hand painted diva wine glass

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Luxury Doghouses and the Dogs That Couldn't Care Less

By JENNIFER A. KINGSON / The New York Times Correction Appended MANY of them have carpeting, heating and air-conditioning, indoor and outdoor lighting, elaborate music and entertainment systems. Some are even eco-friendly, with solar panels or planted green roofs. In fact, the only superfluous accessory in the modern doghouse may be the dog. Take, for instance, the Palladian-style mini-mansion that Glenna and Ed Hall bought at a charity auction three years ago for about $300. With Jeffersonian columns that match the ones on their home in Roanoke, Va., the two-foot-tall doghouse makes a perfect accent for the garden. No one seems to mind that the garden is off-limits to Maggie May, their 28-pound whippet-borzoi mix -- least of all Maggie May. "We bought the house because it looks a lot like

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BasementInvaders' Shop Announcement. View Glass Ornaments by BasementInvaders on Etsy. Forgot your password. Forgot your username or email. Bloomington, Indiana, United States.

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Kansas.com - 1970s NY graffiti artists still have urge to tag - Wichita Eagle

He admires his work for a few seconds before his tattooed arms reach for his daughter, holding her hand as he briskly walks away.

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Tintype with Glasses Hand-Painted Bespeckled Bas Bleu

"...disclosing an underground history of American popular culture one oddball tale at a time" John Strausbaugh in The New York Times "...one of the blog writers to watch for" ARTSlant "Perpetually ahead of the collecting curve...a one man Taschen. An authentically curious individual...diligently archiving the forgotten curiosities of American History" Emma Higgins in Art Hack May 2012 "...collected over the years by Jim Linderman, a character who seems the perfect subject for a Harvey Pekar comic. Linderman treats collecting like a calling, and his finds have a resulting air of authority, stunning in their capture of bygone picturesque moments." Derek Taylor Dusted "The pictures, discarded artifacts of ecstatic Americana, come from the stash of Jim Linderman, who in his introduction recall

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Wednesday Wants.. Hand Made treasures byHandyMaiden

I come across treasure I want every day on Etsy. Its an occupational hazard. Rarely do I come across an entire shop of things I desperately want though.but this week I did just that! HandyMaiden is a darling little Etsy shop, selling hand painted jewellery and collectables. Each piece is sculpted from polymer clay and then is cured and meticulously hand painted.. the detail is amazing and each piece has its own little character. They are then coated with several layers of protective varnish, for a smooth matte finish, and come in their own small kraft box, ready for gifting. Cute Packaging! The treasures break down into three main categories. the animal medal, the bird in flight necklace, and the pocket totem. I want one of each. In every design. And considering the price, that

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FestivALL has 'made sense of the madness' - News - The Charleston Gazette

From left to right: Jessica Pritt, Sabrina Hawley, Brittany Gibson, Amy Callihan and Tiffany Mallion spread out a big blanket and tasted the various wines offered at the Wine & All That Jazz fest Saturday. Each attendee received a free glass with their admittance. CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Two balloons -- one gold and one pink -- sat on top of 5-year-old Hannah Nutter's red hair as she colored a butterfly mask at the Children's Art Fair Saturday. The balloons flowed down her back to resemble hair like Rapunzel, a look the Summersville resident said she requested from a balloon maker. Thousands of people gathered across the city to enjoy the last weekend of the sixth annual FestivALL. The Children's Art Fair and Kanawha County Public Library Street Fair-- hosted on Capitol Street in front of the

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Jack-o-lantern Party Punch ~ Be Different...Act Normal

Easy Halloween Hand Painted Glasses from All You I saw these cute jack-o-lantern glasses over on Family Fun Crafts. They are hand painted, but you could use vinyl so that the glasses would be reusable on days other than Halloween. And if you don't have wine glasses you could use clear plastic cups and a sharpie to recreate the idea. Or you could use vinyl on just your punch bowl. I did vinyl faces on orange water jugs last year at our church Fall Festival and they were CUTE! You can check out the tutorial for these hand painted glasses over on All You.

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DIY Paint Clear Glass Ornament Balls

Home What's New Lights, Fiber Optics, String Lights Crystals Garlands,Curtains,Chandeliers Crystal Wedding Trees & Wishing Trees Flowers : Garlands Lavender, Naturals Preserved Flowers: Orchids, Roses & Sola Shell Vases - Vase Gems- Floralytes Wedding Decorations Wood Slabs -Tree Slices- Birch Bark Apothecary Jars- Bell Jars- Candy Jars Baby & Childrens Gifts Toys Baby Shower & Birthday Party Decorations Balloons and Balloon Lights Baskets Bath & Body Bird Cages Birds Nests Blackboards Chalkboards & Markers Books - Magazines Bottles & Jars Bouquet Jewelry, Pins, Boxes Boxes, Trays, Crates, Luggage Branches - Natural Buckets, Tubs Burlap, Jute, Cording Cake Stands - Cupcakes Displays Cake Toppers Candles, Candleholders, Candle Shades Candy Candy Bar Supplies Mirrors Centerpiece & Garlands C

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They can appear in a mirror, water, or glass. Capturing a reflection in a photograph is a simple process but it takes skill to be compelling. Here are some that caught my attention based on both creativity and context, and others for simply their aesthetic appeal. -- Lloyd Young (45 photos total)

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Mario Thwomp Glass- Set of Two Hand Painted Mario Inspired Glasses

Although you should wash them by hand to increase their life the paint is really very durable and will be fine on the top rack of the dishwasher (I know because making a mistake meant hours and hours of work to get the paint to even start coming off).

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