia Tech's Norris Hall on April 16 when a mentally ill student went on a rampage killing Jarrett Lane and 31 others. Since then, Neely feels safer if his guns are within reach. Over the past year, people here have questioned the mental health system, which allowed killer Seung-Hui Cho to fall through the cracks. They've questioned the university's security procedures, the media's glorification of violence. Fewer have questioned the state's gun laws.

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Pinterest Challenge: DIY WallArt

Last week Sherry from Young House Love announced a Pinterest Challenge! The only rule was that you needed to take something you pinned and give it your own spin. It sounded like fun to me so I thought Id join in! These are the images from my Pinterest board that I used for my inspiration! (Click on the each image to go to the pin.) And this is the finished product! To create your own wall art Measure where you want your white stripes to be positioned on a canvas. Using making or painters tape, mask out your design (Im did a chevron design). Because my tape was an inch thick, I cut it in half using a ruler and craft knife. I know that you can buy half-inch masking tape, but I just made do with what I had on hand! Next I spray painted the canvas with gold spray paint so that I would

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34 DIY headboard ideas

Do It Yourself (DIY) is a term used to describe building, modifying , repairing or any kind of activity done by yourself, without help from a professional. This term came into common use in the 50s when people started to do things around the house by themselves , that is why it refers to home improvement. In recent years the term DIY has taken a larger meaning, covering now a wide range of skill sets and it is somehow related to Arts and Crafts, offering in the same time the strongest fact about DIY, it provides an alternative to modern consumers culture emphasis on relying on others to satisfy your own needs. The DIY movement is represents a re-introduction of the old pattern of personal involvement and use of skills in any materials aspect of living. This major movement is supporte

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Fashion Trucks - Lodekka, Wanderlust and Showvroom - Neighborhood Notes

Wanderlusts's space is remarkably tiny at 10-by-7 feet, and anyone taller than 5'8" has to stoop or sit inside. The Luries lowered the floor to add a few inches and installed hardwood flooring, along with chalkboard paint and vintage fabric on the walls. A lot happens on the "porch of the shop, the area just in front o...

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Hand Painted Fabric Kit Poppy Field

Poppy Field Inspired by memories of driving along French country lanes. The kit contains everything you need to make a 7 x 10 inch/18 x 26 cms picture. -Hand painted fabric -Templates and full instructions -Iron on fusible web for easy appliqu -Wadding -Backing fabric Technique used: Easy fast fuse appliqu with machine stitching. Finished piece can be framed, mounted on canvas or bound as a small Art Quilt. Packaged in a sturdy card envelope making it perfect to give as a gift to a stitching friend. Due to the uniqueness of hand painted fabric, there will be some differences in each kit. Visit www.quiltroutes.blogspot.com for more ideas/variety for Poppy Field. Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.

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Sew DoggyStyle

We have a very special guest tutorial by our dear friends, Isabela and Leela, over atOoh Leela just in time for National Craft for your Local Shelters Day! Ooh Leela is a mother and daughter team who make trendy dog clothes, as well as personalized pet fashions. You can visit their cute little shop here. "Freezer paper stenciling is super easy," says Leela (a 4.5 year old silky terrier) as she barks orders at her mother. "You can use it to print shapes, text...pretty much anything." Speaking of text, Leela shows us how we can add an "ADOPT ME" message to the bandanas they will be donating to their local shelters. Here's what you'll need: Freezer Paper (found theirs at Safeway) Exacto knife Fabric Paint (Leela recommends Tulip) Paintbrush first cut one 8.5X11" piece of freezer paper so you

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World War II German uniform

This article discusses the uniforms of the World War II Wehrmacht (Army, Air Force, and Navy). For the Waffen-SS, see Uniforms and insignia of the Schutzstaffel. The Wehrmacht went through a large overhaul during the 1930s as its size grew once the Nazis came to power. The following is a general overview of Germany's main uniforms, though there were so many specialist uniforms and variations that not all (such as camouflage, Luftwaffe, tropical, extreme winter) can be included . SS uniforms began to break away in 1935 with minor design differences, but they are not included here. Terms such as "M40" and "M43" were never designated by the Wehrmacht, but are names given to the different versions of the Modell 1936 field tunic by modern collectors, to discern between variations as the "M36" w

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Tres Chere

Today we will show you how to decorate your front porch using what you already have on hand and with items that we found at the curb. We found this old ladder on the side of the road. It was pretty rough but a coat of creamy white paint cleaned it right up. We added a plastic Halloween candy bucket with a potted plant and a pennant flag we created with fabric scraps and cardboard and the words "Boo" were written with a Sharpie. We created a wreath using a bag of black beans, some fabric scraps, cardboard and LOTS of glue. We glued the beans to a piece of round cardboar?d we cut. This was a very time consuming wreath because in terms of weight the beans need to be laid out one layer at a time. We used spray adhesive to glue the beans to the cardboard. Then sprayed over the beans with anothe

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