que es un periodico mural

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A Brief Analogy Regarding Rockstar Nails

Acrylic Rockstar nails with one color. Even several years after the coining of the term "Rockstar Nails," I continue to find myself trying to explain the meaning of the term and dispelling myths and pervasive misunderstanding of what they really are. So, while I was taking about Rockstar nails with one client this afternoon, I came up with a pretty good analogy to help with at least one of the misunderstandings. Acrylic Rockstar nails with one glitter color. The client I was working on this afternoon wears short nails with a gel overlay and UV polish and usually a touch of nail art on the ring fingers. The subject of "Rockstar nails" came up and she said that several of the girls in her office wear "rockstar" but she doesn't really care for them herself. I thought that soun

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L.A. Mural Ban. Banned Books Update. News 'n Notes. On-Line Floricanto

Dispatch From Muraltown: Ban Remains In Place. Michael Sedano (City Hall, El Lay. July 12, 2012) I marvel at the City of Los Angeles palatial council chamber. Magnificent marble columns whose understated capitals allow eyes to wander across murals painted twenty feet overhead on vaulted alcoves. Up there above my head, Calliope stands like a sprig of mistletoe in Winter. I toss my speaking notes and go with poetry, a la brava. The City of Los Angeles Planning Commission meets today to take public comment, mine included, on a final draft recommendation to the City Council on a mural ordinance that seeks to separate commercial signage from original art murals. The Commission ultimately doesnt decide, postponing final consideration until the Fall. What dire offense from art loving cause

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margaret kilgallen | mint

She created huge murals, but never used a projector because she liked the imperfections created by her own hand. Margaret Kilgallen was inspired by hand-painted signs, typography, and folk arts. She created huge murals, but never used a projector because she liked the. February 10th, 2010.

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ART REVIEW;When Chagall First Learned to Fly

YOU are excused if the name Marc Chagall makes you think first of Chagall Inc., purveyor of ethnic kitsch. During his later years, he did become a one-man industry, flooding the market with amiable, middlebrow confections. He died in 1985, at 98, in an almost all-encompassing nimbus of popular affection. But he had stopped being interesting long before that. Which should not put you off the show of early Chagalls opening on Sunday at the Jewish Museum. Chagall's early years were his finest, starting in 1907 when he was a restless student in St. Petersburg, and then when he became a fast-rising star in Paris, where he made friends with painters like Leger and Robert Delaunay and with poets like Blaise Cendrars and Apollinaire. Apollinaire's poem to him, "Rotsoge," began: Your scarlet face y

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Flights of Whimsy: House Tour: Two Artist's Holiday Horseplay

I saw this house tour in this month's issue of D Home and I had to share with you all! It's such a cute place with so much color and personality. I'm happy the magazine broke out of their usual comfort zone of expensive chic and stuffy Highland Park homes, not that I don't enjoy them. It's just nice to see some colorful people around conservative Dallas! The couple bought the home in Vickery Park earlier this year. Alicia and Adam Rico both have backgrounds in art and now run the amazing floral and event design company Bows and Arrows. The map above the hearth is an homage to where they met in Brooklyn, NY. I really love the built-ins and the fabric on the chair on the left. In love with this tree! They handpainted a tree trunk to act as a side table. A perfect holiday table, and so easy t

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Boston Globe Online / Nation

Geraldine Finucane, holding a history of "The Troubles," and son John in the doorway of the kitchen where her husband was gunned down in 1989. (Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin) More photos Reconciling a dark past British government accused in lawyer's slaying By Charles M. Sennott, Globe Staff, 7/7/2003 Second of three parts PART 1 Five years after accord, Belfast finds unity elusive Next few months seen as decisive in peace process PART 2 British government accused in lawyer's slaying PART 3 To move on, a call for 'total truth' PART 1 Theresa McNeill with her sons on the Catholic side of the peace wall. Pictures from Belfast PART 2 Patrick Finucane's widow Geraldine with her son, John. The Patrick Finucane case PART 3 Visitors to the peace wall along Cupar Way in Belfast. Looking to the fu

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Munch's 'The Scream' on view ahead of multi-million dollar auction

London (CNN) -- Edvard Munch's "The Scream" -- "the world's most stolen work of art" -- has gone on display in London ahead of its sale in New York next month, where it is expected to fetch more than $80 million. The work is one of four versions of the same subject created by Norwegian artist Munch (1863 - 1944) in the 1890s -- and the only one still in private hands. Simon Shaw, of Sotheby's in New York where the piece will go under the hammer on May 2, said "The Scream" was "the second most famous work of art in the world, after the 'Mona Lisa.'" Copies of the painting have appeared on everything from postcards and umbrellas to mousemats. The image inspired Wes Craven's "Scream" film franchise, and was referenced in posters for the "Home Alone" movies, starring Macaulay Culkin. "It has a

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An Urban Adventure by Anne Cohen Fading Ad Blog

Anne Cohen On a bright, crisp morning in February, Frank Jump is zooming around the streets of Flatbush, Brooklyn, on a bright yellow Vespa, dodging death. Jump has spent much of the last 15 years preserving what he can of a disappearing vestige of New York Citys past. He scours the city finding and photographing old advertisements, hand-painted decades ago on the sides of buildings, and now fading away. Its a race against timea race he knows all too personally. Jump has been living with HIV since 1986. It was his diagnosis at the age of 26 that prompted him to spend $80,000 of available credit on things he had always wanted, including the Minolta X-700 SLR camera that has been his constant companion on his long urban archaeological journey. I was documenting things that nev

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Wall Stickers, Wall Murals and Wall Decor by Wallnutz

What is Wallnutz? We love what you can do with your walls, now! There are so many easy to use products with great results. Your vision will come to life with our wall stickers, paint-by-number mural kits, wall decals, and wallpaper murals. Need a little function? Check out our chalkboards, writeboards, calendars, frames, pockets and educational decals for all your needs. We've got you covered. With sweet nursery designs for baby, tons of fun themes for children, hip or sporty designs for teen rooms, and chic spaces for you, you're sure to find something for everyone. Here at WallNutz we offer a wide variety of wall decor for all ages specializing in kids wall murals with recent additions for teens, adults and professional spaces. Our products are available as wallpaper murals, paint-by-

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Babes At The Museum - City Squeeze - L.A. with Claire Cottrell

Ben Brunnemer's giant hand painted tarot cards. It does seem like street art is tip-toeing away from graffiti and murals towards things like little impromptu gardens, urban geodes and knitted parking meter covers. Are you noticing any genres of art that are on the rise in L.A.

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