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Hand Painted Ceramic Tiles , Tile Murals and Decorative Tiles

The Palestinian Pottery Exclusive hand painted ceramic tiles, decorative tiles, tile murals , art and hand made pottery by the Balian family-since 1922. One of the oldest and most unique ceramic studios in the world. We stand for Peace & Coexistence

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Pointers for Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Selection | ScreenWeb

(December 2002) posted on Mon Dec 16, 2002 Learn about the different types of adhesives you can choose from, the kinds of applications they support, and the questions to ask yourself and your film supplier before selecting an adhesive. click an image below to view slideshow Choosing the best pressure-sensitive adhesive system for a screen-printed graphic can be challenging. While some performance criteria, such as whether the adhesive is permanent or removable, may seem obvious, other requirements may be less clear cut. Thinking of the adhesive as an integral component of the overall graphic or label helps set the stage for success. Consider the production requirements (how the graphic will be printed and finished) as well as the end-use needs (including where the graphic will be placed an

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New Titusville business showcases artwork

The studio is the home of Oil Creek Originals Designs by Diane Marie Kellogg, creative designs for decorative painters. We sell designs by others as well as supplies for painting and scrapbooking. We are also teaching classes starting on May 3, sign up available now. The first class is a cute scarecrow design on a common brick. Each month we will offer an open painting class and a scrap booking club. Stop in or email us for more details. The gift shop proudly showcases the work of over 20 artists with more to arrive soon. This unique collection of art includes custom designed jewelry, hand painted items on a variety of surfaces, mosaic work, potpourri, floral arrangements, food art, country craft work and so much more. Located at 3026 State Route 8, Titusville, PA 16354. (At the top of Che

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A Project Zhush Update, Veronica, and a Wish List

Morning...or afternoon, as the case may, I've got a few updates of sorts to share. First, I was thrilled to bits and pieces when Ms A from A sent a little progress shot my way. You may recall that this is/was the office plan... ...and well, A has done me proud... ...the mirror, art and lighting are still to be done but hello gorgeous...soooooo happy! It's like little treasure box- delightful. The office completion means that we can soon move on to the bedroom and bathroom- just you wait. In other news, the painting spree continues...Ms Veronica just went up... ...and I think she's rather swell...sort of want to keep her actually...but...I need you to buy her and all her friends up because, well, I have a LONG list of things I need to get done to this house...a very looooong list

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Patina White: January 2012

hey everyone! it's a well know fact that the indulgent holiday season can add a pound or two...{or three!} to our figures. no exception here mind you - but the pounds i am determined to lose are of a different nature. so the office project i posted about recently continues. enter in my custom cubbies to hold an asst. of my beloved old locker baskets {below} i did this knowing darn well that my fondness for magazines and holding onto them has been something i have done since the beginning of time. well, more like the beginning of my design & decorating infatuation. i have subscribed to many o' magazines thru the years. and those that i hold {literally} nearest & dearest have continued to add up. so with this bit of knowledge i created cubbies to hold the "overflow". til i had a lil talk wit

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Space Warps: 15 Buildings that Bend, Wrap & Curve

Folding onto themselves like ribbon and snaking along the grass, these 15 structures have barely a straight line in sight. From interiors that resemble honeycombs and cocoons to shell-shaped residences and water-inspired gallery spaces, organic shapes trump the geometric, with overall effects that range from earthy and hobbit-like to sleek and futuristic. Red Town Office by Taranta Creations (images via: dezeen) The Shanghai office of Chinese architecture firm Taranta Creations is anything but ordinary, with an organic staircase swooping down from the ceiling. Painted a bold red inside with a curved exterior, the staircase almost makes it seem as if the second floor is drooping down into the first. Other unusual features in the office include desk recesses in the floor painted in the same

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Arley Hall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Arley Hall is a country house in the village of Arley, Cheshire, England, about 4 miles (6 km) south of Lymm and 5 miles (8 km) north of Northwich. It is home to the owner, Viscount Ashbrook and his family. The house is a Grade II* listed building, as is its adjacent chapel. Formal gardens to the southwest of the hall are also listed at Grade II* on the National Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. In the grounds are more listed buildings, a cruck barn being listed as Grade I, and the other buildings as Grade II. The hall was built for Rowland Egerton-Warburton between 1832 and 1845, to replace an earlier house on the site. Local architect George Latham designed the house in a style which has become known as Jacobethan, copying elements of Elizabethan architecture. A Gothic Revival chap

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Decorative Tiles, Modern Tiles and Field Tiles

At Ceramic Concepts we offer a full range of tile design services and an extensive recommendation list if needed. We work with interior designers, architects, contractors and tile stores as well as directly with the customers. Please feel free to look around; we also have an online portfolio with some pictures of installations that can be emailed to you just contact us. We are makers of handmade custom ceramic tiles; though we do carry a variety of styles in our In Stock Collection which is easily and quickly prepared and shipped out according to quantity. We specialize in reproductions from the 20's and 30s these include Craftsman / Malibu tiles, Moroccan tiles or Moorish tiles, Spanish tiles and Arabesque tiles as well as Modernist. Color matching glazes and design services are

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Back in the saddle

Posted on Monday, 19 September 2011 00:00 Written by Jennifer Hicks A little more than 30 years ago, without any formal training to guide him, Jim Bucko started a custom woodworking company on pure determination. The shop, now called Custom Cabinets by Jim Bucko, serves the residential and commercial markets in the coastal community of Wildwood, N.J., fueled by Buckos long-term relationships with several of the areas builders and developers. Though business is now running smoothly, that wasnt always the case for the company, which filed for bankruptcy during the late 1980s. Persistent by nature, Bucko managed to get sales rolling again, taking a lesson or two from each experience. I learned by making mistakes. I probably made every one there is to make, he says with a laugh.

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The Firm I'd Have In To Design My Own Home

If I ever had the opportunity to hire a design firm to help me with a whole house renovation and design project, I know exactly who I'd pick up the phone and call. Joelle Nesen of Maison Inc. I first learned of her when House Beautiful listed them as one of the 25 emerging design firms in the country several years ago. I promptly began researching this local company and in the process discovered I had a mutual acquaintance with the owner. Before I knew it I found myself taking on a temporary assignment, assisting Maison Inc. in their showroom while having the opportunity to observe the team of designers work on a number of projects. Over the next six months I was introduced to design at a lever I hadn't been exposed to before. It's been a pleasure to feature their work in House of Fifty, t

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