hand painted ruby glass vase

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Bless This House Hand-painted Glass

The sky is the limit with the designs that may be painted on wines glasses and other party glassware. Whether you are looking for something simple like a floral design or to have a cute friend painted on a particular glass, they are perfective for these type of designs. Just let your imagination flow and see where you end up. Have fun along the way. You do not have to recognise precisely what effigy you are going to paint when you begin. It is genuinely a lot of fun to get started with an idea and carry on to build on it as you go along. You might be amazed how easy it is to come up with ideas as you work. It seems like you just know by seeing it what feels right. You may always wash it off and get started over if you are not happy with the finished product. This makes painting on glass a

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Chalkboard Glass & Mustache Glass Tutorial

Here is a two-in-one tutorial for the New Decade! I LOVE my stemless wine glasses, they're fun and funky, and I feel like I spill less when I use them. The only problem is when guests come over there is no way to tell whose glass is whose. There is no stem for a wine charm or a special glass slipper. Soooooo, in comes the chalkboard glass. And, of course, while making the chalkboard glass I had the overwhelming urge to make a mustache. I think the idea worked into my brain from here. So, here is the combo tutorial in pictures! Check it out after the jump!! Tools: Clean glasses, painter's tape, paper, pen, scissors, chalkboard spray paint, x-acto knife 1 - Cover your clean glasses in painter's tape. I even used plastic bags to wrap around the back and cover the glass entirely so there were

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Lit from Within: Stained glass window

Shelly's Sassy Nails had a colorblock contest on Facebook that I entered with this 'stained glass' design, and one of her readers asked if I would be willing to do a tutorial! How could I not? It took the sting out of losing! lol! I started with 5 of the new Wet 'n Wild Chromes: Hog-Quartz School (purple), Stay Outta My Bismuth (teal), I Got a New Com-pewter (lime green), Precious Petals (pink), and Penny For Your Thoughts (peachy-copper) I think this look works well with opaque colors because there is some layering, and I didn't want to wait forever between colors, or have a mani that was too thick. I started with a skittle mani using the 5 colors. Then, I basically moved up one color in the sequence and painted a diagonal line from the middle of my nail to the tip. I did this freehand, b

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Everyday Celebrating: Add height with color: hand painted glasses

Hand painted wine glasses. These would make a great gift. Buy them here. Remember those peacock place cards I posted a few days back. Wouldn't they look fabulous on these.

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Lilly Hand Painted Luxurious Glass Vase

This gorgeous floral hand painted glass vase is inspired by the lily. This makes the perfect gift for any occasion! This work of art should be set where light is exposed to it so it's beauty can radiate and be adored. This vase can also be illuminated with a tea light candle if desired. Makes a glamorous evening decoration anytime of the year! MEASUREMENTS: Height: 5 3/4 in. Base size: 3 in. X 4 in. CUSTOM ORDERING: This pattern can be reproduced on any clear form of glass. SHIPPING: Please note that the shipping charges posted are the maximum charged. If actual shipping charges are less than the posted rate you will be reimbursed for the difference. Items are shipped using USPS Parcel Post Service to keep the shipping cost low so allow 8 business days for delivery. Expedited shipping is a

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Web Wednesday: Hand Painted Flower Wine Glasses

Have you been looking for a way to jazz up your wine glasses? Well youre in luck, today we want to share with you these hand painted flower wine glasses. I first saw these on the fabulous craft blog, How To Craft for Less. Arent these just amazing? I definitely could see these being used during a Sunday brunch, or at a summer cookout. These wine glasses will be the talk of the party at your next event. Erin painted these glasses using FolkArt paint, and Mod Podge. She was able to go to Walmart and buy all her supplies there, even the wine glasses. If you would like to see how Erin made this project click here. Posted on June 13, 2012 at 9:25 am in FolkArt Acrylic, Mod Podge, Web Wednesday | RSS feed | Respond | Trackback URL

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Artisans Hand Craft Gallery - a collection of Vermont crafts in the best handmade, contemporary tradition

Artisans Hand Craft Gallery, located in the center of Montpelier Vermont, carries the best work of Vermont's talented craft community. Come visit us to choose from the collection of fine craft pieces, carefully selected and thoughtfully displayed. We carry a diverse collection of handmade work in a wide variety of media including: clay, fiber, paper, glass, metal, wood, glass, bronze, gold and silver. We offer online gift registry, . More information is on the gift registry page. our collection includes: gold, silver & brass jewelry hand painted silk | scarves | hand weaving felted hats | hooked rugs stoneware | porcelain | raku pottery clay whistles | small furniture photography | woodcuts | etched prints hand blown glass | stained glass wood boxes | utensils | hand turned bowls garden sc

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Researchers develop paintable battery | R&D Mag

click to enlargeAn electron microscope image of a spray-painted lithium-ion battery developed at Rice University shows its five-layer structure. Image: Ajayan Lab/Rice University Researchers at Rice University have developed a lithium-ion battery that can be painted on virtually any surface. The rechargeable battery created in the laboratory of Rice materials scientist Pulickel Ajayan consists of spray-painted layers, each representing the components in a traditional battery. The research appears today in Scientific Reports. "This means traditional packaging for batteries has given way to a much more flexible approach that allows all kinds of new design and integration possibilities for storage devices," said Ajayan, Rice's Benjamin M. and Mary Greenwood Anderson Professor in Mechanical En

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An Educators Guide to Creating Learning Spaces in SmallPlaces

If a seed of lettuce will not grow, we do not blame the lettuce. Instead, the fault lies with us for not having nourished the seed properly. ~Buddhist Proverb Ive been teaching and working with young children in some capacity for 21 years. But it wasnt until just over a year ago that I set up to work professionally in my home. My home is tiny. Just one side of a little duplex in the middle of the city with a postage stamp-sized yard. Setting up a space to accommodate 6 young children within my living space has indeed, been a challenge. After a year of trial and error, I think Ive about got it! Our days run smoothly, clean-up is relatively simple, and the kids are happy. Ive been asked a more than a few times to share my secret. And so here it is. Ive broken it down int

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Meeting House :: Museums and Tours :: Provincetown.com

Meeting House @home, ProvincetownBy M. Sebastian Araujo August 15th, 2011 Summer is in full swing in Ptown! The crooked little streets of this old town are teeming to overflowing with merrymaking visitors. Sometimes the cacophony of sounds is enough to make one wholeheartedly wish for the cool breezes of Autumn. Amid the tumult and noise of the summer . . . there is a haven of peace and serenity right on Commercial Street. Set back from the rest of the fray behind a verdant square of lawn, the First Unitarian Universalist Church is an amazing place to stop and collect ones thoughts and breathe deep on these sunny summer days. On a warm summers day, it is lovely to sit peacefully and listen to the clinking of the chandelier as the breeze come through the open windows and interesting sha

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