prometheus movie mural

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Rocks in the Dryer: May 2011

It's Brimfieldtime baby! Browse my archives and you will quickly find I am a Brimfield junkie (snarky play on words). Don't let the name scare you. The Brimfield Antique Show is a whole lotta everything. Antiques? Yes. Flea Market? Yes. Junk? Yes. Fried Dough? Yes. Miles and miles of vintage splendor? Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. It's everything my heart desires and more. I've been going to Brimfield religiously for about 11 years now and have learned a lot along the way. My first visit there was mind-blowing and a bit disappointing at the same time. Much of it seemed more "Flea Market" than Antique Show to me and that was not what I anticipated. After going for so many years I have now gotten much of it sorted out. I have my favorite parking spots, favorite times to attend and of course favorite v

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Postcards - The Chronicle of Higher Education

February 28, 2011, 5:35 pm By Lawrence Biemiller Lori Bettison-Varga, Deborah Freund, Pamela Gann, Maria Klawe, and Laura Trombley (Photos courtesy of Scripps College, Claremont Graduate School, Claremont McKenna College, Harvey Mudd College, Pitzer College) Claremont, Calif. Its not every dinner with college presidents that starts off with one offering to teach the others how to skateboard. But when I got together the other night with the women who head five of the seven institutions in the Claremont University Consortium, Harvey Mudd Colleges Maria Klawe volunteered even before the appetizers arrived to give skateboard lessons to any of usand she was perfectly serious. I knew then that it was going to be an interesting meal. By the time the entrees appeared, Pitzer College

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Artists draw on Facebook to connect, or sell their work

By Mary Brophy Marcus, USA TODAY El Mac's graffiti art spray-painted on walls across the globe sometimes stretches multiple stories high and half a city block long. His larger-than-life portraits are inspired by Mexican and Chicano art, religious iconography, local personalities in the neighborhoods where he paints, and the classical artists he has studied since childhood, such as Vermeer and Caravaggio. By Todd Plitt, USA TODAY Established collage artist Michael Anderson with his work on display at the Claire Oliver Gallery in Manhattan, where he currently has a solo show. By Todd Plitt, USA TODAY Established collage artist Michael Anderson with his work on display at the Claire Oliver Gallery in Manhattan, where he currently has a solo show. But on Facebook, his massive murals lo

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Los Angeles' War on Street Artists

See also: How the City of Gardena Turns Every Piece of Graffiti Into a Felony Crime The Secrets of L.A. Street Art: Bumblebee, Sharktoof and Linelinedot Discuss Their Work Fuck New York: Street Art Began Here in L.A. Sight: "I know I did a lot of damage, but I'm in a cell with a guy doing half the time for attempted murder. I'm like, 'Wow, I better be nice, or he'll try to kill me, too.'" Vyal: "The cops have all of a sudden become art critics." Back when L.A. graffiti artist Sight was a teenager, he began slipping out of his mom's South Central home late at night, armed with a razor blade or a can of spray paint, to claim the city's surfaces as his own. "When you go out in the nighttime, there's nobody out there," he recalls. "There's a full moon; the air's crisp. I'm with just me and

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The Daily Times - Foster children create mural for Family Court in Georgetown - The Daily Times -

Eighteen children and teens who are growing up in foster care collaborated to paint a 25-foot-wide mural that's been installed in the same courtroom where many of their custody cases were heard. In one spot, a tow truck is backed up to someone in a ditch, and the driver says, "Need a hand".

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United with Israel

Those of you who joined us witnessed a very special event fist hand. Two above-ground kindergarten bomb shelters were delivered and installed in the town of Nitzan. The children of Nitzan along with other children who attended the event, decorated the shelters with hand-painted murals. A professional mural artist was on hand to supervise the painting. All of the art supplies were be provided, as well as snacks and drinks! WATCH THE VIDEO: Twin Shelter Installation and Painting! Thursday July 12, 2012 in NITZAN (NITZAN, Israel) United with Israel has been notified by local Israeli official Yossi Dahari of the urgent need for kindergarten bomb shelters in Nitzan, a coastal town located near Ashkelon in southern Israel. Children are living in fear of attack and have literally no where to run

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Beyond Books: The Independent Art of Eric Carle on Exhibit

Amherst, MA (August 27, 2012) - For the first time, Eric Carles fans will have a chance to see the remarkable variety of paintings, sculptures, and personal sketches that the artist has been making privately for more than 60 years. Best known for The Very Hungry Caterpillar and more than 70 other picture books, Carle created a significant and varied body of artwork that was never intended for book publication. Beyond Books: The Independent Art of Eric Carle will open September 30th and run through February 24, 2013 at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Art in Amherst, MA; it will then travel to the Tacoma Art Museum in the spring of 2013. Filmmaker Kate Geis interviewed Carle about his independent art and his influences. The short film she created will accompany the exhibition catalog.

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Cuba as seen on a people-to-people tour

In this photo taken Saturday April 21, 2012, a sign in a general store in the seaside town of Gibara, Cuba, proclaims the importance of preserving, and strengthening Cuba's socialism to make it irrevocable, Saturday, April 21, 2012. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens) In this picture taken on April 17, 2012, a musician rehearses beside a louvered window at a restaurant in Old Havana, Cuba. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens) This April 24, 2012 photo shows a group of men playing a game of dominoes at a park in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens) In this picture taken on April 25, 2012, a man puffs on his cigar during a meeting of a CDR or Committee for the Defense of the Revolution at a neighborhood in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens) This April 24, 2012 photo shows young dance stud

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Custom wall finishing for beautiful effect - Home Decor @ 518 - Home Decor Albany - Valerie DeLaCruz -

When I visited the Parade of Homes a couple of weekends ago, I was quite taken with the work of Donna Mock of Classic Wall Finishes. Usually I feel like faux finishes are too overwrought, too decorative or precious. But these gorgeous walls were subtle artistry that cant be replicated with wall paper or stenciling. This large paisley effect is all hand painted on a dark charcoal background with a silvery overpaint casting a metallic effect, and I marveled at how precise and consistent the size and finish was: I wonder at the patience this kind of painstaking artwork takes, and appreciate the old-world craftsmanship I saw. Her illustration and mural work can add a personal decorative effect for a beautiful accent. Donna can do Venetian plasters, wood grains, furniture and cabinet over-gl

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Animation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The bouncing ball animation (below) consists of these six frames. This animation moves at 10 frames per second. Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images to create an illusion of movement. The most common method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or video program, although there are other methods. This type of presentation is usually accomplished with a camera and a projector or a computer viewing screen which can rapidly cycle through images in a sequence. Animation can be made with either hand rendered art, computer generated imagery, or three-dimensional objects, e.g. puppets or clay figures, or a combination of techniques. The position of each object in any particular image relates to the position of that object in the previous and following images so that the

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